Atheist Republic Suspended On Twitter?

This was the first bit of my first post here, just a week ago :

This morning I noticed the @AtheistRepublic was suspended on twitter!

I never heard back about exactly what I did to lose my long standing account there, but I posted my suspicions.

Did they tell you what you did?

They’re a bit heavy handed with the suspensions lately. Except I don’t see religious posts calling for “One and only one religion in The USA” or forcing “Christian Values” on everyone getting suspended.

I wish they’d both be more even handed and ban both abuse from religious as well as secular sources. Or at least provide information about exactly what prompted the suspension.

Something nasty was probably said about a large group of people’s invisible friend.

AR and it’s founder are regularly de-platformed.


Indivisible or imaginary lol?

Probably because Atheism is hated on because it doesn’t agree with the superstitious views of Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and other religions.

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I supported twitta when they banned trump, and I still support their right to ban anyone at any time for any reason (or no reason at all!). but I do think they should inform people what they did to earn such treatment.

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And it looks like they got reinstated!

What a crazy world where people claim to value freedom of speech, except if it’s blasphemous.