How I Know God Doesn't Exist

In the first six weeks of fetal development the basic structures are formed, including the skin, which comes with a set of nipples on your chest. In the following weeks the chromosomes that make up your gender are processed. If you are a female, certain glands are produced in the breasts to create milk. If you are a male, development of the breasts comes to an abrupt stop and the testes are developed for purposes of creating spermatozoa instead. If you are a hermaphrodite then an error in your chromosomes has caused you to develop both. So when it comes to a god whom (it is claimed) created a man first and a female later, we all know that this is just a story told by men who had no knowledge of biology.

As a male, I can be quite certain that the vestigial girly parts on my chest tell a completely different story.

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Almost all religions have set themselves up so that their cloud deity is unfalsifiable, it cannot be proven or disproven. A lot of gods, for example the christian god as described in the bible is contradictory, thus it cannot exist.

Despite the lack of evidence and the simple fact that science has proven that everything we witness can be explained without a god, that is not definitive proof one does not exist.

That only applies to gods though. If I found the cause of all the evidence for Dark Matter to be huge transparent planets made of glass then Dark Matter wouldn’t exist anymore, it would be Transparent Matter.

If you WANT to believe something then facts have no influence on the subject.

I have no proof of anything, just obvious evidence, on my chest, same as you. :blush:

“Dark matter” is just label by scientists to denote that “dark” indicates they know very little about this phenomena. Fundamentally, recent calculations on the mass of this universe indicate that it possesses a heck of a lot more mass than thought. In fact it possesses 85% of the mass of the universe. Dark matter is not basically a “thing”, it is a more comprehensive understanding of the composition of this universe, a stage we have not reached yet.


You don’t have to give me your speculations on dark matter bro, that’s entirely off-topic. The point is it was a bad analogy. Point taken. :v:

I was just cracking a joke with transparent matter really

Why and how was that off topic?

Probably because my reference to dark matter was an analogy, not a topic of discussion. Did you come here to talk about dark matter? Sorry, that wasn’t the topic.

Nope. I’ll leave you to it then.

What is the topic, whether a god does exist or just a simple counter to the design hypothesis?

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How do you know there is no god?

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Strictly speaking, what you are referring to is the order of creation in the mythologies of the abrahamic religions. Your objection is a good point per se, but I think it doesn’t quite follow up the promise of the thread title (How I Know God Doesn’t exist). You have shown that parts of the abrahamic creation mythology does not quite reflect actual observable development of the human foetus. However, this only shows that the “science” in the abrahamic fantasy trilogy is, at best, inaccurate. It is not something that disproves the abrahamic god, but can be used as one of many arguments for why you don’t believe in this god and find this god and her claimed library unlikely. Hypothetically, the god could exist, but the narrative written by humans is not quite up to par.

Note that I’m not trying to argue in favour of the existence of a god, but rather to point out that proving or “knowing” that a god does not exist will require far stronger arguments.

Please stop quoting me. Everyone please stop quoting me. I’m fully capable of reading my own text where I put it and copying it all over my thread is a huge waste of space. Thank you.

The simplest arguments are usually the best but I’m curious, what would qualify as a ‘stronger argument’ for something that doesn’t exist? Because that concept really tickles. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I don’t doubt that you are fully capable of reading your own text, but you are not the only one reading, and with busy threads it can be difficult to follow the discussion without context, especially when you enter the thread later without having participated. So that’s why.


Absence of evidence is evidence of absence?

That comment is not logically water-tight, but it is a simple argument.

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I don’t, therefore I keep that door open to the possibility. Personally, I disbelieve any and all supernatural claims. But since I do not know a good argument that definitely proves there is no god, I attempt to be rational and keep my options open.

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Please stop quoting me. I’ll not respond to posts with my words in them anymore. It is wasting space in my thread. Thank you.

So you think there is a possibility that there is a god? Is that what you mean? You’re just waiting for the evidence that shows there’s a god? When it doesn’t come you make the assumption that whoever is claiming a god is wrong? Do you not make the assessment that there is no god?

If not, if you still think a god might exist why haven’t you seen any evidence of one? Do gods not want you to know they exist? Are they hiding?

Ah, so it makes sense to copy text that’s already there and clog it up so others can read it multiple times? You copied my entire thread-post. How is that necessary? I don’t think anybody else needs a second copy of my post to read. They can read the first one.

Please stop.

That would depend on how one is defining god. I am an atheist as I don’t believe any deity or deities exist, however if a deity is being premised as an unfalsifiable concept, then I also have to be agnostic about it, but still withhold belief.

I cannot make an absolute claim no deity exists, as this would carry a burden of proof I cannot meet.


Welcome to AR, but this is not your thread. This is a public forum, and quoting text from posts helps provide proper context.

Atheism is not an assumption, nor does it make any, I can disbelieve in any deity or deities, but this is not an assumption or a belief that no deity exists.


Perhaps not necessary, but sometimes you just get too lazy, or want to demonstrate a point, or just do it in pure defiance. Also, I personally strongly dislike being told what to do when it does not make sense, especially when I’m being told by someone who arrives out of nowhere, banging the door and asks everyone to follow his/her rules, disregarding the practices already in place at the site. So regard “demonstrate a point” and “pure defiance” as your answer.

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No, I will not. When I reply like this, I respond to separate parts of your post, and it is easier for the reader to follow the conversation and the trains of thought.

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