Listen up, David Killens, Tin Man, and everyone else

Listen up, @David_Killens , @Tin-Man , and everyone else on here. Except for @mr.macabre , he’s nice. But everyone else, listen up.

@David_Killens . I can put up sources to cite my claims. If you don’t like it, then don’t f*cking look at them. But any credible source or claim is sourced and cited. If you don’t like this, well, I don’t care. I’ll still shorten up my stuff, but I will NOT stop providing claims, just because you don’t like it. Don’t read them. Simple. How hard is it to not click a link? There’s a thing called “scroll past it.” You may have not heard of it before, and I know, it’s truly mind-blowing. So, seriously, stop whining about whether I put up links or not. That’s what people to want others to believe their claims do.

@Tin-Man . Men are more often the victims of domestic violence, but women go to the police more. Yes, looking at police records or counts or whatever, it appears like women are more abused. But guess what? Most research actually says the opposite: that men get abused more, and women abuse more. Take a look at gay relationships, for example. While gay men actually do indeed have higher rates than previously thought, lesbians still have the highest rates of relationship violence. And once I compile my list, I’ll give it to you. Just because you get data from one area does not mean that that means everything. Also, I’ll be becoming a blood spatter analyst for my first job in a couple years or so, so I’ll be able to see some counts myself, probably. I’ll become a full-time researcher not long after that, and I’ll be able to explore it much more fully.

And everyone else: stop attacking or bullying people. Just because they don’t believe the same thing as you does not make them wrong. Also, if you ever want to get anti-abortionists on your side, listen to me when I say how. They literally are not against it because it’s women; they’re against it because they feel like you’re murdering a child. If you ever want them to agree with you, then see it from their side, do not make anti-gay excuses just so that it can fit your narrative (“it’s not murder if it’s not illegal” - said no sane person ever), and if you can, help to move forward the thing where fetuses can be kept alive in some sort of incubator and then be brought to full-term. I’m mostly anti-abortion (and so are the other 2 teen moms I’ve met), except the only reason I support abortion is because I support paper abortion (where you can relinquish all legal and other rights and responsibilities to your child), but if abortion were just moving the baby into an incubator and then the mother relinquishes her rights and responsibilities to the child(ren), then I would have absolutely no problem with it. I’m pretty sure other anti-abortionists would feel the same way, as I’ve talked to them. So seriously, listen, if you want no one to be anti-abortion anymore.

And trust me, don’t assume that all people against abortion are male, or even anti-feminist. I’ve met other anti-abortionists, who, like me, do not fit your stereotype (I’m a biracial [4 or 5-races], mostly gay/male-attracted, trans man atheist, as you may already know), with some I’ve met being black, female, Indian (from India) or Native American (I’m not sure which, maybe Mexican), LGBT+ who claimed that abortion was homophobic, those who claim that abortion is anti-woman, those who are atheist or non-religious, those who are satanist (like me, and some more), and more. In fact, in the US, there are more women than men in number who are anti-abortion (36% and 35%, I can’t remember which are which), and since 51.8% of the US population are female, that means approximately (out of 326,000,000 if I remember correctly) [I’ll put this here monday] (168,868,000 females) and [I’ll put this here monday] (157,132,000 males) are anti-abortion. Also, a Planned Parenthood study from some time ago found that having an abortion is much more likely to turn a woman against abortion than for it.

Well, damn, Dave. Did we just get “spanked”?..:flushed::confused::relieved::blush::relaxed::grin::grinning::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::laughing::laughing::laughing::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I’m pro choice, which means I respect a woman’s right to choose abortion or to have the baby, it doesn’t mean I want countless children in the womb euthanized. BUT it should ALWAYS be the woman’s choice. Not yours. Not mine. No ones. NOT EVER.

It doesn’t affect your life at all. In fact it has absolutely ZERO effect on you. It has ZERO effect on my life. All the thousands of women in America that walk into an abortion clinic in States that allow it, you don’t know those women. Some of those women were raped or have an ectopic pregnancy.

When the woman has children, no one steps up to help them. If you’re not going to help the woman who you forced to have a baby, you have no right to bitch about it. It’s as simple as that.



The music store can’t order my favorite guitar strings, I get a subpoena for oral interrogation in an auto accident case, and I missed this thread’s OP prior to it becoming “ignored content.”

Today’s fun = sucked.

Hmph! :triumph: In that case, how do you think I feel? A confused and all-knowing teenager just publically called me out as being a big ol’ meanie. :weary: Now I’m gonna have to spend the rest of the day re-evaluating my life choices and searching my inner self to determine where I went wrong along the way. If only I could find a study to read to help me resolve this disconcerting dilemma. And to think I almost had myself convinced that I’m a really swell guy. Woe is me! :disappointed_relieved:

Inspired by “Dexter”, no doubt.

Poor little child. And just because somebody offers a differing opinion or calls you out on your bullshit does not make it “bullying”. (In case you missed the study on that.)

Edit to add: I’m afraid you picked THE wrong place to try playing the “Victim Card”… (chuckle)…

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You need to comprehend that my sanctions against you were not personal, they were driven by my duties as an Admin. This is a public access forum, and any link, or lack thereof may lead to a third party claiming intellectual theft. That can lead to this forum being shut down.

Despite your desires and goals, this is a rule, and any violations can result in further sanctions.

Life really is a balance between self image and the reality of teenage wisdom, obvies.

You post has thankfully allowed me to view the OP in all it’s fabulous inanity.


Arrogance and the need to go out with a bang really are a hell of a combination.

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There is a lot to unpack in that post.

Unfortunately our little friend has just drawn attention to the fact there may be more irresponsible posts, and as an Admin, I must be even more diligent that each and every item and link provided will receive the attention required to make sure this forum is not guilty of intellectual theft. In any way, on any level.

I also hope our little friend comprehends that I could have (in just one mouse click) erased this entire thread and consigned our little friend into oblivion. Instead, I strive to be balanced in my treatment of all and allowed this rant.

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@Bluedoc Don’t despair, I do not intend nuke this thread, or the poster.

In other words, you gave him a love tap. Looks like he liked it. He wants another one. :laughing:

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So what I am hearing is… “Don’t confuse me with facts. I can believe what I want to believe.” Yep. You win that argument. Believe away. But don’t imagine you will not be called on your bullshit around here.

OH FUCK>>>> What a bunch of drivel,

Planned Parenthood? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha … No agenda there. Oh fuck me!
*The Planned Parenthood® Federation of America Clergy Advisory Board (CAB), launched in 1994, leads a national effort to increase public awareness of the theological and moral basis for advocating reproductive health and justice."

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Well, hell. Looks like darling Drew came in, had a severe case of oral diarrhea, and then vacated the premises. And I ended up wasting a whole day biting my nails and fretting about being called a mean person. DAMMIT! I really had more important things to do today, too. Mainly I had scheduled four hours to sit out in my yard and watch the grass grow. Now I have to find a way to make up for that tomorrow. Just hope I didn’t miss anything good today. Gee, thanks, Drew. :roll_eyes:

Lol :joy: it’s called “having the last word”…

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No. He was retching and having a tantrum. :sweat_smile:

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Witnessing demonic possession in a little Asian baby is such a sad thing to see. If the poor kid was born in America, he would have been baptized and protected.


They’re doing the Baptism’s wrong. They’re supposed to do it like this.

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What the hell do you mean by Dexter?

The weird show I keep hearing about that I’ve never watched in my life?

What, I can’t just learn about it in my science class, how to analyse which direction it came from, etc., and enjoy it? No, it’s gotta be from a show that I’ve never watched before in my life. Totally.

Since when did I get mad for a different opinion?

When did you supposedly call me out, and on what bullshit?

Also, the way y’all have treated mr.macabre for his opinions has been horrible.

I’m not.

Sorry you’re offended that I decided to call y’all out, snowflake.

Ah, ok, that makes sense. But what if it’s just sourcing my claim? And how would they claim intellectual theft?


I’ll respond to the rest later.

Also, can’t wait to be able to immigrate to the UK, and see my friend and someone closer than a friend!

Oh come on. Lets get along.

My responsibilities as an Admin is to protect this forum and it’s members. If any Admin encounters a questionable source, we are not the ones who must verify the true sources. It is incumbent on the presenter to provide proof.

That is precisely how things played out in the past. Concerns were raised, we requested you validate the source, and you did not comply.