It is now illegal in Canada 🇨🇦


That is absolutely fantastic news. Now we just have to find a way to stop the fundamentalists from smuggling their children to the USA.

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That’s really fucked up. I want to be a homosexual. I want to get over my homophobic bullshit by converting to homosexuality and not they are telling me that I can’t do it? Who in the hell are they to interfere in my life that way. Fuck them. I will be a homosexual whether they like it or not. I can convert and I don’t need their stinking help.

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When I was a teenager. I found other men attractive. I have never slept with anyone of the same gender. As I’ve gotten older I have gravitated more towards women.

I’ve gotten older and the zebras are starting to look good. Ever check out the ass on a zebra?

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Zebras are pretty kinky, actually.


Jesus fuckin’Christ… “we” (Canada will also pull shit like this)…

Sooooo stupid! The indigenous have written and told their stories (long before there was a mass shift of Canadians to listen) and laid the responsibility at the foot of the Christian churches and government.

IMO the pressure from Muslims to keep the dust pile under the rug or the skeletons in the closet IS HUGE - if more within the community felt free to speak up or leave without severe consequences there would be a flood of ex-Muslims.

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this is really very good news, thank you for sharing this post with everyone

@Whitefire13 There is a massive Muslim community in Toronto. And like almost all communities, they do not appreciate dirty laundry aired or for their community to look bad in any way.


I am as proud as F that my nation is advancing in out treatment of any minority. That being said, we’re not perfect and still have a long ways to do. But at least this is a step in the right direction instead of … cough cough … other nations.

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Awww fuck, if sex was more important than meals,. I would have white chained to the bed upstairs instead of a steak slow cooking on the grill. Still… that poster is pretty convincing.


thank you for sharing this post with everyone..

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The Muslim community in that area should have been making all kinds of noises about how the event should have gone ahead as planned, in my view.

It seems to me that this would have been a solid gold opportunity for moderate Muslims to continue to indicate that they do not practice, for example, the literalism and barbarity of the Daesh.

(This would have meant, of course, doing what “modern” Christians and Jews also do - conveniently ignoring or denying the most dangerous parts of their scripture. But one mustn’t derail the thread subject.)

If only there was a legal conversion therapy for converting idiocy to only smart behavior. Because I would sign up for that. My idiocy should be removed.

It goes to show the hypocrisy of the Canadian government…they are more than happy to promote, advertise, financially support, and even glorify the idea of changing ones natural biological sex to the opposite, but for those who realize they have made a mistake in making that biological change and wish to reverse it…“sorry no can do” says the Federal Government.

Welcome to Atheist Republic, I hope you enjoy this place and learn.

Up here in Canada medical costs are funded and controlled by each province’s health care system.

France also :fr:

Canadian govt apply emergency in just 7 days of protest , is it illigal

Welcome @almahmoud84

I’m Canadian and we do have a thread on the protests as well as the lead up to the Emergencies Act…

The Emergency :rotating_light: Act had already replaced the previous “War Measures Act” (which was more limiting to citizen’s rights/freedoms).

Trudeau, as Prime Minister exercised his authority to use the Act.

This was not illegal.

NOW it’s under review as to whether the evidence supported the use of the Act (high level).

The political leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enacted emergency measures that were later passed by a majority vote in both houses. This is democracy in action, the majority passing laws.