How to shut shedon up!

Give him the damn evidence he wants and stop hiding it from him. Why in the hell is everyone so mean to Sheldon. All he wants is some empirical evidence for the existence of God. That’s it. Nothing more, That is all he has ever asked for. You guys are mean. If just one person would give him the facts and evidence he needs… he would go away and stop pissing off all the new people trying to join the site and share their stories of personal revelation.

Don’t be so rude Cog.
You know Shelley is a bigoted know all. He insists that visitors use words that actually mean something, not a definition they choose on a dark night playing with themselves while watching crucifixion porn.

Gee whillickers Cog,and when he gets started by actually repeating and quoting your one’s own intelligent, logical posts based on biblical hermeneutics and a youtube channel. I mean, that is so unfair, I can feel my tears welling up now!

Shelley is like a talking copy of Fowler’s Usage and Abusage, It’s just not fair when I am confident in my ability to regurgitate such vomitories of knowledge, logic and reason like WLC and the Cosmoprobathingy argument WHEN I KNOW DAMN WELL I AM RIGHT.

And dont get me started on that annoying bloody woman…too much preserved bison thats her problem!


Damn!!! He just doesn’t get it!!! Eyewitness and secondhand or even third hand accounts MEAN something!!!

No wonder so many women were burnt as witches! Such a standard - or demon “sperm” is a valid belief for a doctor… AND I can see the earth is flat goddamnit AND don’t get me started on dinosaur bones :bone: THAT has NO eyewitness testimony…


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Who the fuck is Shedon?



Oh - shut up!

Defending my man… :monkey:

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Just sit in his spot. He won’t be able to focus on anything but that.
(And for good measure, fire a few paintball rounds into the cushion.)

Just buy me a pint and a pizza, or some tapas, I’ll shut up until it’s gone…:sunglasses:

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It’s a trap! Whatever you do, don’t feed him after midnight.

It’s a myth, I get some serious munchies before bed.

Try not to get me wet though.

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Personally, I find his blind reliance upon facts and his unreasonable insistence that others make sense to be irritating. Why can’t he just accept that some of us know “The Truth”.

I know I should put a question mark on the end of the previous sentence but it takes away the drama of the statement. I hope Sheldon will forgive me.


No problem with Sheldon, though I will need to take a vacation sometime to address point-for-point his sometimes vast posts. :grin:

And no problem with anyone who doesn’t accuse me of being a Theist, especially when they have no evidence. There is enough of that from real Theists without dealing with it from fellow Unbelievers. Ditto with ad hominems. There’s enough of that coming from fictional characters in books of Grim Fairy Tales without hearing it from real-life fellow meat-sacks.

If I’ve said something mistaken, all anyone has to do is politely point it out, explain it, and let it be a learning lesson for all concerned.

You’ll get used to the irreverent tone, well probably.


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Ummmmm, excuse the interruption, but… Grimm’s fairy tales? They are not all grim. Was that polite enough?

How fucking dare you, eyeamdeeply ow-fen-did.

I’ll get my coat…

COG!!! Sheldon wants his coat!!! :coat:
Come on sweetie, give Sheldon back his coat…

I was using it to try and get a grip on this thing I have shoved up my ass. I think it’s stuck. Not the thing, I got that out, but the coat. Who in the hell wears plastic raincoats any more? They don’t breath and they make the wearer look like a perrrrrrrvvv… Oh! Never mind!

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GREAT! Pass the remote - I want to play Skyrim… and it’s been sooooo long, I can’t remember what the buttons on the TV :tv: do

There are buttons on the TV?