I hate Putin because he shaved my cat!

He also shaved their cats!

Protest is illegal in Russia :ru:

I hate tRump because his idol is the guy that shaved my cat!

(I think he held the cat down!!!)

finally got onto RT - it was having some “technical” difficulties

When an opposing nation needs propaganda, there is nothing like being able to “quote words” (accurately).


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So, whitey, what’s this got to do with religion??? This is a “atheist” forum NOT a political one!

This right here.

Christian Nationalists and the threat it poses to secular society.


It is an older clip (from 2 years ago) NOT a recent statement.

HOWEVER by this date, 2020 - Putin had made peaceful protest illegal, banned JWs (2017) and this

Edited to add: I guess Lauren was success in her bid to become a Senator. QAnon is also apart of her “belief” system.


When one values squeezing every last nickel out of humanity over ethics and allegiance to country, wrapping yourself around the finger of the leader of a place in which one has spent decades trying to get one’s businesses to make their mark is a no brainer, IMHO.

Putin is trying to reassemble the old Soviet Union one piece at a time, either with puppet governments in the former republics (Georgia, Belarus) or through invasion (Ukraine).

Many of the others will be easy pickings by an emboldened Putin, with the exception of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, all of which are NATO members.

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I was just commenting on another platform that it’s Soviet Union Junior :boy: building this last decade (uptick the last 5 years).

A somewhat (but not really) difficult position for NATO … and support for countries that do work towards a more free, democratic system.

Europe is well aware of border spill over of war.

AND still a controlled response.


I created a thread to discuss white christian nationalism. it is very real, it is causing damage, it is a threat to any civilized nation.

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Whenever I encounter a hot topic, I attempt to do some research. And part of the research is polling many different news sources. The narrative coming from Western news service sis very different than what is coming out of Russia.



In any story the actual truth lies between the extremes of different perspectives. The important part is to attempt to discover that truth.

I somewhat understood their role in “politics” before - but there was a strong “centre”.

It needs preservation. It needs awareness… when I read statements of Christian nationalism on my local MP Facebook feed and I read the lingo from my “friends” (who only grab the surface chants) :grimacing:

I agree BUT

Journalists within Russia are practically non-existent. There isn’t “freedom of speech”
as we know and understand it. NOT with the especially new “law” regarding “disrespecting Russia”….

So given the above fellow, his interest and background, when he claims “… the site is maintained by the Department of Internal Policy of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation.[26]” (regarding Pravda)

I would read Russian news with about as much trust in facts as I would China’s or Fox (propaganda outlet with some/few facts).

Al Jazeera tends to have more journalistic integrity and facts are much more abundant and easily sourced and can be verified.

Heaven forbid other Russians within Russia (they already limit) share OR video gets “out” of State control or Ukrainian civilian videos and messages get in…

BTW I understand looking at it all :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. It is so volatile and fluid right now. Info from the Ukraine (but cautious awareness of Russia watch the info also).

Russia trying to “reassure” Ukrainians… how reasonable Putin is (heavy Russian accent).

NATO and EU having to decide “next steps”.

UN Security Council… Moscow is unlikely to face any consequences at the Security Council because it holds a veto due to its permanent membership. In addition, Moscow holds the rotating presidency of the Security Council for February.

Putin deciding Putin’s “fate” at that level. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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The Russians appear to be operating with between nine and eleven divisions of troops, mostly heavy with a lot of armor.

That’s more combat power than the U.S. currently has in our entire active military.

It may be a good idea to get some tanks back out and into stations in Europe. Granted, it would take balls to make that call.

Quote: “Do you want to destroy our cooperation on the ISS?" Rogozin asked in a series of tweets, according to a Reuters translation of his remarks.
“If you block cooperation with us, then who is going to save the ISS from an uncontrolled descent from orbit and then falling onto the territory of the United States or Europe?" he wrote. “There is also a scenario where the 500-ton structure falls on India or China. Do you want to threaten them with this prospect? The ISS doesn’t fly over Russia, so all the risks are yours.”


Imagining school-yard bully wanting the “lunch money”. Kid is finally standing up for himself (after telling parents and school :woman_shrugging:t2: does nothing). Other kids gather around chanting. Bully’s friends step back as bully pulls out dick and starts pissing. Bully, “Just give me your lunch money, otherwise you’re responsible for the spray!” Friends of bully are not impressed with the small dick.



How do I get it to translate to English so I can read it from the site?


That looks like the welcome gesture from Serbs in Bosnia some of us received at the very tail end of '95.

This Eastern European finger is aimed in a better direction, assuming that woman is a modern day Ukrainian and she isn’t telling a Reuters reporter to get fucked.

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Well, armored units have been sent, just without the armor.

So more like a balls-lite call but a call, nonetheless.

Came across this pic today with a caption of Putin using this guy to de-nazify Ukraine.

I just took his face and reverse-googled the image and got this…

So Wagner is like Blackwater…hired mercenaries.

Apparently, not all though for these contract security companies.