I am the anticlaus

Anybody else here not a fan of Christmas besides me? Does being an atheist mean that we have to hate this time of year? Or just the part about it being Jesus’ birthday?

Also not a fan.

Centered around some benevolent and bestowing fat dude.

The same eleven songs playing everywhere.

The same style of decoration everywhere.

Obligatory generosity.

It’s what I imagine living in a country that allows no more than one ideology or political party is like.

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I love the winter holidays! My whole family does! We get together, cook and eat great food, sing, dance, imbibe in wonderful Speyside whiskey, give presents to each other, have hour long conversations that consist only of movie quotes but make total sense, tease each other relentlessly, hug each other tightly, watch the wee (grand)kids get excited about Santa, and so much more. Does it include any gawds? No, not for any of us. It’s the time of year we have collectively chosen to celebrate each other.


Understand that NONE of the christmas hype, even the choice of date is Christian.
Just comfort yourself that the whole nonsense is Pagan, Mithrain and Sun worship at its core. That all those Jesus worshippers are actually courting a death sentence for being idolators according to the bible (read Jeremiah about xmas trees)

So rather than wearing your atheism on your sleeve or whole body, join the fuck in, deck the halls with boughs of Holly, drink wassail to the day , chuckle to yourself that you are celebrating SOL INVICTA, amongst others…and keep your fucking mouth shut,

You will have a happy time…like everyone else.


No. Being an atheist does not require us to be unhappy if theists are celebrating, or spoil the festivities of theists. We have much bigger fish to fry, such as the separation of church and state.

It is just a holiday and for most, time off work. Make the best of it, it is not time to be miserable.


I.m having a Christmas party for the foreigners. I already bought the turkey. I had to drive 3 hours to get it, both ways. (Not a joke.) Lucky for me there is a casino in Daegu. I made a weekend of it. Sat down to a table with $500 left 3 hours later with $480. I played 2 hands. Won one and lost one. It sucks to be a poker player. Sunday, Dec. 25th. Turkey dinner and everyone is invited. Fly on over.

I absolutely love this time of year. :two_hearts:

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Oh, there are other reasons to celebrate December 25th … for example, in 1758, Johann Georg Palitzsch made the first sighting of Halley’s Comet after its orbital path and subsequent return was predicted. In 2004, the Cassini spacecraft launched the Huygens probe on its journey to land on Titan. Last year, the James Webb Space Telescope was launched on this day. The Nobel Laureates Gerhard Herzberg and Ernst Ruska were born on this day in 1904 and 1906.

Now that’s a holiday I can get behind - JWST Day.


Most definitely. It was an anxiety ride watching it launch and deploy. But it is already returning amazing science.

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I’ll just sit and watch the grandkids open their presents and get drunk on DR. Pepper and cranberry gingerale.

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Turkey dinner is my favorite.

This one is going to be a deep-fried masterpiece. I went out and bought the pot. I’m picking up the oil today. I have to shop for Murphy’s Irish Whisky because we are making Irish Coffees. (I’m not a drinker, but I really like Irish Coffee). Another favorite is "Hushka Krushka, a banana flavored liquor popular in Greece and what was once Yougoslavia. Actually, I really like Tuaca but can’t get any in this country. Now if I can only score some eggnog in time for the party.

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Now THAT sounds like a plan. Ditch the depressing T shirt and wear something goofy or accurate enough to make everyone laugh.


No. It was never a Christian holiday to begin with. It was a Roman holiday, Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, celebrating Sol Invictus, the sun god.

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Being a person who has always struggled with the lack of sunlight in the winter, celebrating the winter solstice has been a regular practice of mine for many years. Usually it is informal and inobvious to most who know me, but some years I have had others join me in downing a “spirited” libation and reveling in the knowledge of the returning of my celestial friend. It is overcast here today(fucking surprise) and the thought of slapping someone has crossed my mind already…

Edit sans sunglasses


I really don’t give a shit if christians go crazy this time of year. IMO most christians are decent people, just conned and misguided. My war is with religion, not the people who apply it (notwithstanding their leadership).


Xtians are fine until they get the government they always wanted. Then they’re no different than the Nazi party. Everyone who isn’t a Christian will be a target.

I have a “Happy Krampus” shirt that I’ll wear. It was a gift from my youngest sister several years ago.

Try telling that to my family. Jesus is the reason for the season.