Merit Badges Merit Badges Merit Badges

I like all the badges we’re getting. It takes me back to when I was in the Wolf Cubs.

I didn’t belong to the scouts. Used to say that it was a subversive organisation. Then I left school and joined the Catholic “Young Christian Workers Movement” ----

Do I win anything if i collect a certain number of badges?

Reminds me of when I was a little girl, dressing in mommy’s clothes, looking forward to my first day as a Brownie. Then I was told I was a male. Fucked my life up forever.


Really?.. :open_mouth: Gee, Cog, we hardly even noticed. :roll_eyes:

Yeaaaa well it did! I still wanna pee sitting down.

@Cognostic Re: “I still wanna pee sitting down.”

Maybe so, but you sling poo while standing… WTF? Besides, what’s wrong with a nice sit-down pee every now and then?

I’m not sure. I think the “like” points on the old site could be exchanged for frequent flyer points, but they all seem to have disappeared.

My cub group was run by the Salvation Army in England. I was in love with our Akela, who was the beautiful 18yo great great granddaughter or something of William Booth.

Have you been watching “Call the midwife”? If not, highly recommended.

Salvo’s were very highly thought of by my dad’s generation because of their experiences with Salvos during WW2 .

These days I only give to secular charities,and only two; Fred Hollows Foundation and Doctors Without Borders.

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My parents couldn’t afford the Boy Scout uniform, instead, I joined the Australian Army Cadet Corps while I was in high school. It wasn’t regarded as a subversive organisation and I did learn how to massacre body shaped silhouette targets with rifles and machine guns and how to sneak up on and subdue enemy sentries in hand to hand combat…you know, skills for life. They wouldn’t train us in the use of the bayonet, probably because they worried we might enjoy it too much.
The uniform was free and very snazzy.

Oh yes. The new series on the BBC each year is a real event in our house, along with Peaky Blinders.

Jennie Agutter is brilliant. I also love Sister Monica Joan, who seems to be away with the fairies but is actually quite wise.

The Sally Army as we called them in England had a great reputation when I was a kid. Now it’s very tarnished because of horror stories emerging from their children’s homes.

But did you have a woggle?

I remember reading an account of the first troops marching off to the Kokoda Trail from Port Moresby at the beginning of our part in WWII in New Guinea and half way up the first mountain ascent the troop came across a Salvation Army comfort stop with SA volunteers providing tea and biscuits. I was impressed. Then I read Jack London’s “People of the Abyss” (1903) which featured how the Salvation Army dealt with the destitute and homeless in London. I was appalled. Militant theism with uniforms.

No, not a woggle, because we didnt wear a neckerchief, but we did have braided aiguillettes as part of our uniform, with gold, blue and red cord, our school colours. These looked so very snazzy we use to sell them for handsome profits to other cadets from high schools whose school colours were drab and dull. Skills for life.

Have very fond memories of Jenny Agutter in Walkabout and Logan’s Run. Of course much later in Spooks.

Dear old sister Monica Joan is lovely. I like most of the characters. Can’t help but wonder if all those folks were as compassionate as portrayed or if it’s all through the filter of very old memories

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And American Werewolf in London

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Does anybody know a quick way to go to the start of a thread? They open at the last unread post, which is brilliant and a vast improvement, but as the threads get bigger it’s often useful to quote part of earlier posts, including the OP. Scrolling to the start is a bit slow, especially on a phone.

Thanks in advance for any help…

The question mark key (?) brings up a keyboard shortcut display.

I messed around and the option that seemed to do what you want was under navigation : Go to post #. The shortcut key for this is the number sign (#).

put in 1 for the post number

hopefully that works on a phone also, let us know!


Ok, I can try it on my laptop later, but the only way to get my phone keyboard visible is to reply to a post?

Unless I’m missing trick, which is quite probable.

Honestly I don’t know much about the android or iPhone OS. I’ll try to borrow one tomorrow and try it. Let me know how it goes.

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