Living Forever In Some Heaven

If we had to live forever in some heaven, would we actually find a way to keep ourselves occupied for even the first few thousand years?

Just a silly question.

If you break down who you would be in the Christian heaven, you would find that you would not be yourself.

Think about it. A mother in heaven is going to live in a state of bliss while her son, daughter or husband is burning in hell. She will live happy and praise god while the people she loved, friends, close relatives or others burn for an eternity? How do you worship an all loving god when you know he is torturing people in horrible ways? It’s like having Hitler for a best friend even though you know he is killing Jews by the millions. Are you really yourself in heaven?

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In this make believe idea of “heaven” were actually a reality, we would have to know a lot more about the idea.

If “heaven” is a state of getting you everything you could ever want, all desires filled:

I Imagine after a few decades of pure bliss, I would want the ability to at least temporarily wipe my long term memory and live out many lives without the burden of past experiences and the knowledge of an “infinite” state of being. In a sense I would long for the life cycle we have right now. Besides our brains/psych etc is built around a finite and consequence driven life. If we were take away that “flaw” of our normal psyche, would I even be “me” anymore?

Heaven as it often described is a silly, child like fantasy, so questions to it probably do feel silly. Your question is actually an interesting question, but it is a question about what I would describe as a silly fantasy, (heaven.)

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I don’t know the answer to that. I doubt it, and of course doubt there is a heaven. I just posted it for the what-if of it.

If a god exists he/she does nothing here on earth. He/she certainly doesn’t stop bad things happening to people over Christianity. And whom ever a god would be has not made themselves apparent that science can find that god.

Can not fully rule one out, but we have no evidence of one either.

I would want to remember everything and still keep learning as I don’t want to be a perfect being knowing everything. I would want to also live other lives and rule over my own universe. Not perfect and still learning in every lifetime.

Yes I agree heaven is probably just a fantasy and probably does not exist. I can live with the possible fact one just ceases to exist.
Like before I was born, and the world will keep going.

Depends on which brand of woo one accepts and your depth of thinking.

Mormons: You get to meet all your dead relatives and are given your very own planet where you are literally god.

Some of the literalist evangelicals to seem to believe in an old man with a beard who lives in the sky. With the end of days comes ‘the rapture’ when all the saved go to live in the sky. They’re
bit short on details about exactly what you actually do for eternity.

From Catholic theology it is my understanding that god created time and space at the very beginning. That at the end of days, time and space cease to exist. There will be no sense of the passage of time in heaven (or hell) , just an omnipresent ‘now’.

However, in my experience , believers tend to cherry pick their beliefs,deciding on what the emphasis of their faith will be. It could be to spend their life helping others, or going around murdering abortionists. Or indeed coming to atheist forums to waste everyone’s time until they feel sufficiently martyred… Each extreme is still christian as they tend to have the same broad set of beliefs.

Some thoughtful faiths have this covered. In order to maintain the sanctity of the family and the pleasure of heaven, John explains the good news in Revelations.

Your family or friends, who have not accepted God, won’t be left to burn forever in lakes of fire in hell, good news eh?. From Revelations 21:4, “There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.” The former loved ones will simply cease to exist, dispatched to oblivion, which will be a form of hell, because they won’t get to be with God, like all the good guys. Worshipping 24/7. Forever. Like eternally whacked-out winged-hippies at a celestial Grateful Dead concert.

And for those who might still suffer pain guilt and anxiety over the fate of loved ones it appears God will do the equivalent of a mind wipe; from Revelations:
“And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying.” Revelations 21:4 (God: putting on his biblical sunglasses, and holding up the holy Neuralizer of Antioch, “If you all look right here…this is what heaven looks like.”)
“What husband?”, “Which children?”, “Mother?..I had a mother??..pull the other one!”
We are talking about an omnipotent, omnipresent creator god here. You didn’t think he’d have it all worked out yet? Jesus wept.
…I’m looking forward to oblivion, or going back there…



So, "Welcome to Heaven, your number is 202063975. Here’s your ticket. Follow the blue line for your mind wipe.

I guess it really does not matter what happens to any loved ones after the mind wipe, and you certainly aren’t going to care about meeting any of them in heaven. LOL…

I’ll take oblivion any time. I will be right behind you.

Yes but we all know everyone one of them are bullshit. Scientifically of course no god can be proved. That was only for What if. And I would probably wish for death after all that time.

NO, we do not.

We may not believe, but that’s not the same thing.

An agnostic atheist, I do not believe . However, I am unable to make any claims about what is or is not bullshit because I simply do not know. Neither does anyone else.

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HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ! You would be a whole lot smarter if you knew a whole lot less! HOWEVER! Kudos for FINALLY getting the …

part as correct as colloquially possible. (I won’t harp on “proof.”)

Improvement is duly noted.

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Rock on, sorry didn’t mean it that way. They are okay just not for me personally. Religion is not for me.

I can not only just post yes (nor disproved.) But it makes you type more letters than that. But I still don’t mind that certain possibility that nothing maybe after death. Like a computer shut down for good. You cease to be.

But only being silly just for the what if part.

No wrong answer here, unless you are just being technically true. Yes science can neither prove nor disprove a god.

Is that your point?

Technically with the “have whatever you want” rule set, you could have all those options, and still at will turn off “the long term memory of eternity.” I agree though I would be very interested in learning all I could.

To me, the most likely scenario of heaven, would be the one we humans built for ourselves. Humans have improved immensely in the last few decades creating virtual worlds, where we can set the rules to whatever we like, no death, or disease, etc.

Then our tools to interface with these virtual worlds have also improved. An obvious improvement we are all aware of are the state of tvs and smartphones. Less obvious but real progress is also being made in VR headsets and even augmented reality headsets. At current rates of innovation, virtual worlds will be increasingly indistinguishable from actual reality, at least the visual and audio senses within the next decade.

Further out we could maybe connect our brains directly, to a computer and have it take over all our senses, (kind of like what Elon Musk is doing with the neural interface he is working on.) By the time this tech was well executed, the virtual worlds will be robust enough for someone to experience something real close to many concepts of heaven if they so choose.

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“Prove” has nothing to do with science. The word does not belong to science. " When people ask for proof, they generally just mean “evidence”. Scientists may have lots of “evidence”, but will never claim to have “proof,” because proof does not exist in science."

Read the article.

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Well it’s a hypothetical obviously, so the answers will be as well, but if it’s possible to experience boredom and even depression from a few decades of living, it’s hard to imagine how overwhelming the idea of eternity is, with no prospect of relief.

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I would love to read it but it was deleted. Damn It.

I was looking for something else and found this.

Science of course can not prove a god either.

I want to say (right) and stop typing, but this thing has a minimal number of words you must type. Yes I am sure eternity would get boring after awhile. I am pretty sure that death is nothing. Nothing as one ceases to exist. If a heaven exists I will find that out when I die. If not I lose nothing.

Yes technology is coming along well as improvements are being made all the time. I am sure if some heaven exists that near anything you want would be there for you. My sick twisted mind would have whatever it wants too.

But I suspect death is probably nothing, you are here for awhile, then you are plain not here anymore. Just like before one is born.

Thanks for the reply. :wink:

Science can’t disprove invisible mermaids either, so what?

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