Is There A Place For Member Art?

Hello. I lost my twitter account where I was fond of posting a lot of Atheist content, memes, and other stuff.

I think I lost it over a portrait of muhammad I did in reply to a notice from the pakistani police about another muhammad portrait I did.

I also played along with the old Sexy Kali Art thing when you guys were posting the Art there and getting yourselves banned (I actually got Armin to follow my old account, but never Susanne) (Maybe, understandably, put off by the mixing of this type stuff with the Naughty Adult Account I was there to promote).

So anyway…

Is there a place for non-meme type Art here?

I made the attached picture for Sexy Kali after I called her “Smurfette” in a conversation and caused a hostile reaction! Anyone else think the site could use a corner for user created Art?

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How about … Your account was suspended after plagiarizing another artist. Why would you take something as well known as a Smurf, call it your art, and then use it to offend a world religion? I can think of a whole lot of reasons for your account being suspended.

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I guess this thread is now the new place for member art.

I am requesting (not demanding) an explanation though. You referenced the Pakistani police, yet you are outside of their jurisdiction or power.


No one expects the Pakistani Police…sorry…my meds are overdue.


Memes are, by their nature, plagiarizing. It’s called “Fair Use” under the law and usually results in a take down notice, not an account suspension.

I don’t think you know of what you speak here. I only used her as an example. You want my version of Sexy Kali?

Here’s the cropped one I used for my header in my profile, all Original! It’s from an unfinished version of me playing along with the kali and muhammed enjoying some BDSM together piece.

Here’s a screenshot of the alert from twitter saying that I upset them:

And here is the Birthday Card I made for a fellow Atheist that started it:

After I got the alert, I posted this one I titled “Mohammed Tries Atheism” based on the running gag about how Atheists eat babies:

I fail to see how anyone could be offended by such innocent artwork :crazy_face:

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I sure didn’t expect them, but I’m not on any meds.

Unless weed counts!

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Is that your shit, or is it plagiarizing someone else’s shit for your meme?

What did it taste like?

Thank you very much. Now it all makes sense.

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I wouldn’t touch that shit!

I like mine runny :poop:

Yeah, I see where I wasn’t very clear in my opening post.

That screenshot was posted on twitter and discussed at length, so I was a bit too deep in it to see that I wasn’t explaining it properly.

No worries though, it was easily clarified.