Is Infidelity Wrong

Guys - crossing a line.

Uh, in the interest of trying not to make assumptions, was that for me or one of the other loathsome degenerates?

I will try to answer some questions on here. But keep in mind I can’t respond to every comment on this forum. I wake up at 4 am to go to work and don’t get home often times to 7:30 - 8pm at night. I don’t have time to be glued to a computer responding to every comment. It’s not going to happen. So If I don’t respond to your comments or questions always… it’s because I am very busy and have hardly any time. I only have access to the internet for a limited time each day and not at work.

… so to answer you question my wife and I have open relationships. Our family we think different than most people. How it got started with her sister … I guess partying and getting drunk. My wife and I don’t care. We often swap couples and do stuff like that.

Look I know it’s an excuse on here for people to say Troll to someone who is just different then they are. Who thinks different then them. I know people want Athiests to all behave the same way and have good morals and if someone doesn’t fit in their cookie cutter fit of what they think an Athiest should act like. They call them a Troll… it’s a cop out. It’s ok. I get it.

I will put it in layman’s terms for you.

It’s not your open relationship we have issue with; nothing wrong with that so long as both people in the relationship are fine with it.

The problem is associating anything to atheism. Atheism is simply one thing; lack of belief in a god. One does not adhere to open relationships because one is atheist. One can be religious and do the same thing. Atheism doesn’t clear the way for moral impartiality. Morality is something that exists outside the belief system or lack thereof; belief or lack thereof doesn’t have a monopoly on morality.


You are totally misunderstanding everything I said. I am saying because I am athiest I believe this way… I am not saying athiests believe this??? where you get this from.

Yes there are athiests who are very moral and athiests more like me and my family who prefer to be more immoral.

But being in an open relationship isn’t immoral. Immorality has close ties with sin, theistically, and it’s just conceptual nonsense, for the most part.


I was comparing my viewpoints to what Christians believe… Christians see being in an open relationship as immoral… yes… since I am an athiest I don’t see being in an open relationship as immoral… was whole point I was trying to make.

sorry if you totally understood what I was trying to say

I understand what you mean. Perhaps I simply perceive things deeply to the point where I just don’t see the point in attributing it to atheism or being an atheist. From my perspective, it’s more about how you reason or ignore reason for what you want to believe.

Sure. Gotcha. :joy:

In case you missed it. I’m not the first one who called you a troll.

It just looked like you were making No True Scotsman and steriotypes about Atheists in general. Most of us understand the concept of “cause & effect” where morality becomes immorality while doing X could result in Y happening with devastating consequences.

As for your personal life. Great. Good for you. Why do you feel the need to brag, bro?

I’ve fucked plenty of women too. The guys on here don’t give a fuck & don’t wanna hear it. You know what that is? Common sense. It aint a dick measuring contest.

Sounds like you use the word “Troll” for someone who just doesn’t agree with your point of view or is different then you are? Isn’t it ok to be different. I am a different athiest than you? Is that your definition of your “troll”? I don’t have a right to be an athiest and yet think about life and morality different then you do?

Seems like you are being very closed minded to me and not understanding to my viewpoint

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Nice. Now you wanna play the victim. What are you? A fucking mind reader? You haven’t been here very long & you’re off to a bad start pointing the finger like that. If I were you, I’d try a little harder.

Yes. All Atheists are different. You seem to keep making that mistake. Until you learn that you will keep getting called out on it. Not to mention, a mod called you out on it.

Unfortunately, the internet (by it’s very nature) is a breeding ground for misunderstandings. For now, DarkLover’s response has satisfied me. Everyone deserves a second chance.

I will offer my own personal definition of “troll”. That is a person who deliberately offends or agitates others in a negative manner, throws more gas on the fire, then disappears.

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People tend to use that word too much, which is why I avoid it unless I am absolutely certain it applies.

@Foxaire I agree, that is why I offered “my own personal definition”.

One word can take on twenty different connotations with twenty different people.

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I can see giving him a 2nd chance. No problem. People get off on the wrong foot.


My first exposure to the internet communications was BBS boards. Then I got into ICQ (I seek you lol), then chat rooms, and then forums. And many times I have seen animosity, even fights just because one had expectations on another. For example, one friend got angry at me because I took over 16 hours to reply to a text message. I had to carefully explain that I do not serve my electronic gadgets, and turn it off every night.

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LOL. One of my good friends is a conspiracy theory buff. I am constantly getting UFO updates and secret government interview shit. 99.9% is just unbelievable bullshit. It’s called a UFO because it is “Unidentified.” Until it is “Identified,” we can say nothing realistic about it. Then there is all the space alien shit and secret bases and alien contact and bla bla bla. He likes sharing the stuff with me because I do have a marginal interest in it; however, believing it is something completely different. Stories about Big Foot, the Skin Walker Ranch, The UFO under the Baltic Sea, Atlantis, Ancient Aliens, etc, etc, etc, are all interesting, but believable; not once they are looked into. Perhaps I like them because I like debunking them. They are, after all, good practice for critical thinking. Specifically listening to the exact language being used while describing these phenomena. Read something by Vondanigan and actually listen to what he says. He makes no claims. Here is a typical quote from the man. I’ve blackened the slimy language."

" “Could it be that God was an extra-terrestrial? What do we mean when we say that heaven is in the clouds? From Jesus Christ to Elvis Presley, every culture tells us of high-flying bird men who zoom around the world creating magnificent works of art and choosing willing followers to share in the eternal glory from beyond the stars. Can all these related phenomena merely be dismissed as coincidence?”

― Erich von Daniken, Chariots of The Gods

His whole book is like this. It’s full of ‘What ifs…’ and ‘It seems…’ and he is careful not to state clearly any claims. This is the way the man talks. He says absolutely nothing as he makes no assertions at all.

So as I talk to my friend or listen to the stuff he sends me, I point these things out. Most recently there is the crap about psychedelics and evidence of a soul or mystical experience. It’s all self-reported horseshit. All one needs to do is actually listen. The speakers themselves tell you it’s bullshit.

Anyway, I find the stuff entertaining but real. Ha ha ha ha ha… Not yet anyway.