Is Infidelity Wrong

As an atheist I don’t see anything wrong with infidelity in marriage like Christians do. This nonsense Christian morality that it is so wrong having sex with others during marriage is nonsense. My wife during our marriage for examples has had sexual relationships with her ex-husband and I honestly feel no jealousy and am fine with that. We even have family get together where her ex husband comes and I’m ok with that. I myself have had sexual relationship with my wife’s sister during our marriage even though she also has sex with her boyfriend. I even admitted to my wife I go to strip clubs and she is fine with that too.

As an atheist I don’t see anything wrong with infidelity in marriages or more than one lover. Christians label it as so evil…but I don’t.

What are your thoughts?

Whatever works for you.


(raises hand)

I wanna hear more about the story with you sleeping with her sister. How did that get started?

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What has your atheism to do with it, other than possibly being in opposition to religion? It’s not something uniquely “atheistic” about infidelity, other than the lack of dogma.

This nonsense Christian morality that it is so wrong having sex with others during marriage is nonsense.

Not only with christians. The view on infidelity is there in many other religions and cultures other than the judeo-christian ones, and in ancient cultures. For example, in middle assyrian law (between 1450 and 1250 BCE) there were potentially severe punishment for infidelity - “9. If a man have relations with the wife of a man at her wish, there is no penalty for that man. The man shall lay upon the woman, his wife, the penalty he wishes.” Although Middle Assyrian law was particularly draconic when it came to restricting the lives of women, there is good reason to believe other ancient cultures had similar laws. Thus, you’re singling out one target out of many, ignoring that similar law/morality is found in practically all cultures that I know of.

That being said, if we restrict ourselves to current times, the frowning upon infidelity can be explained rationally. When married, the parts have entered a legal contract to support each other, and invest in their common household with money, effort, work, time, as well as emotionally. Thus, having sex with someone else can be viewed as the breach of a contract. Thus, infidelity breaks the terms of the contract, and thus there are grounds for terminating the contract (divorce), unless the parts have agreed otherwise.

Also, I doubt that religious rules about infidelity were pulled out of some priest’s arse and then implemented in the religion, just because he felt like pranking his subjects. Rather, those were most probably pre-existing rules in the ancient societies that were eventually written down as religious laws. This is not a chicken-and-egg question. Most probably the views on infidelity came long before organized religion formulated written rules about it.

My wife during our marriage for examples has had sexual relationships with her ex-husband and I honestly feel no jealousy and am fine with that.

Whatever floats your boat. Others might view such cases differently, independently of religion.

As an atheist I don’t see anything wrong with infidelity in marriages or more than one lover. Christians label it as so evil…but I don’t.

I cannot see what atheism has to do with this. People are different, and react differently to the subject at hand (infidelity).


I think cheating is wrong if you didn’t agree to it. People don’t forget how you treat them. At the end of the day, you own your actions. You can’t treat morality like it’s imaginary. It’s basically a long list of rules, no religion required, that separates us from the animals. Our actions have real consequences.



Ugh… Holy fucking Christ on a cracker… :roll_eyes:… As others have already inquired, what the hell does atheism have to do with infidelity? You keep using this “As an atheist…” preamble statement as if everything you say after that is suppose to be part of some generally accepted “atheist mindset”. Jesus, dude! Cut the bullshit already. Allow me to clue you in on something real quick, if you don’t mind. Very important you understand this, by the way. “As an atheist…” you do not believe in any god(s). End of story. That’s IT. PERIOD. Anything beyond that is based strictly on YOUR PERSONAL thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and morals. Leave atheism the fuck out of it.

(Note: I expect this to have no real effect on Dark. This was primarily for the benefit of the “lurkers” to make sure they understand Dark is not some “atheist authority” who speaks for atheism or other atheists.)


As a person, whatever happens between consenting adults IS NO ONES BUSINESS.

Consenting adults.

Now, with that said, when a partnership, or a marriage or a committed relationship is entered into, AS long as there is a mutual agreement of what is or isn’t expected from one another - “open marriage” (for a lack of a better word) are no better or worse than traditional monogamous. Having more than one spouse is OK (in my book) as would legalizing sex work.

Personally, I’ve always been a serial monogamous person. It just doesn’t work for me to have more than one relationship (even just sexual) at a time. I also expect that of a partner. But that’s me.

I also think that relationships grow and change over time and either the partnership moves and adapts with the changes or it ends.


@DarkLover See? What she said. It really is just that simple. Very nicely put, White.


The problem with this statement is the definition of “infidelity”.

Infidelity is a violation of a couple’s emotional and/or sexual exclusivity that commonly results in feelings of anger, sexual jealousy, and rivalry.

Nowhere did I find a definition of “infidelity” that encompasses fucking whatever you want, whenever.


Then you are a Narcissistic asshole. Atheism is about “Belief in God or gods.” Atheism says nothing at all about your broken sense of moral values. Atheism has nothing to do with moral values. Nothing. Your moral values are your own. The fact that you see nothing wrong with infidelity as an atheist is like saying you see nothing wrong with cannibalism because you like chocolate ice cream.

How about seeing something wrong with infidelity because you are a human being capable of having empathy for your wife,. girlfriend, or significant other? Ohh! I’m sorry, I forgot for a moment. You can’t feel empathy or even sympathy because you are a narcissistic asshole.

Anyone figure out that this piece of shit is a troll yet?

That is not infedelity: A key component to infidelity is unfaithfulness to a moral obligation : disloyalty. If you have an open marriage where both parties agree to having sexual partners outside of the marriage, that is not infidelity. There is no violation of trust or disloyalty.

As a lover of chocolate ice cream, I think your posts prove you are a narcissistic troll. The fact that you put the words, “as an atheist” in front of the bullshit you spew, does not mean your idiotic posts have anything to do with atheism at all.



Yep. He keeps using “atheist stereotypes” that Christians use to describe the rest of us as immoral because we don’t have their “religion”. His whole play is based on being a fucking dick wad. I cringe every time he posts stupid shit.

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Yea, I decided to avoid these topics from dorklover. Very suspicious, seems like he is mining for information on people here. Feels like someone trying to get “insider information” on atheists, or looking for personal information.

Not to be paranoid but I would avoid dealing out any kind of personal info as mundane as it might be. He is being WAY TOO open and detailed about “his” experiences. Seems like he’s hoping for some kind of reciprocation and hoping for others to expose something nefarious about themselves.

The generic profile image that just feels too on the nose. It’s something I swear a theist would see and think that’s what atheists are into.

No description in profile.


Hell let’s keep going, the odd writing style.

Applying atheism to everything that has nothing to do with atheism.

Now the total lack of “him” addressing the fact that he’s been called out on being a troll 3 times. Just ignores it.

Just all puts me on high alert :rotating_light:


I caught that as well. He acts like a Theist more than anything.

It’s a wink :wink: every fucking time he posts “As an Atheist” and then describes a sex life that sounds fucking made up.

DarkLover is nothing but a story spouting made up bullshit based on Atheist stereotypes that a Christian would use. Lets see how much longer he holds up now that no one is buying the bullshit he’s peddling. I can’t wait to watch him squirm.

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My sniff test detected troll scents from his very first post. About the only reason I respond to anything of his is to hopefully counter his nonsense for the sake of “lurkers” who might not know any better.


I like to compare known behaviors. I have noticed this behavior in others (and myself) that if they start a thread, they are engaged and continually contribute.

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Sociopathic narcissists do not always a troll make :smiling_imp:

BUT they usually go hand in hand.


I remember that entire dumb fucking post he made about not having to be moral and basically describing Atheism as a pass to be immoral. There was nothing sincere about what he posted at all. If anything reading it was aggravating. “OH I don’t have to be moral because that’s a religious privilege. I’m gonna act like a fucking savage and not own up to anything because that’s how atheists are supposed to act.” @DarkLover NO! It isn’t! You dumb fucking moron! That’s the impression I get from him. Not only was he called out about his stupid bullshit argument on atheists not having morality. He posted another fucking thread (this one) just to get his digs in. He’s doing it to get a reaction. He’s a troll for sure and most trolls eventually fuck off!

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Aw, hell, Cog! This could turn into a fun game! :smiley: Let me try!

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Thank you Tin-Man. I appreciate that. :grin: