Happy Winter Solstice

It’s official, it’s the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Of course that means that x-mas is only a few days from now, whoopee. I hate this fucking holiday.
My wife has had our place decked out since the day after Thanksgiving, including her x-mas tree. X-mas isn’t just a time to give presents to your loved ones(except me), but it’s a celebration of the birth of you know who. He’s the real reason why this day even exists.
I haven’t participated in x-mas for almost 20 years for a couple of personal reasons, all it means to me now is that what’s left of our family will get together and share a meal. I do enjoy that, and wish it would happen more often.

LOL - There was no turkey available in Korea. I drove 3 hours to the local Costco to buy one, and for the first time in 10 years, they did not have them. I suspect it had to do with the current exchange rate of the Korean won. One won is worth about 75 cents now. Korea is having a hard time paying foreign debt because of the devaluation of the won. The war in Ukraine adversely affected Korean international markets.

Anyway, the holiday will go on. I have an office party for the staff. I bought 4 Costco chickens and froze them. They are defrosting now. (These are the delicious-baked chickens.) I’m going to deep-fry them and serve them for Christmas dinner. (No ovens anywhere near me.) Last night I made two banana pies. The night before I made a Jello salad. Jello is not common in Korea. They buy small cups of Jello for $2.00. I went and bought the gelatin, flavoring, and fruit, and made the whole salad for less than $10.00, and there was enough for 10 to 12 people.

Oh. Hey! Best part of the story! Christmas is FREE this year. In Daegu, (That is where the Costco is) there is a casino. I took $500 and decided to play holdem. 6 hours later, I was up $600. Well, it was getting late, and a new guy sat down at the table. I immediately got a read on him as a proficient player. Also, most of the fish had already left. I got out-kicked with a set of 7s. (3 sevens over 3 sevens and his hole cards were bigger than mine.) It cost ,me $100.) I thanked the table and left. You think I am going to give that money back? Ha ha ha ha … Not me. I didn’t get good at poker by not knowing when to quit. So I pretty much paid for Christmas. I love it.

Christmas dinner is this Saturday.


Sounds awesome :clap: - the food and fun of the effort put into it! Also “knowing when to walk away :notes:chaaa-ching$$$

Not me. I’ll take money that I can afford to lose and manage to win and stay around to lose what I won & brought but I leave smiling’ (ya stupid I know).

I can’t quite seem to get into the Xmas spirit. I’ve decorated and wrapped presents and baked and Saturday I’ll do more special food shopping - but sigh we are having NO SNOW :snowflake: warm weather (1st I can remember)

I blame El Niño

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El Niño should have its ass kicked! I want snow too!


Freezing my butt off this morning. I’m on the water, and it was -2 C this morning. That only 28.4 , but still damn cold blowing in off the sea. We’ve had a bit of snow but nothing hangs around. Tomorrow is Christmas dinner. Saturday afternoon. It was the day everyone could make it… Well, except for the 7th. Day Adventest who does the cooking.

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Its been 34C nearly all this last week and heading for another week of mid to high 30’s for the New year.

Only me and She Who Must Be Obeyed this year. Daughter has the flu and the rest of the clan are scattered all over the world. Will be a busy zoom/skype/messenger xmas afternoon.



This is what I’m complaining about! It’s -4 today forecast for -2 on the 25th!

I go outside in t-shirts and no shoes to smoke :smoking:

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This should chase away those winter weather blues!

LOL ___ I was expecting “Happy Birthday Adolph Hitler.” That’s just where my mind goes.

You sexy babe! Showing your naked feet in public. Tempting your neighbors. And, doing it on one of the most sacred holidays in the Christian Calendar. You shameful hussy.

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9C here, raining, party last night, off to the pub in a bit to meet up with friend haven’t seen for a while. Xmas dinner is at my sisters house. I am going to coerce my nephew into giving me a lift so I can get mangled. Tis the season for cirrhosis fah lah lah lah lahhh, lah lah lah lah… :sunglasses:

Well, seeing as that man’s policies killed many of my relatives, I’d not likely laud his birth…

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Only you could appreciate them! In the holiday spirit :christmas_tree:


We could celebrate his untimely demise, cowering in his bunker, fearful of the oncoming allies, and crushed that his dreams for a thousand year reich ended in less than a decade?

I’d be up for that…


Yes, the toes are all painted red and soon the rest of the foot will be green. Merry Christmas, and happy gangrene. The Grinch would be so envious!


Uh, yeah, thanks for getting “Springtime for Hitler” in my head…

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Blessed be Skriten you are one off the chosen one’s :incoming_envelope:As Above so below you will find peace in the middle clear your inner mind between extasy and Pain is Peace over stand brother

Praise Jah Rastafari the everliving Lord of Lords…

LOL… One of the stupidest comments ever made in mystical teachings. How in the fuck does anyone know what in the hell is going on “above.” That’s no different than making assertions beyond time and space. Idiotic from the ground up. I’ve heard mystics use this clap-trap in every occult school I have ever studied. You might as well be saying, “God’s will be done.” Complete and utter foolishness.

I’m waiting for a demonstration otherwise.