Is It Normal to be Gross?

Oh! I thought he meant a ‘snake.’

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Figures that YOUR mind would go there. Always thinking with your-… er-uh… Oh, nevermind.


Some may see being gross as a form of living of expressing beuty. Some may see gross as beutiful or even erotic.

I tend to be very gross with some things I see as beautiful to look at, actual bloody pictures & movies of people who have been killed. I see blood and guts as an art form. Sometimes seeing the hollywood fake version is satisfying in movies… but if you can google actual real life pictures and short clips of people getting killed and all bloodied up in real life… this form of grossness tends to be more pleasing to watch to the eye. I have always been attracted to death … just me. I always enjoyed watching scary movies as a kid because I enjoyed seeing all the blood and guts, it looked beautiful to me and pleasing to the eye. What was gross to some… I found pleasing to watch.

I enjoy many gross lovemaking fetishes that some would find gross, but I find pleasing to the eye.
Some people may find choking your mate or having your mate choke you during love making is gross, but I find it pleasing. Some may find it squeamish to use handcuffs, rope, and blindfolds as gross… but I find pleasing to the eye.

Some may find crawling in dark dirty caves getting full of mud and all dirty as gross, but I find it pleasing to the eye. Caves are one of my favorite hobbies and I love spending my time with bats. I always loved very dark places… like my favorite color black… to reflect the darkness in us all that most people are afraid of in themselves and run from…but I find exciting about myself and embrace.

I enjoy eating my food with everything mixed together… and sometimes I eat directly off my wife’s plate or a friend’s plate if they can’t finish their meal. Some may find that gross, but I see nothing wrong with it.

Some may find farting and burping as gross, but it has no effect on me.

Narcissistic Personality Count 26 and rising. I know more about this guy than I know about my own mother. At what point is it TMI?


That train left the station, passed out of sight, the platform was vacated, the tracks were torn up, anyone who had ever seen the train long ago died of old age, all memories of anything resembling a train had faded into history, and yet, the self aggrandizing blathering continues…

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You can’t just put the guy on a scale and rattle off some number like that. The dude’s got a venarial disease from working at the strip club. Give him a break. He’s gone mad.

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Explain this dark horse - if you even can. Na man Anna an.

How uncivilized. Ewwwwwww. Burping? You sir, are not right in the head. Like seriously. You think anyone gives a shit if another person burps. In Germany it’s a sign of good appetite. In Japan it’s an honour on the chefs. Get a fucking reality check dude. How fucked up are you? And that’s ME asking head wag

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Oh, shit, dude. You have RATTY calling you out about being mentally warped? :open_mouth: Daaaaaaamn… (long slow whistle)… Pretty fucking impressive, I must say. Pretty sure that deserves some sort of award or something.


…(cheerleading cheershaking pom-poms)… Go, Ratty! Go, Ratty! Go, Ratty! GO!!!


lol reminds me of the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger theme. Just replace Power Rangers with Ratty. :rofl:

I mean… it kind of depends on your definition of gross. I believe It’s legitimately okay to be grossed out when somebody picks their nose in public or doesn’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom.

Everytime somebody spits, I am seriously grossed out, and yet, cultural “norms” kind of dictate that behavior as being perfectly acceptable. Again, depends on your definition of gross.

I think it’s normal to be gross to some extent, but when we have things like kleenex, soap and water readily available, there’s less reason for it.

No this is clearly a vanilla ice reference from the ninja turtles.

Go ninja! Go ninja! GO!!!

Go ninja, Vanilla Ice

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But what if somebody takes a piss, doesn’t wash their hands, picks their nose in the middle of the restaurant, and then eats the booger from their unwashed finger? Just wondering, because I’m still not allowed back in the Golden Corral Buffet place, and it seems totally unfair. After all, I was the only one in the bathroom, so how could anybody have known I didn’t wash my hands?

Aside from my own personal feelings, there are several things wrong with that story. Like Golden corral barely even exists anymore since Covid has pretty much put every buffet in the world out of business.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I am STILL trying to figure out how anybody there could have known I didn’t wash my hands. (Isn’t it illegal to have surveillance cameras in public bathrooms?) And it’s not like I was gonna put them out of business when I offered to share my booger with several other patrons. Sure, it was a big juicy green and brown one, with just the right amount of crunchy, but it wasn’t THAT big. So when I saw everybody staring at it when I dug it out, I didn’t want to be rude or selfish. I was only trying to be polite by offering half of it to whoever seemed interested. As tempting as it looked, though, I suppose I can understand their hesitation at accepting such an offer from a stranger. You never know nowadays, right? Still didn’t stop the manager from coming out and escorting me from the building. Jealous bastard. The way he hustled me out of there, you would have thought I was in there with a family size bucket of KFC handing out fried chicken legs to everybody. :roll_eyes:

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Well, you know how Hindus like to wash their hands & bathe in cow piss. Gotta keep those sky daddy’s happy so you can pass around epidemics that cause death and destruction of your local community!

This video does not get good until 0:34. Skip ahead. Anyone can take a golden shower, it takes a real Muslim to drink the flowing gift of spiritual nourishment from Allah!


People showering in piss around the world? Question, what is the education system like in the countries where those videos were filmed? I’m guessing not great.

I suppose people can get used to anything. Hell, there’s another thread on this site about eating rotten fish–that sounds worse than drinking piss.