Current POLITICS …

It started with the cost :heavy_dollar_sign: of a 7year olds surgery.

It saddened me that had the parents been less “wealthy” :grimacing:

Progressed to healthcare in USA and Canadian Conservatives yearning for privatization up North.

Which led to SCOTUS and current elections and leadership races and well, the direction that many countries around the world are experiencing right now.

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According to history, conservatives always fight back real hard when they see their way of life deteriorating due to liberal progress.

I’ve grown extremely weary of people labeling others child molesters just because they don’t agree with them. I’ve already lived through the Satanic Panic once, where these kinds of accusations destroyed peoples lives.

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I fully accept and understand your position. LOL - I also had a lot of fun during the Satanic Panic. Having read the Satanic Bible, and being somewhat well versed in the subject, as well as not believing in Bullshit, when the representatives from the Police Department came to give us training, I sat in the back of the room and laughed my ass off at their complete “Christian by the way,” Ignorance. At one point they put on some music from Black Sabbath or Alice Cooper and touted it as influencing the kids of today. While the music played, I put my hands on top of my head, with fingers facing up, like liberty spikes, and began bobbing my head up and down to the music. HA HA HA HA … A whole room full of counselors and I was the only one who thought it was funny. I got a sour look from the presenters but no one said a word. LOL (True story)


This is where I see a difference and frustration in the States.

Biden has the ability and power to act immediately. BUT he doesn’t. Always wants some form of consensus - WHICH WON’T HAPPEN. It’s like Obama didn’t do what COULD have been done (and promised) when the dems had the house and senate.

Trudeau pisses off our Northern Conservatives. He acts. They can stomp and scream. He doesn’t give a shit. It’s actually what made me respect him more through the years (not everything obviously :roll_eyes:).

IF Biden actually ACTED - filibuster for eg. INSTEAD of just trying to soak it for votes - they might actually INCREASE their base instead of FRUSTRATE them.

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OK - so my Province. This is part of the Sovereignty ideology.

NOTE - Business leaders ahead of MLAs and it looks like the “Ministry’s” would answer to them (:crazy_face:)
NO “right” or “left”
Where’s the military or police in this set up???

I’ve said that ideology usually looks good in writing :writing_hand:… a picture paints a thousand words.

This chart leaves me speechless :no_mouth:

The president of the United States has no control over the rules of the Senate.

Good gracious, no left or right? Are these folks attempting to unity-ize and peace-ify all of Alberta?

What a terrible prospect. IMHO.

No. The business/corporations are in charge under the Premier.

They choose the Ministry’s.

I thought it was a joke.
It is a real platform.

BUT not a (hopefully) seriously taken one.

So is it Nancy Pelosi then that would act re: the filibuster?

It was used before numerous times by the Republicans- so I wonder why not now.

Also, don’t they have the house and senate already?

USA politics is confusing at times.

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No, Pelosi has nothing to do with it. She’s Speaker of the House, and filibuster hasn’t been used there since the 1840s. The closest thing to Filibuster in the House is the so-called Magic Minute where the House leaders (the Speaker and the Minority Leader) can speak as long as they want on an issue, but the rank-and-file members have to adhere to strict limits.

Filibuster is only a thing in the Senate. The Senate has to change their rules to eliminate or defang the filibuster. Doing so, however, would also be subject to a filibuster, which makes it unlikely to happen in the current political climate.

I’ve always thought the filibuster was undemocratic. It’s a mechanism where a party in the Senate can theoretically delay action on a bill indefinitely by speaking for hours or days at a time on anything they wish, even something not related to the bill under debate (in one notorious example, a senator read Shakespeare plays and oyster recipes for 15 hours). Ending a filibuster (a process called Cloture) requires 60 votes. Given the fact that the current Senate is split almost evenly across party lines, that’s not likely to happen.

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Which may still eventually take political conflict out of the equation, as the businesses would likely desire to be free from any form of economic interventionism deriving from political interest groups.

But regardless of the way it’s cut, ya, a horrendous idea, IMHO.

It was better back in the day where they had to actually speak to fill up the time. It made filibustering difficult, almost impossible to do indefinably. Now you can phone in a filibuster.