How many genders are there?

Fine by me. Then you should not be offended or butt-hurt if I now call you “Sissy Liberpussy”.

Names don’t hurt, do they? I can call you what I want, you can’t force me to accept what you decide to call yourself.


No big surprise here.


David will respond - but … For example, a person might be born appearing to be female on the outside, but having mostly male-typical anatomy on the inside. Or a person may be born with genitals that seem to be in-between the usual male and female types—for example, a girl may be born with a noticeably large clitoris, or lacking a vaginal opening, or a boy may be born with a notably small penis, or with a scrotum that is divided so that it has formed more like labia.

How dare “they” define their identity!!! The above is just a small sample of an area that you are not educated in, nor have the desire to educate yourself about.

I will be clear though. This is an international forum and should someone wish to be identified by their terms, it will be respected if you engage them. IF you cannot respect it, then don’t respond online.

EDIT: to be clear the posting of the intersex was to address the physical assumption of either a “twig” or “berries” (penis or vagina)

Transgender is not the same thing…(gender identity is different then their sex at birth).


Pretty sure it’s been established that that genitalia do not necessarily determine gender identification.

I find this ongoing debate rather sad. I can remember vividly how long and hard my beloved gay sister had to fight for simple acceptance. In Australia, gay marriage was legally recognised*** in 2017. However, bigotry cannot be removed by making laws against it.


**** Before the church stuck its oar in centuries ago, all that was needed for a marriage to exist was an agreement between a man and a woman. No ceremony and no witnesses were required. The couple simply began living together and left if they got fed up.

Today, a marriage exists when two people make a commitment to one another. A religious ceremony does not ‘marry’ the couple. It blesses the union. Nor does marriage occur when registered with Births, Deaths ,and Marriages. Registration legally recognises the fact of the marriage.*

Registration of a marriage is (was) important because above all, marriage in our society is a civil contract about property and the protection of inheritance.

Before DNA testing was available, a child born within a marriage was deemed to be the offspring of the husband. Illegitimate children were not legally recognised. Here that’s all changed. Because of DNA testing, a child will be recognised , the identified father will have to pay child support (here by wage garnishee) The child also has a claim on the father’s estate equal to that of his legitimate children.

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I disagree with the idea of separating biological sex from gender. Basically, it is psychologically unsound. The imagined self, or ideal self, is not matching up with the “real self.” and this creates conflict both socially and psychologically.

When I stated above that people need to be comfortable, whatever they are, I mean exactly that. If you are a transsexual, announce it to the world clear and strong. If you happen to be Androgynous, who gives a shit? Bi-gender? Twice the chance of getting laid in a gay bar, good for you! (But fuck you if you lie to a straight person a Cisgender. ) You wanna be Gender Expansive - go knock yourself out but don’t wait six months to tell the poor idiot you have been dating.

A transexual male is NOT a female. He does not have ovaries. He does not have a period. He can not have a baby. He relies on his estrogen injections. And when He lies to those around him, they frigging do not appreciate it. And when He lies to himself, He has a psychological problem…
There is nothing wrong with being a Transsexual who identifies as Female. As long as we are not delusional in our pretense, of being a real female. (The same argument in reverse for the women out there.)

Okay, what about people born with both sexes… Nothing fucking changes. It’s a bitch that doctors made decisions for these people for a long time. I feel for them. It sucks. Still, you are who you are. Pretending you are different than you are is not healthy. What in the hell is wrong with being a hermaphrodite. In many cultures throughout the years, they have been worshiped and honored. Sorry you got born into this stinky mess… lets pop the blister and get this shit out in the open.

You can be a woman trapped inside a man’s body or a man trapped inside a woman’s body all you want. Nothing wrong with wishing you were born another sex. I don’t even know if there is anything wrong with wanting to be another sex. (Realistically, you can’t) Approximation is the best anyone can offer and it is a venire. It is a plastic coating over the real self.

There should be a way for a transgender to just simply say, “I am a Transgender”

As for all the masculine and feminine pronouns, I am a proponent of simply eliminating them. One of the best things I liked about the Stephen King Novel, “The Gunslinger” was that everyone, male and female, were addressed as “Sie.” Sexuality really isn’t anyone’s business until a relationship begins to form. People close to you or that you intend on getting close to, should be told and they should be told prior to any emotional commitment.

I will call a person anything they like, but when I see someone insisting on being called by a female pronoun who is obviously male… My first thought is… “There goes a walking headcase.” How do you live a life, hiding who you are?

People feel good about themselves when they can BE WHO THEY ARE. They don’t need to pretend with gender pronouns. And that is all they are doing when they insist on using them. You don’t magically get to change who you are without engaging in some fantasy role play. I’m just saying, lets all just do away with the role play and simply accept people who who they are.

Sure and you’re entitled to your opinion Cog, bare on mind however, that doesn’t mean it’s so.

Personally and for what it’s worth, I couldn’t care what someone self identifies as, if you think you’re a shape shifting unicorn from the planet Tharg, bully for you, enjoy your life.

I couldn’t care in the slightest.

If a trans person asked me to refer to them with she/her and asked politely and kindly, I have zero issue with that, why would I? It’s not a difficult request.

Providing one is not being an arsehole about it, I have zero issues.

The other odd pronouns I probably couldn’t manage, purely on I’d balls it up.

But with names, “you were born as Dave but want me to call you Sally?!” Sure, why the hell not.

I merely try to be nice to all and hope they are to me.

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Just so. He is a male who identifies as a female.

Although I agree with this strictly biological definition, I suspect that we may eventually be in the minority.

I came from a single income home with strict gender roles. When I was 16,feminism arrived with a very loud, very public thud. Took me a decade to get my head around some of the ideas.

Except there is a legal difference between living together and being married. Alt least here it is. Living together can also be done two ways, just living together without any paperwork, and having a legal registration/contract stating that you’re living together. And then marriage is on top of this again, with a more binding contract:

Exactly this. It’s a legal agreement between two partners, more binding than just sharing a house or an apartment or just being intercourse buddies. And the legal contract is there to ensure at least a minimum of fair sharing of values (like the paid-down part of the house loan, a car, etc.) built up and accumulated together in case of a breakup. And for securing the other contract part financially in case of death so the other partner’s greedy relatives don’t come and grab it all. No magical superstitious blessing woo-woo necessary or required for the contract. Just signatures on a piece of paper in the presence of someone legally licensed to do so. That’s it.

Having the paperwork in order is a good thing, though. I’ve seen a small handful of not so nice breakups and divorces happen. One in particular was very nasty, where one part couldn’t give a shit about what was written on that piece of paper, and just tried to grab as much money and shit as s/he could. The greedy part was eventually stopped by the legal framework, though. Fortunately. But while it lasted, it was like watching a bullet train crash in slow motion.

Yes, there are still legal differences in Australia, especially with inheritance. In Australia, one’s spouse is automatically one’s next of kin if one dies intestate. This is not the case in a defacto marriage. The legal differences are what made recognition of gay marriage so important in a purely pragmatic sense.

My sister and her partner got around that to a degree by having their house in joint names and by naming each other sole beneficiaries in their wills. However, not the case when it came to the funeral. The partner’s mother was next of kin and had final say. Most distressing because she went against the partner’s express wishes

That’s just plain rotten behaviour. :-1:

Yeah it was. Especially because the old cow had thrown her daughter out at 16.

My hope Cranks is that she had her own private goodbye.

It’s horrible that the mother had to make a show. It’s disgusting. I absolutely can’t stand people like that.

Not having legal status as next of kin can have many ramifications. My mother, a nurse, told me the heartbreaking story of a man being kept from the bedside of his dying partner of over 30 years by his partners spiteful parents who’d had nothing to do with them for decades.

If you really think minding your own business is a good idea when someone’s life style doesn’t conform to your own, and as you’ve stated more than once you expect others to do for you, you’re off to a poor start.

Live and let live. As long it harms no one and is not a major inconvenience to me, I try not to be a douche and call them by the name(s) they desire.

It can be a big thing for them, but it’s no skin off my ass.

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We are not in disagreement. Also not in disagreement over what you call yourself. I’m looking a bit deeper. “What do you believe yourself to be.”

My point exactly. If he actually thinks he is female, he is living a delusion. His real and imagined or ideal selves are incongruent. The ideal self is the person that you would like to be; the real self is the person you actually are. Rogers focused on the idea that we need to achieve consistency between these two selves. We experience congruence when our thoughts about our real self and ideal self are very similar—in other words, when our self-concept is accurate**.** High congruence leads to a greater sense of self-worth and a healthy, productive life.

There is nothing wrong with being a transexual… no one need identify as anything… get rid of the male female prepositions… Accept transexuals as human beings… and let them be who they are.

Being a transexual should be no more significant than having a circumcision. (As long as you are open about it.) It is hard to be open about such things in our modern world. It may never be possible to be open about such things. There have been cultures on this planet where the sexually different were worshiped. Where they were believed to be blessed by the gods with special abilities. All this shit is in our own minds. We need to find a way to dump it.

What are people’s feelings on 6’5" (2 meter) transexual guys playing on the girl’s volleyball team? Fair? Unfair?

It’s about as far as having a 6’5" girl. Not exactly “fair” either; but historically I guess we don’t segregate people by height for sports.

Yeah, but 6’5" 250 lb girls are vanishingly rare, guys, not so much.

In my entire life I’ve meet exactly zero people who are 6’5", have a penis, and play (or at least trying to play) women’s volleyball. I’ve met several female players that tall (and even dated one).

You seemed to dismiss the unfairness of tall (female) players since they are rare. So along your line of reasoning: shouldn’t we dismiss the unfairness of 6’5" trans-female (I think that is the right term) since it seems even more rare?