Jesus Was a Buddhist

In 500 BC Gautama Buddha lived and taught his message of salvation from suffering all over the northern part of India. He taught a self motivated journey towards personal freedom from and liberation from existential suffering.

450 years later, the Caste system of India (something which the Buddha aimed to dismantle and indeed which the existence of Buddhism alone threatened) had pushed back against Buddhism and had all but eliminated it from the sub-continent. Replaced by Hindu Deity Worship in India, Buddhism spread East into Asia and remained similar to its original form in places like Vietnam and Thailand - but drastically changed in places like Japan, China, and Korea.

What kind of change? The idea of saving one’s self was viewed as selfish. And a different purpose arose which was more universal. To wit - instead of attaining Nirvana in this life time, the aim was to cultivate virtue and wisdom over countless life times in order to one day in the very far off future become a fully enlightened Buddha who would liberate all beings from suffering.

This new aim was termed “the Path of the Bodhisattva”. It had some internal conflicts.

  1. presuming that the Bodhisattva path of forgoing Nirvana to become perfected over numerous life times assumed that you had what it took to achieve Nirvana. And very few have what it takes. So the Bodhisattva vow is presumptuous right at the start.

  2. Gautama Buddha led thousands to Saint hood. But the Bodhisattva vow made Gautama look like a minor league player. The Bodhisattva vow was meant to lead “innumerable sentient beings” to Nirvana. So the Bodhisattva vow was an insult to the Buddha.

  3. the Buddha taught that one should seek inner freedom from suffering. The Bodhisattva vow looked down on the Buddha’s original teaching.

Whatever the case, something new had developed and spread across east Asia. Now, for the sake of argument, keep in mind as an example that there is one school of this later branch of Buddhism (which is a branch called “Mahayana” - the greater vehicle) called “Pure Land” Buddhism.

By chanting the name of a Buddha who lives in another dimension, practitioners and believers hold that they will be reborn in a certain heaven with that Buddha after death. Sound like anything we Westerners might be familiar with?

Western Christianity is knee deep in a swamp of shit which they have yet to understand is an off shoot of Buddhism which developed 50 years before the supposed birth of Christ.

The goal of the Bodhisattva is to lead all sentient beings to paradise and all you have to do to get there is believe in said Bodhisattva. Jesus was and is the only (historical? Mythical?) example of the Bodhisattva ideal. The details are a little different, but the underlying belief system is the same.

Western society has grown out of a doctrine of faith which, unbeknownst to all of the many, many untold numbers of Christians, is and was and always will be a perverted version of the real historical Buddha’s original message.

Now that you know about fake Buddhism - Mahayana Buddhism - the greater vehicle - the vehicle which transports the greater number of people to Nirvana; let’s talk about Hinayana - the lesser vehicle - Theravada Buddhism - the teaching of the elders - the original form of Buddhism which is under appreciated and not well understood in all its methodical simplicity and singleness of intent. Get your thinking cap on Cog. I’m about to school you … hard.

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Why do you fill your mind with such bullshit? Do you really think saying something about history demonstrates an understanding of the concepts? Poor poor ratty! Wallowing in self-delusion.

I don’t even have to read the bullshit to quote it:
The aim of the Dharma Training Program (DTP) is to present authentic teachings and practices in a way that allows one to experience simultaneously the teachings’ wisdom and their relevance as one engages in the various commitments of daily life. The program is designed to optimize a deep dive into this path while allowing the flexibility needed to tend to one’s everyday commitments. To facilitate this, the curriculum is delivered in 3-month modules three to four times a year.

The core of each module is the Sukhasiddhi Sunday Series led by Lama Döndrup. Here you will learn a specific meditation practice and receive teachings on a select topic from the DTP curriculum list. Additional topics are presented in the Awake in the World sessions with Rev. Susan Shannon that are specifically geared towards integrating the teachings and practices into your daily life. As a DTP participant, you have the opportunity for individual guidance in a one-on-one interview with Lama Döndrup during the module.

You will be given a checklist of curriculum requirements (see below) which can be met by attending Sukhasiddhi Sundays and Awake in the World or by listening to some recordings of classes taught previously. Completion of the program takes place when the curriculum requirements have been fulfilled. Once completed, you can apply for participation in additional programs of study at Sukhasiddhi, or continue to attend other offerings as desired. Please note all sessions take place over Zoom."

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Dharma training to become a Bodhisattva. Pure delusion.

It’s all delusion ratty / That’s the point. You don’t get to claim ‘real Buddhism’ any more than a Christian gets to claim, "real Christian.’ You are engaging in a ‘no true Scotsman fallacy.’


You’re welcome to read the “Siddartha Gautama Appreciation Thread” where I explicitly describe the real message of the Buddha versus what a Buddhist Scholar under the name Nagarjuna later changed Buddhism in to.

This is not a “no true Scotsman” scenario. There is authentic Buddhism which has a structure, a goal, and a path to that goal - and there is “later” Buddhism which replaces the “true” goal with an unattainable and perverse ideal (attained by woo woo superstitions about countless life times).

And by real goal - Nirvana is no mind state, my monkey friend. You reduce everything down to consciousness and the mind. Your sophistry prevents you from understanding the transcendent nature of the void and the way in which we can both relate to and know it.

Meet me in the other thread young padawan

YES of course, The REAL, message of the Buddha. It’s a good thing someone understands the ‘REAL’ message, else it might be lost forever. Good for you Ratty. Now take that message down to the supermarket and pick me up a six pack of Zero Cola, a big bag of Ruffles potato chips and some blue cheese dip. Let’s celebrate!.

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I can’t afford real Coca Cola. How about some Zap? And a bag of lays is cheaper than ruffles? If you really want the REAL thing, I can take out a payday loan. And let’s smoke a bag of weed! But none of that shake you’ve been peddling lately.

Maybe you should stop spending your money on weed and buy some better quality food instead?

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No, no. he’s right. You’ve really went off the rails this time. Buddhism is just as much as bullshit as any other religion. This is not going to end well lol. :rofl:


And therein lies the worth of your religious dogma.

When does Ratty not go off the rails? Ratty is a believer on a quest for the secret knowledge to make him happy. Drugs alone aren’t enough but he is sure there is something out there, that he can put, ‘in here,’ that is going to make him fulfilled. Drugs, the Evil Overloard, Buddhism, there just has to be something out there in the world to complete him. Poor poor little ratty. He is not enough for the world in which he dwells.

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Jesus was a Buddhist… Roamed the country far and wide.

Papa was a rolling stone… Wherever he laid his hat was his home.

Momma was a black-haired beauty with deep dark eyes… With points all her own slung way up high.

Sister was a golden hair surprise… She would meet you in the middle. She would meet you in the air.

Brother ain’t heavy… No burden is he to bear.

Grandma got run over by a reindeer… Incriminating Claus marks were on her back.

Grandaddy was hardly ever seen around here… He only came to town about twice a year.

And I was born the son of a lawless man… Never was the kind to do as I was told.

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Why are they so hard on me Tim Man? What did I do?


It’s called tough love, Ratty. They are simply trying to keep you from diverting from the non-linear course leading directly to that which can be obtained only by releasing it from yourself. You must venture on this journey alone, hand-in-hand with those who cannot guide you to blind enlightenment. However, fear not as you rejoice in your saddness, for the taste of salt in your tears will provide you with the empty nourishment of bittersweet joy.

You make inane assertions without exploring the rationale behind them or the facts that may or may not support them. You just believe BS as though it were true. In short, you have the mind and reasoning of a theist wallowing in darkness. It’s just that simple Ratty. In place of exploring beliefs and understanding that they all sound rational to the ill-prepared mind, you jump in with both feet and believe you have found the answer to life the universe, and everything. Go back and really read the posts ‘OBJECTIVELY,’ the answer to your question is blatantly obvious.

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“Et tu, Brute?” - can I not find one kindred soul amongst thee!!! :cry:

I am your kindred soul, a fellow vermin, you just don’t see it yet. When you can learn as much from a grain of sand as you can from your Buddhist dogma, you may get a glimpse of the truth.


What??? Ratty! I’m hurt! Why would I betray you? You’re my pal. It’s fun having you around. I miss you when you are gone. I was merely trying to help you see the truth you’ve been missing. We are all on the same journey to that place where we dwelt before birth. And between now and the moment the path ends, there is already enough stress and strain we must face that is beyond our control. Why add any extra unnecessary stress and strain by taxing the brain with attempts of reaching some unattainable Nirvana? Learn from past mistakes. Enjoy the good moments you now have. Make reasonable preparations for the future. All that other stuff is just fluff and hot air for people who are trying to avoid reality.

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I did not mean to hurt you, Tin Man. You have a heart of gold (surrounded by Tin outer layer). I am sorry.

But the tone of the last message … so serious. But I will reread it to find the wisdom.

My personal truth. Buddhism - the kind of stuff I posted in the thread - it is not easy to live with a voice in your head - to be around people and suspect that you can hear their thoughts or that they can hear yours - all of this shit that the illness has for me on a daily basis … Buddhism has helped me cope with the voices.

I do not search for Nirvana. As much as I search for simple inner quietude. This thing called “jhana” - rapture and pleasure born of seclusion. I spend a lot of time by my self - and I reach for jhana - it gives me purpose - it grants me relief from anxiety; voices; delusion.

The job I nailed today will allow me to work on my own in solitude which is how my life must go. I would love to be the guy who works in a team. Who laughs and jokes and passes the time away with fellow workers. But it cannot be for me. Life has decided otherwise.

I am different. I do not know why people reach to Jesus when the source of his existence contains so many contradictions and exotic lies. But some do.

For me. It is Buddhism. As a schizophrenic I spent time talking to the Buddha. It may be hard to understand but his personality had so many levels of depth. “Enigmatic” was the proper word for him. “A leader of men to be tamed”. “A true friend”. The world has never known such an accomplished being and I had the privilege to meet him. As crazy as that sounds, it is a part of my schizophrenic experience - the perk of having a demon behind your back who knows all that ever is and ever will be - the devil - the true God behind the God.

I fear for my soul sometimes. How do I live a normal life when I have experienced so much insanity in my younger years. I believe I must achieve quietude in my head so that the global insanity will be reduced.

But I am blabbing. Now! FORSOOTH!!! The inquiry that has left us doubting Gautama … what if I crave non-suffering?

I will meet you in thread number two.

THERE IS NO PERSONAL ‘TRUTH.’ If it is personal, it is delusional as well.