Goodness Bless Ted Bundy

@skriten Don’t let him fool you, he is off to his other second job, shearing Alpacas.

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Ahem… Uh, Dave, uh, I don’t think “shearing” is the right word. Pretty sure the term Cog used was “shagging” the Alpacas.


See, some know and still say, while others know and don’t say and yet others don’t say, don’t know and shag Alpacas.

“Now some they do and some they don’t. And some you just can’t tell. And some they will and some they won’t. With some it’s just as well.”

(Thank you, Supertramp.)

Shagging? Get real. I can’t go shagging with an orange penis. But, I found out that Alpaca saliva actually cures orange penis. If you can lie in the gass and not get sunburned that is.

Just make sure you’re not laying on an ant bed. It really kills the moment.

Just a word of advice, considering your obvious activities, I have found, or rather someone told me, (because how could I possibly know), not to eat the flaming hot cheetos if you are watching porn and snacking…

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Of course not. Flaming red Cheetos are what you use on other people. Even I know that.

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Your choice of words is interesting here. “what you use on other people.”…hmmm

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If Bundt did not repent his sins to God’s satisfaction he now exists in eternal painful torment in the deepest and darkest of sulfur burning pits. God does forgive those who sin and repent, but not-at-all those who WALK (exist in willfull and repetitive knowledge of there sin). When we die we our souls are immediately transported to one of two caverns in middle earth where we wait for ultimate judgement. One of these spaces is for those who have lived in sin and died with out repenting. The other is for those who repented and renounced all sin and lived their lives with an honest and transparent relationship with God their creator. These will receive the choice to rejoin their families on earth through rebirth, or be reborn into any other dimension they choose. Most choose the most familiar (safest) of these two. The former group are assessed for final judgement. If they do not repent to God’s satisfaction they begin an eternity of suffering. The accepted understanding is that people like Bundybare possessed by evil souls which are unable to repent sin to God and at comfort in torment and pain. Many people choose atheism because the proposition of having nearly a century of their behavior judged is too much for them to conceive. Make no mistake, judgement is there for every single one of us. The Great news is that there is a beautiful 5000 year old book called the Bible that God gave us which explicitly explains our lives and how we should live them. It answers all questions - no matter how deep or complex! We have only to seek it , read it , and discuss it with our neighbors, family and a educated expert like a pastor or other Doctor of theology. The message is wonderful!

Riiiiight… Uh-huh… I imagine it’s about the same way YOU “choose” not to believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny. Or the way you “choose” not to believe in Thor, Zeus, Aphrodite, or any of the other thousands of gods that have been known throughout the centuries. Many of them pre-dating Christianity by many centuries.

5000 years old? Really? The bible that we have today? FIVE thousand years old, huh? Ooooookie-dooooookie… I’m just gonna go grab some popcorn and get ready to watch one of our resident “historians” handle that one. Should be fun. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

  1. All of the names you mentioned exist.
  2. you our most technologically advanced dating mechanisms cannot be verified and any expert will tell you NO ONE knows how old anything before the dark ages actually is. Many experts believe the Bible could easily be 100000 years old.

I am sorry…did your finger go mad on the zero’s? Which “experts” are these?. Citations required. I want to add them to my list of crazy people.

Wow, so true, next time I suspect my pregnant wife had an affair I cant wait to trot her down to the temple where a priest can administer an abortifact to see if she is truthful or not. Sublime. Thanks for the info.

Oh I am just off to dash a few infants heads against rocks…anyone come with? Its in the BIBLE! FREE BLESSING!


No experts “believe” the bible is that old. Jesus fuckin’Christ…


This is a debate forum NOT “post a sermon” forum.

It is against forum rules.

1st warning.


And this is coming from the guy patronizing me how pro choice is immoral. But practices and makes petty bullshit excuses for his immoral religion and is the biggest hypocrite here.

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yes, yes they can. …and yes we can accurately date many things before the “Dark Ages” the 1st to 5th century CE is probably one of the most comprehensively recorded ages , and we still have many many records accurately dating events, catastrophes, births and even a Roman trooper complaining about the weather in Britannia.

Do you even research before you post?


Research? I don’t need no stinkin’ research…


This got me wondering… If a man happens to be in my town, and decides to assault and rape a virgin pledged to be married, the Bible clearly states(*) that if she did not scream for help, they should both be stoned to death - the man for raping her, and the woman for not screaming. But if the man assaulted the woman in such a way that he got her gagged before she could scream loudly, does that count in the woman’s favor, so that we don’t have to stone her? Or is it the making of actual audible screaming sounds that is the important thing here? And what if the woman could not scream due to a throat infection or because she was mute? I have always wondered about this complex question, and I would appreciate it if @Richeydale67 could clarify the matter here.

(*) Deuteronomy 22:23

Edit: minor editing

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Yes Yes Yes… I have it right here in the holy book of Cog. In the beginning was the WORD. ‘WORD’ assholes. That means “Bible.” DUH!

Nah. It says “word”, not “letters”. So the spoken word was first. An in any case, if - hypothetically - the written word was there first, does that mean that first man learned to read before he learned how to talk? Speaking of which - what kind of language did Adam and Eve use, and were they born with the ability to speak a complex language, or did they have to develop the grammar first? An inquiring mind wants to know.