I will never understand it

America is turning into Russia, the judicial system here no longer applies its strength to matters of individuals, it takes up political and corporate interests before anyone else.

They’ve all turned a blind eye to how insurance has artificially inflated healthcare. Insurers demand a discount for referring customers to hospitals and doctors, well instead of giving insurers a discount, hospitals and doctors raised the price on goods and services for none insured people. So if you have no insurance at a hospital a cotton swab costs $7 instead of $0.12. Great explanation of this on Adam Ruins Everything.

Since our constituents in congress and senate can take unlimited funding from insurance providers and other corporate entities. Since they agreed businesses should be considered equal to one voter and should have “equal” access and can donate unlimited amounts to PACs and every other political money laundering scam you can think of. Yet we wonder why nothing gets better around here?

So one corporation has the spending power of hundreds of millions of voters, but it’s fair because every has access to donate money……yea.

America, where the wants of the few matter more than the needs of the many.

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Big companies spend money on lobbyists to influence politicians. For the health care business they get a return on investment of


There is a health care crisis in the USA, yet the health care companies are making record profits.

There is a gas price crisis in the US, yet the gas companies are making record profits.

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I experienced this firsthand when I went to the emergency room after crashing my bike and breaking my collarbone. They gave me two Tylenol for pain while I sat there for three hours before seeing the doctor. When I got the bill a week later those two Tylenol were $78.

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We’re “lucky” because my wife’s employer offers medical insurance, but at a steep price. Our coverage costs her over $600.00 a month. With all of the surgeries I’ve had since I had to retire 7 years ago, we would have lost everything if we hadn’t sold our home and moved in with family first.
We still had some huge bills to pay, even with insurance.


US Police State of America: Instead of the government working for the people, the people work for the government. It’s truly insane and I personally believe something bad is about to happen in the USA. A constitutional congress is just around the corner. The decision to end abortion rights might be icing on the cake. California is running out of water.

" where people are arguing over a supposedly stolen election, vaccine mandates, mask-wearing, and the reality of climate change—a September 2020 [Hofstra University poll] found that “nearly 40 percent of likely voters would support state secession if their candidate loses.” This was followed by a YouGov and Bright Line Watch survey last June that revealed that 37% of Americans supported a “willingness to secede” when asked: “Would you support or oppose [your state] seceding from the United States to join a new union with [list of states in the new union]?” Support for doing this was highest in the South and among Republicans."

I had two reasons for voting for Trump. 1. Hilary and Bill are drug smuggling, child molesting, creepy fucks, who I would not trust to wash my socks. I knew that before Hilary’s treasonous behavior. So my choice was between her corrupt ass and the rich asshole Trump, who has run every business he has ever owned into bankruptcy. He is a shit businessman and yet his manipulative shithead self manages to stay afloat. Hilary was so embedded in the corrupt system that we have, that I could not justify a vote for the woman. Trump was a dunce who would probably run the USA into bankruptcy as well. Trump had one advantage over Hilary, He would shake up the system. Well ‘FUCK!’ He certainly did that. I got my wish.

More people are involved in politics now than in the last 50 years. I don’t know if that is good or bad. I do know the system is fucked. People are not happy with the Police State USA. Things are on the verge of change, I expect them to get much worse before they get better. Hold on to your panties folks. It’s going to be a wild ride.

If by chance I have offended your favorite presidential candidate; just call me a fuckhead and move on. I’m not interested in a political debate. I had zero respect for either candidate. Both their histories were shit.

Just for fun:
1985 to 1994, the Times report said that Trump’s core businesses racked up losses of more than a billion dollars in a ten-year period. During 1990 and 1991, the story said, Trump’s losses were so large that they “were more than double those of the nearest taxpayers in the I.R.S. information for those years.”

This is a story going on all over the USA. My grandparents lived in Newport Beach, Ca. and owned a million dollar home. That’s nothing for the prices of homes in Newport Beach. Thier home was on a hill that overlooked the the city of Newport Beach, about 30 minutes from the beach. On a clear day, they could see the ocean, (That’s how bad the air quality is these days.) The had to sell their home to some home buying agency who found them a condo. The deal was, they move out of their home, the agency gets it and moves them into a condo. They live out the rest of their lives in the small 2 bedroom condo, behind the Ralph’s supermarket. Between the house sale and the fact that they both died in Nursing Homes, from their estate which was initially worth millions, their children got NOTHING. (I am not one of the children. I am actually a close family friend and these two people helped me out during hard times in my life. They were my best friend’s grandparents. But I call them mine. They had more of a positive influence on my life than anyone in my family. )

Main Point: Nothing left after the funerals. Nothing.

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I’ve been paying very close attention.

There is a big push in Alberta and Ontario for “private” healthcare. It went from sneaky to blatant.

Alberta right now is having a Provincial Conservative leadership race. The choices are extreme.

Sovereign - leave Canada join the USA (I’m not shitting you)
Corporate - give away Alberta oil/gas royalties to Big Oil/Gas (billions $$$$) and in return - get a gas discount :roll_eyes:
One candidate dropped out. Lives in the USA (cross our border) - said our Prov. Party is too crazy for her :grimacing:

Fucking rednecks!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

$175 for 4.
Covers prescriptions, dental, ambulance, Eyecare, etc.

My out of pocket for $3000/month med I take is $25.

Me too. Same reasons. Would have been different if Bernie didn’t get kicked by the Corp. interests.

Lol - when I watched Ozark, I thought of the Clintons (lol).

I thought, at the time Trump was an asshole. A fucked up businessman asshole that had always been more “Democrat”…so I figured there’d be a shake up - NOT A FUCKING COUP attempt!!! And I figured, being a New York “business man” and in the “casinos” - his backing was mob money. Well, the mob gets its money from middle-class - which btw were HURTING which hurts the dirty money interests.

:woman_shrugging:t2: I didn’t expect him to court the fucking religious extremists and them set up a fucking cult around him!!!

Anyhoo - live and learn.

Our current orange-Coupaloompa wanna be is Pierre Poilievre. I called it. He’s doing the playbook to nationalists, fundamentalist,
Supremacists, Libertarians - he’s a disgusting piece of shit.

I just find it fucking amazing that we can not find a human being in the USA qualified or with the aptitude to run a fucking country. This fucking dildo we have in the office today should NEVER have been even considered for a nomination. CREEPY Uncle Joe is the one we have always been warned about. The man is weird as fuck and I am personally convinced that the only way he made the presidency is because the powers behind the throne have so much shit on him that he will do exactly as he is told.

I’m not arguing politics with anyone… I’m expressing personal opinions. Nothing more. Yes, I am an ignorant ass when it comes to politics. You win! And Uncle Joe is a fucking CREEP!

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The Brits have had more practice than most and because of their class ridden system ended up with the embarrassing private schoolboy who “cant tell a lie” except when he opens his mouth… Anyone who saw the little fucktard cringing on TV today would hand their heads in shame if they voted for him. He and his nasty party of right wing self enrichers are history.

Here in Australia we finally got rid of the most corrupt, inept bunch of right wing psychos, not only got rid of them, destroyed their party near enough at the ballot box.
They have replaced a lying smirking Pentecostalist with a shaven headed, Reichsfuehrer look alike as leader of the opposition, with the same policy aims as the Brown Shirts.

In Australia it is wonderful to see that strange feeling of “hope” seep back into our daily lives as an intelligent, humane set of people grasp the levers of power. Did I mention more than 50% are female now? Fucking A. .

Similarly in France the Progressive vote strengthened despite the fascist Le Pen employing all the tricks of the trumpista movement.

I think the Republicans have shot themselves in the foot now. More than 50% of the population of the U.S is female. I will not believe they are all stupid. The mid terms will be very interesting.


Do you feel any responsibility to the 100s of thousands of women who just lost access to abortion because people choose not to vote for the major opposition because of a conspiracy theory; and voted for Trump, the Birther conspiracy theorist?

Fucking supreme court appointments! Hopefully, a couple of them will die … SOON. I feel no responsibility at all for the fucked up system of government we have and no actual power to do a damn thing about it. Not unless I want to try to start a grassroots movement from here in Korea, and frankly, who has the frigging time for that. Aside from that; I don’t imagine things would be any better under Hilary. I am convinced things need to get really bad before they are ever going to get better.

This is the start, warning signs are everywhere. Massive armament of the police. Civil unrest. The level of complete ignorance in our Police Force is amazing. Civil rights eroding away. LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) - There has been an effort in the country to call for a Constitutional Convention of the states. Thirty-four have to make that request for it to happen.

Nebraska became No. 17 (We are halfway there.)

I’m moving to Canada. When is that oldest boy of yours getting married? Is there room in his room for a banna tree? I only need a corner. And an empty coffee can. And a cup. And a place to plug in my computer. And some chew toys. And access to water at Christmas time for my yearly bath. And a pail to save stuff in. And some cream for my delicate skin. And an electric banana peeler. Can Tin Man move in as well? He just stands under the tree and peels bananas for me? Sometimes he says really funny shit but most of the time he just leaks all over the ground. So, I need an oil pan to stand him up in. And some nose hair clippers. And a box of Pop-Tarts. You ever had Pop-Tarts… Mmmm Yummy. And a pet fish. My pet fish died and so I need another one to put in this fish tank I have. Who knew fish would die if you filled their tank with beer? I just wanted him to be happy. And I want some headphones like Mr. Macabre. And some toe jam remover. And a red rubber ball. Simon & Garfunkel - Red Rubber Ball - YouTube

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This thread seems to have gone off the rails as soon as I mentioned medical insurance, and has devolved into politics. I don’t fucking care about that shit, I have no fucking way of doing anything to help our screwed up country.
We got another update from my sister-in-law a few hours ago. Her surgery is scheduled to start at 6:30 AM on Friday, and will take 8-9 hours.
They’ve decided to try a procedure that has only been done once before on someone her age(7).
My wife and kids have been trading text messages asking for people to pray all day today, do they actually think that it’ll help?
I’ve kept my mouth shut and haven’t said a single thing on the subject. I just hope she comes out of this okay, all things considered.



Probably the best thing to do. They actually believe they are doing something. They really believe they are helping. When Christmas rolls around, you can remind them how wonderful their prayers were and invite them to pray for Christmas presents. Hang in there, you’ve got your headphones and are probably making good decisions.


Uhhhh… Cog? Ol’ buddy, ol’ pal of mine… While I really appreciate your putting in a good word and invite for me… Uhhh… If I go up there, you realize my wife will be with me, right?.. And, uh, seeing as how she and White seem to have very similar views and practices in regards to “domestic discipline”, I just can’t help but think that having them two together would be rather… Ummm :thinking:… Well, uh, PAINFUL for the both of us. I mean, just think about it for a second. Each on her own is already capable of delivering… oh, shall we say… “unique” physical motivation deterrent methods. Therefore, I don’t even DARE imagine what they might devise should they have a chance to conspire together… (shudder)… Although, then again, I admit I would be lying if I said my curiosity isn’t a bit piqued. Hmmm… :thinking:

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Aw, shit, Mr.Mac. You are absolutely correct. I can speak only for myself here, but I meant no disrespect in getting off topic in here. Just trying to lighten the mood with a bit of humor. No excuse. Just my way of dealing with such things at times. I sincerely apologize. I can assure you, though, that little girl is on everybody’s mind, and we all truly wish for the best possible outcome. Please keep us posted. Meanwhile, I am confident the health insurance issue can be taken to another thread. (Hint-hint to those in that discussion.)


Among 300+ million people, there surely must be several. As seen from outside the US, the main problem is among your problems are your broken political system, with an effective duopoly that suppresses any views or politics that does not fit into the (D) or (R) boxes, around which everything revolves. Another one is the extreme amount of wealth required for a candidate to have any reasonable chance to fund the massive amounts of propaganda needed to be noticed by the masses. Yet another is the system where the winner takes it all, meaning that small parties never have a snowball’s chance in hell, no matter how sensible their politics are, and no matter now uncorruptible and “clean” their candidates might be.

“But…it happened on Biden’s watch!!!111!1one!!11” :roll_eyes:

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