Listen up, David Killens, Tin Man, and everyone else

I sincerely attempt to practice that. In my younger days I was the typical red-headed angry man with a very short fuse. But over the years I learned it led to nothing but negative results, and these days I am able to let things go. I am also a very staunch believer in giving a person a second chance. I was the recipient of such actions, and I now understand very well that one should not hold grudges or resentments, but instead let go as soon as one can.

Just two days ago I was involved in a 24 hour sim race. One jerk wrecked our car, and a few within my team got very angry and they just wanted to hunt down and return the favor to the other driver. As the team manager I talked them out of that line of thought and possible action.

Everyone deserves a second chance, and everyone deserves to be treated with the same level of respect they give others.


There is so much wrong there, I don’t even know where to begin.

Congratulations on your future endeavours and your lofty, albeit very odd, imo, views of domestic violence and what constitutes “murder.”

I am a woman. I had an abortion when I was a teenager. I have no regrets. Zero. Nada. Zip. In Texas, no less! The Right Honourable Ann Richards was governor, the republican party was still “normal”, the biggest conspiracy theories were that the CIA and mafia had assassinated Kennedy, and the moon landing was a hoax. Those were the days! Unless and until you walk in the shoes of any woman who chooses to have an abortion, regardless of their reasons, and let me make a point here, THEIR REASONS, neither you, nor anyone else, for whatever YOUR reasons might be,(and, frankly, those don’t matter one iota); have any business telling them they can’t have access to medical care for a simple, safe medical procedure. That’s all it is. You have no idea what underground and back alley abortions are or the ramifications and utter devastation not having proper reproductive medical care is. Your entire young life has been in a world where women have access to reproductive health care. Without excuse. Autonomy over their reproduction and their own bodies. Granted, those rights have been chipped away. And with the makeup of scotus, the zealotry of religious nj’s, and do gooders, who do not do much good, like voting for universal day care or other helpful policies or vote for those that will, but dream of pie in the sky ideas about adoption or incubator babies, like the Matrix.

I don’t see much going on here in the forums of meanness. I see vigorous debate. Adult debate.


LOL: I knew they were doing something wrong. This is what mine looked like.

I was lucky it wasn’t like this

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Damn…those priests are rough. Those poor kids are getting water boarded.


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“Ode to Drew”

Oh, dear Drew
How I missed you.
While you were gone
I used tissue.

To dry teary eyes
That caused mist-view.
Your departure did cause
Such an issue.

Why you had left
I had no clue.
But now you are back
I say, “Woo-hoo!”

No longer am I
Feeling so blue.
As you continue to spread
All your poo-poo.


Huh? Not sure when THAT happened. However, even if it did, are you his bodyguard now? Hmmm… Call me crazy, but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and take a wild guess by saying Mr.Mac is probably QUITE capable of defending himself. Like I said, I could be waaaay out in left field on this, but I have a hunch that Mr.Mac is not one to back down if confronted by disrespect toward him. Juuuuust sayin’…

Stop calling me Snowflake! You’re hurting my feeeeeelings!!! :weary::sob::weary: From now on, I prefer that you address me as Tootie-fruity. :triumph: No, wait… MR. Tootie-fruity.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… Respect the person not the opinions. If you don’t wan’t opinions evaluated, keep them to yourself… or hey… join a cult and they will tell you the right opinions to have and then you will know they are right no matter what anyone else says.

Mr McCabre is an adult. He can handle his own issues. Are you trying to be an enabling rescuer?

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If Mr.McCabre had a problem with any of the posts on here he would have said something about it or went to staff. He hasn’t done any of those things therefor it’s not a problem. No complaint, no problem.


@mr.macabre gives as good as he gets. Eh? Hehehehehe

Kinda like us all. Gotta wear your “adult” underwear (commonly called big boy panties :briefs:) on this forum.


Some big girl panties drifted through my transom back in the day.

They were tough, as were the gals inside them. :heart_eyes: :briefs:

Ever have a pretty lady throw her underwear at you? :drooling_face:

Mmmmm so good :drooling_face::drooling_face:

Sorry! I have never… NEVER … understood the fascination some men have over women’s panties. I just don’t get it. And why in the #$%#$@ would anyone want to smell them? CREEEEPY! Reminds me of the story of the Federal Agent who got caught by a video camera going into the cabenets of a little girls room and stealing her panties. Creepy shit if you ask me. Federal agent caught on nanny cam - YouTube

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Well. Goodthing they caught the pedophile agent. He was a trainwreck waiting to happen.

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Wise words, MrDawn.

As a student of philosophy, I tend to view abortion analytically, with dispassion.

Abortion is certainly a moral issue, but to outright define it as “murder” (which is very common) is a classic logical fallacy called “petitio principii” (begging the question).

I perceive the abortion issue to be akin to the rights of a landlord vs the rights of a tenant. —>


People who support the Catholic church are supporters of pedophilia, in my view. After all, the Catholic Church is, essentially, a huge international pedophile organization that supports pedophiles by protecting them by relocating them to other dioceses (churches) and by paying hush-money to the victims or to the parents of the victims.

Shame on the Pope and shame on the Christians for supporting this worldwide pedophile ring.

My only issue is the size of the fetus.
LOOKs like a fully developed baby. Most at that term want their child.

ON the other hand, at less developing stages where the fetus is terminated …it does NOT resemble anything like the above picture.


I brought that up earlier in the thread on how Pro Lifer’s always use the “abortion is murder” card and wanting help on dealing with how to argue with that since I strongly disagree that it’s not murder but merely a form of birth control. You would really be helping me out if you could go into further elaboration on this subject. Thank you, Andy.

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Here are a few other points I’d like to make regarding abortion:

  1. “Murder” is a word often used by pro-lifers to define abortion. But the “legality” or “illegality” of abortion depends entirely on the geographical location of the court. Pro-lifers can not denounce abortion as “murder”, since it really just boils down to a GPS location as to whether or not this is true. So much for that assertion.

  2. Murder is also legally defined in terms of “premeditated malice”. But this is curious: How could anyone possibly have a PREMEDITATED inclination or attitude about a fetus‚ BEFORE it existed? Do crystal balls exist?

  3. Killing a human being CAN be morally justified in at least 3 cases: Wartime; self defense; executions; and I would include suicide. The whole abortion issue is emotionally charged, so we need to take a breath and look at it with very dispassionate minds.

  4. Does the fetus have a right to be born? Not necessarily; it all depends on whether it was granted that privilege before it existed. Example: You wake up in a hospital bed, hooked up to a stranger next you who is receiving your blood intravenously. You are told that this person needs your blood for the next 9 months or s/he will die. What would you do? [Ok, this sounds a bit silly—but I’m trying to make a point.] If you never offered your pre-consent to this arrangement, you are certainly under NO obligation to stick around for the nest 9 months. Well, ditto if you find yourself pregnant without your pre-consent and full intention to become pregnant. This sounds harsh—and harsh it is. But it is NOT IMMORAL to “disconnect” yourself from a “stranger”. An unwanted fetus is exactly like an unwanted stranger attached to you, draining you of your bodily nutrients. Bluntly put: “Hosta la viva baby!”

My point of view is summed up in this little graphic I created: —>

In Canada abortion is legal. Most providers aren’t over 20-23 weeks (5 months) max (although in some circumstances can be further - between woman and doctor).

Roughly 90% of abortions are performed within the first trimester 12 weeks (3months)


3 months


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