Lost and hopeless

Does anyone else feel lost in this world? I cannot remember a time in my life I felt ok.

You’re a theist… nope - can’t say I relate. I’m at home. I have OnStar in my vehicle. Not lost. Exactly where I’m suppose to be.

Not exactly a topic for debate.

That sounds like you need to seek the help of a mental health professional, imo.

Why is it not okay to be lost? And if you are lost, how is it not an adventure instead of hopeless?

Hopeless?? An interesting idea? If you are lost, what could you possibly hope for? You are in a vicious circle. Think about it. You are lost? You are hoping for 'direction?" Which direction? You don’t know! Your lost? Ha ha ha ha … Round and round and round you go…

Stop telling yourself you are lost. You are not lost. You are here. The problem is not being lost. The problem is not knowing where to go? Ha ha ha ha ha … Why does it matter? If you take a step in any direction at all, you are not here any more and you are going someplace.

Are you thinking that you should know where you are going before you get there? That’s just not the way it works. Even people who think they know where they are going end up shifting this way and that and eventually wind up in the most remarkable of places.

So, you are here and you don’t know where you want to go? You just know that you do not want to be here? Okay, then move. It does not matter where you go. You may find where you are going as you move but one thing you know for sure, you are not finding where you are going here… ITS NOT HERE.

So this is your choice. Stay here and admit that you really don’t care where you are going. Admit that you are CHOOSING to be lost. Get off your ass and go do something, anything, because anything might actually get you pointed in a direction that you want to go and you know THAT DIRECTION IS NOT HERE. You may not know where it is but you do know IT IS NOT HERE.

So you can choose to stay here and be ‘lost.’ You can choose to take a step in any direction, still be lost, but be doing something to find your way because whatever you are going to be looking for IS NOT HERE. Or finally, you can just do nothing and wait. Doing nothing is the exact same thing as sitting here and pretending you are lost. You are not lost. You just aren’t looking. Time to get off your ass…

Lost? No. Sometimes I feel a bit trapped. Think about this world. Less than a third of its surface is land. Deserts, mountains, and jungles cover the majority of the land area. If we climb above 3,000 meters we freeze. So we’re stuck here in a narrow band of air over a fraction of the surface of a small ball of rock hurtling through a vacuum. At any moment we could hit by meteors, comets, solar flares…

The ones who are lost are those who think that god created all this just for them. I have my eyes open and I know exactly where and what I am. Carpe diem.

And please don’t burn books, holy or otherwise. Book-burning is for Nazis.

I had a wank yesterday sometime, that seemed oddly satisfying. Is that the kind of thing you were looking for?

First day back in work today, been sick with worry over xmas, as judge thought the £85k my ex wife was getting from me was insufficient for her to start again with her new job and new man.

Luckily in work this morning solicitor said judge has relented and I can now give her my last £80k plus £5k from my pension fund.

Sadly this elation was short lived, when this afternoon the Operations Director announced the factory i work in would close on May 14th.

Ironically though that’s 2 years to the day since she sneaked out while I was in work. What are the odds…

Sorry what was the question?:face_with_raised_eyebrow::smirk:

Thank you! Out of everyone that responded, your words jumped off the page and gave me what I needed. I do need to get off my ass and get the hell out of here! I do truly appreciate you taking the time to respond honestly.

I disagree…I would argue that anything can be debated if you are asking people’s opinions.

The understand seize the day, but if it were so simple to reverse one’s mindset there would be very little unhappiness in the world.
“Book burning is for Nazis,” that is an interesting view. I happen to disagree, if those who were trapped under the dark cloud of “Religion” were to physically destroy the holy book that caused so much harm in their life, it would be extremely rewarding. Think of a suppressed people tearing down their fallen dictator’s statue. The burning is symbolic of being free. However, I would not eradicate all holy books from the planet.


Hahaha that’s very funny, I too had a oddly satisfying wank just last week. As for your situation, I am very sorry to hear your going through that. Having someone else control your financial life is extremely frustrating. I would also list things that are shit in my life but I don’t want to put you through that. Thanks for the laugh though!

I appreciate that, I have tried in the past but my lack of trust in other people doesn’t allow me to open up and I end up leaving my therapy. Also, it seems to me (antidotal) that a large majority of therapists lean towards religion and have a theistic method of healing. Needless to say, that shit doesn’t work for me.

Ouch that sounds like a vicious cycle. Imagine if you built a robot. And in this robot’s brain was the instructions on how to repair any part of the robot. Your robot seems to work great for a while. But one day, that part that knows how to fix stuff, breaks. And now there is no way for the robot to fix itself. It needs outside help.


I agree with you, the robot does need help. The cycle I am in is, as if the robot was never programmed to believe the instructions of anyone but it’s own mind. So, in your analogy the robot is broken and has specific programming to not allow any new code. To be honest I reached out for a reason, I need help. In my world of distrust, the honesty of a forum and its peoples is exactly what I feel I need.

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Oh shit … honest answers are here… but whether you like them or not :woman_shrugging:t2:. So then, you aren’t lost, you are where you need to be.

No. It’s symbolic of wilful ignorance, like the current fashion for banning books because they are by old white men, or because they describe situations that are considered wrong by contemporary standards. The power of bad books is broken not by burning or banning, but by critical thinking.

I think the evil, destructive, venomous scribblings like the Bible, the Quran, Mein Kampf should be taught in schools as part of critical thinking programs. Otherwise the next generation won’t recognize evil when it spits in their face.

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No it can’t! …

Awww, damn! I missed out. Hey! You guys wanna try it again tonight. How about around 9PM?

I do not believe that destroying your own personal demon is willful ignorance. Again I am not asking the world to ban the books, it would be extremely arrogant of me to assume that all people will follow my statement and rid the world of “every” single holy book. I am pushing for people to feel the physical release that comes with Conquering what conquered them. If you believe people are simply “stupid” for believing in the holy books, I would fundamentally disagree at every level. Brainwashing, manipulation, fear mongering, these are not simply tools of holy books, teaching them will only have those that wish to manipulate try something new. I wouldn’t say I am against teaching the techniques that all the books you noted use, but I don’t believe that it would be a huge success. But one main issue I have is, instead of asking me what my username means to me, you assumed, why? Your pushing for your version of my thoughts. This is very troubling to me due to the fact that, all people should be free to express themselves uniquely even if it doesn’t make sense to you or even if it pisses you off. In my opinion learning WHY AND WHAT someone believes is more rewarding then asserting your view. That is why I asked you why you assumed…why wasn’t the first action, understand then debate differences of opinions.

Completely agree - although some people are willfully ignorant and stupid regardless of opportunities to learn.

My “intelligence” didn’t change when I accepted I was an atheist - all that I changed was my acceptance level to be convinced of something.

It works for me in all areas of my life.

Very true! However, there is something to be said about lifelong manipulation and it makes me feel that at every level people are a product of those that acted upon them. Whether that be good or bad, inspiring or destroying, people are victims of their life. Now I don’t want to act as if people cannot think for themselves, but, and I use myself as an example, there are negative parts of my life that I want to change but cannot and have fought to keep them around against my own will. Some might just chalk me up to being mental, but from what I have seen, there is far more than a handful of people that have similar obstacles. I truly believe that we humans have an over inflated ego about how “great and all knowing” we are and need to understand how easily our mind is manipulated.