Mormonism vs scientology

Which is worse and why

Based on what I’ve studied Mormonism seems like Christian fanfiction while scientology seems like a despicable scam that went too far

Both are the products of flim flam men.

One because he knew nothing else but to con others. And was jailed for it.
The second because he had a bet with a fellow author.

And yet both religions are exempt from taxes

So is Masonicism…what is your point?

That it’s really stupid that these con artist “faiths” don’t have to pay their fair share

It crumbles my cookies that ANY religions are from tax exempt. .IMO they should all pay taxes just like all big corporations are supposed to.

Scientology is not recognised as a religion everywhere. In the PRC it is considered a cult and I think banned. Have a look at the world map on the article linked below. It embarrasses me that Scientology is recognised as a religion in my country.

Ron Hubbard took his own advice.IE that if you want to be rich, start your own religion. From what I’ve seen, the more vocal Scientology apologists are very rich and not very bright. AND/or they suffer from industrial strength cognitiive dissonance. Very common among believers of all kinds.

To understand how Mormonism ever got off the ground, one needs to be aware of the context in terms of time and place .,Eg the notion that Jesu had visited America, the the Garden of Eden was in America ,that black are so inferior that hey have no soul and of course plural marriage would have been very attractive to many .Especially when dolled out in a faux King James Bible style.

Since that time, Joe smith has been revealed as a convicted thief and con man who liked under age girls. Virtually all of the basic tenets of Mormonism have been debunked. Yet it continues. In part due to cognitive dissonance, again .Plus, there are an awful lot of very prosperous Mormons who really can’t afford to simply admit it’s all lies.

I’m really not sure of the material difference between Scientology and Mormonism or indeed if there is one .Each began as a long con game (IE over a long period) Each preyed one the weak and the stupid, who were even more gullible than say your average Christian.



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Have you seen the HBO documentary “clear”

It doesn’t matter. A cult is a cult. I’m imagining a kid coming home and telling his or her parents, “I’m a Scientologist now.” To which the parent replies… “Well, at least your not a Mormon.” How about the other way around? “I converted to Mormonism today. Well, at least you’re not a Scientologist.”

It’s a bit like comparing monkey shit to dog shit. “Wait a minute!” shouts a voice from the crowd. “Which one in monkey shit and which one is dog shit?”

“No no no, you missed the point.” I insist.

“Which one is monkey shit and which one is dog shit.!?”

“That’s not the point I was try…” cutting me off “Which one is monkey shit and which one is dog shit!!”

“Oh my god!”

“You mean the one I used to believe in is dog shit.”

Raising my voice just a bit “It doesn’t matter!!! They are both shit!”

“But which one is dog shit and which one is monkey shit?”

"Awwwwww fuck!!!~! I gotta go take a shit…


Yes, and I am married to an ex scientologist. With a step daughter and stepson also ex scientologists. Your point?

I was just asking I watched it yesterday it’s very informative on how despicable scientology is

Scientology per se is not despicable anymore than the stories of Abraham, Brahma or Buddha are “despicable”.

Tell me Miscavige or John Smith are and were despicable and the way the cults are run…yes I will agree with you.

You shit. I shit.

The monkey shit smells like bananas :banana: the dog shit is often and runny…

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Awwww Fuck… Everybody’s got an opinion!

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Can’t remember, I’ve seen a couple.

Knowing what I know now about Scientology, I can’t understand why Nicole Kidman married little Tommy Cruise.

-----Well, her careerdid take off after she married him. Surely that couldn’t have been the reason??

Here “career” did “take off” unfortunately her onscreen performances declined at the same rate. What had been a convincing pretty, up and coming, very competent actress became a carved totem with the emotional range of a plastic duck…

Her post Cruise work has shown a steady improvement and now she is back to her very best and in her last film , mesmerising. .

Was Batman forever before or after she married cruise

Do you have Google? I have better things to do.

If a religion is truly charitable and uses it’s money to do good I could excuse the tax exemption but there are far too many scam churches

You mean there are some that are not? I didn’t know that. By that I simply mean the very notion of organised religion is a confidence trick imo. That is not the same as a breaking the law. Most do not.

Might I suggest that you look up a few charities, church and secular?. Have a look at the percentage of donations which for example actually goes to the poor. It ranges from 70% (the better ones** ) down to less than 30%

**two of the better ones in my opinion are Doctors Without Borders and The Fred Hollows Foundation. I do not ever give to a religious charity…

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