Lol 😂 back at Apocalyptic fear mongering

Fuck…part of me was slightly hoping the poor sods going door to door would get a break after the pandemic (I can’t imagine how hard it’s going to be to get them going again).
“Stay alive till ‘75”

The pandemic and Russia have them back to a one year left mentality. So deep in the last days at the end of the end of the end of the last day! lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Being a JW must involve continuous disappointment. Seriously, how do they cope?

While I’m in that area, have you seen the Simpson’s episode where the rapture arrives?— I generally hate the Simpsons, but that episode is pretty good.

Three minute clip:


Yup :+1:… so funny :rofl:. Ironically when it fails they just blame their followers for “running ahead” and that they (the JW Org) never said or implied that

LOL :joy:. Awesome for Australia :australia:. I watched the Royal Commission. The attorney was excellent and the JW elite squirmed.

It appears they wish to create their own “persecution”.

Don’t hold your breath. JW’s will join . No way they can afford to lose their tax free status. Nor do I conclude they have necessarily refused because of guilt. IMO just as likely to be due to the paranoia found in some of the smaller sects, especially about government control.-

–realistically though, I’d be every surprised if JW’s didn’t have a few child molestors. Simply because it seems to me there are a lot of adults there who have a complete power over children. What do you think?

In the US Jimmy Carter threatened to remove tax free status Mormons. Because they taught black people don’t have souls and could not be Mormons.

Then there was this amazing miracle! The very Next week the head prophet had a vision. Turned out black people have souls after all and could become mormons!

I agree however adults who not inclined to rape/molest children NORMALLY work to stop this crime. The JWs keep a “quiet list” of peodophiles and should the victim say anything they are disfellowshipped for slander.

The smile on that disturbing creeps face in the YT shot next to the message about Armageddon reveals a hell of a lot of unresolved schadenfreude. He really is looking forward to the Reckoning for all the doors shut in his face!

WOW! What a bunch of cunts.

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They all are. I was. Rarely did I really sit and observe people and think :thinking: “all these people will die by Jesus’ hand” and feel sad.

I felt a “spirit of Noah” a righteous hatred for the world and all that was in it and it deserved the coming destruction of God’s wrath.

Fucked up shit…

Yes and no.

I’m a true blue misanthrope. By that I mean I’m singularly unimpressed by humans as a species. That the planet and its species will be better of once we go extinct. It is my understanding that after a mere 1 million years, the planet will again be pristine, as if we had never existed.

I do not usually hate individuals and care quite deeply for a few. Also quite like quite a few, such as several of the personalities here. Generally, I try to be civil and most people I encounter do the same for me.

I don’t understand the ‘die by Jesus’ hand’ reference, have never come across it before.

It came as quite a shock to realise that Karma is bullshit and that truly evil bastards are rarely punished***. Especially if they’re moderately bright.

** I don’t mean child rapists and serial killers, they often get caught. I mean the really big evil bastards such as Donald Trump. There is no doubt in my mind that he will avoid punishment for the deaths he’s caused and harm he’s done if only by going gaga or simply falling off his perch.

Jehovah’s Messianic King, the Lord Jesus Christ, and other loyal heavenly associates of his are legal executioners, authorized as such by “the Judge of all the earth.”​—Ge 18:25; Ps 149:6-9; Re 12:7-9; 19:11-16; 20:1-3.

Pickle me grandmother! Had honestly never heard of that. Not surprised ; don’t JW’s take their (constantly changing) prophecy of the last days from The Book Of Revelations?

If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend “New Heaven New Earth” by Kenelm Burridge. In his book, Burridge traces and predicts some of the more common aspects of Millenarian sects such as JW’s and Seventh Day Adventists; Eg being 'special", often having their own dietary rules (many Adventists are vegetarian) And of course a single minded focus on the end of days. Prophecy can come from leaders or from some relatively esoteric book of scripture, often Revelations. When prophecy fails, a new one is usually found in short order.

IF you want to get on such poor idiots’ nerves, explain that christianity is itself a failed millenarian movement. The imminent return of Jesus was foretold by Jesus himself, several times in the gospels.

When Jesus didn’t turn up, the early church changed the date of his return to some vague time in the future and quietly dropped it. Catholicism usually makes only passing reference to the second coming. The attitude seems to be the same as with Revelations. IE an embarrassment, which will hopefully go away if it is ignored.

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Henry Kissinger killed far more with impunity, and they gave him a Nobel peace prize. I try not be overly cynical, but I try not to delude myself as well. It’s often a difficult balance to strike.

I’m still hopeful Trump just might end up on the wrong side of the law, but I’m not expecting it.

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Apples and Oranges.

Henry Kissinger was a brilliant if Machiavellian adviser and diplomat… Exactly the kind of person I’d want advising me.

Donald Trump still doesn’t seem to understand how politics work and is incapable of calm rational thought. Everything thing is a drama for him, as he continues always to seek his father’s approval. Donald Trump has been described as ‘an incompetent human being’.

Have a look at the winners of The Nobel Peace Prize, which includes Barack Obama, early in his first term, from memory…

We’re you lucky :four_leaf_clover: not to be ingrained with this fear… luck of the Christian draw, I guess.

From what I get on FB and TV evangelical types, born agains, etc it is quite wide spread. We’re in the last days! Christ is coming! The end is nigh! The NWO (not sure how each group defines this… Bushes brought it to public outward consciousness?) is the anti-Christ!

Funny - just popped up in my feed…

Personally - many a non-religious or atheist carry vestiges of this belief.

I really enjoyed Young Sheldon. Not because of the insufferable, arch precocity of the titular character, but because of Sheldon’s born againie mother.

I choose to believe that through intent, the writers make the woman look like a sincere, but 24 carat loon.

(Wonderfully played by Laurie Metcalfe’s daughter ,and identify her as a Southern Baptist)

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He was complicit in mass murder, for political gain. Under his advise, the Nixon administration continued the Vietnam war and intensified bombing that included illegally bombing rural villages and communities bordering Vietnam that had no direct involvement in the war, and little if any strategic value.

He should rightly have been investigated for war crimes, along with Nixon.

The fact he was a genius makes him more, and not less culpable for his actions in my opinion.

The comparison was of course just to show that egregious crimes often go unpunished. Indeed, they some times get rewarded in the ultimate irony.

Though I’m not saying this will happen with Trump of course, and no matter how old and cynical I get, I always try to hope that justice will catch up with such people.

Agreed, he’s always struck me as delusional.

I wasn’t suggesting they were remotely similar people, only that egregiously immoral acts often go unpunished.

Plenty of examples really, like G Bush jnr, Tony Blair, and the legality of the Iraq war.

Hirrohito, or a better example was his uncle who commanded Japanese armies that committed unprecedented war crimes like the aptly named "Rape of Nanking.

Lived out their lives in luxurious comfort, when they were responsible for war crimes by any objective standard.

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I personally view Kissinger as a living paradox. Fuck …

Ideals and reality are so far apart and often opposed - yet somehow can “mesh” but not in ways we would think or expect.

Greater minds have put more thought into Kissinger and international policy … “far out of my pay grade”

Just wanted to add. By great minds I use this as people who have dedicated their lives educating themselves on this particular subject and honed their analytical skills in this area.

Myself - I simplify things…and regardless of my “feelings” (with an added advantage of historical perspective) set it aside.

For example, WW2. England is in the midst of a monumental world changing physical and ideological war.

Churchill is being presented with hundreds of options; one of which he is seriously considering and now has instructed action be taken. Scientists of the day contaminate bread loaves with anthrax. To test it, they set about an island with sheep :sheep:. The sheep eat it up - yummy :drooling_face: and die. All noted by scientists as a successful test run. This plan to poison the German civil population via anthrax was only halted through a “change” in the war, allowing a different (and more environmental, humane approach).

Given any set of circumstances…we are capable of tremendous horror and compassion.

Small coal compared to what Churchill had done to suppress rebellion in Ireland. He also wanted to send the army in to crush a miners strike, it was only the rebellion of his cross part cabinet that halted him.

Judging people, and holding them to a contemporary standard is a tricky business. Having heroes, even hostorical ones, far trickier. I tend to admire, or conversely condemn, actions, rather than people. Though in some cases their crimes are so egregious I’m content to make exceptions.

Like (s)Hitler for example, or Himmler, the word evil seems personified in such people.

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