Goodness Bless Ted Bundy

I’d like to express the relief I feel when I think that the only consequences Ted Bundy ever faced for his “quote unquote” evils - were arbitrary, man made imprisonment and death sentence. To know that no punishment exists in the afterlife is a great relief for a man such as my self.

What is particularly joyous about Bundy is that, as a psychopath, he didn’t even feel remorse as he abducted, murdered, and “desecrated” the bodies of all those young women (such a “holy” term - “desecration” - as if the dead could care less about who or what has sex with their dead bodies. People are so “judgmental” when it comes to fucking dead bodies these days. And let me say, it’s not as easy as it used to be. Days are gone where you could find a juicy obit. in the local paper, show up for the funeral, wait until dark, dig that sucker up, put on some tunes, and let go of a week’s worth of stress!)

Does this beg the question? Should we resort to torture and physical forms of punishment in order for “evil” men to suffer the consequences of their actions? We are such ninnies now a days. It doesn’t matter what kind of evil you commit. They pretend that removing you from the population is a form of punishment. Three meals a day, room and board for 20 years to life? This is punishment? Surrounded by like minded friends? Libraries? Outdoor recreational areas? A meal of your choice right before the lethal injection? This is how we treat the scum of the earth?

Should we not return to, say, more ancient, traditional, even “biblical”! techniques of dealing with scum? Cut off the hand of a thief? An eye for an eye? A tooth for a tooth?

Because there is certainly no consequences after life is over, correct? There are those among us who believe that, just as virtue is its own reward, evil is its own punishment - and for (in the end) it will be our very own conscience who deals with our misdeeds. It will be the public ousting that makes a vagabond out of those who do evil, yes?

Luckily for men like Bundy - there never was a conscience. There never was an ounce of guilt. Christ! He escaped twice from confinement and went on only to murder again and again before getting caught. His only sin was that he was busted by the so called “authorities”.

Let no man judge another man’s actions lest these actions be the very deeds of that very same man. So say I. And can we stop judging the necros so harshly? What harm can be done to a body that has already lost life? Can a lifeless corpse be truly raped? Should the necrophiliacs among us resort to the living instead? Surely it is better to exempt the living from unwanted advances? Surely a corpse can at the very least appreciate one last moment of true romance?

I particularly like to listen to this song at the local morgue (which, yes, I do have access to).

Death is the great equalizer.

Bundy, a psychopath died at the hands of the State. Personally, I do not support the death penalty.

And medieval torture - no thanks - for a social “revenge”? Next thing you know… (oops sliding slope fallacy :wink:)

SO - @rat_spit …hows about YOU go through the rant above and pick out all your fallacies???

Are you so sure? Are you 100% certain, with no doubt, that each and every person who was executed deserved death?

I’m sorry to pop your bubble, but it is a documented fact that innocent people have died at the hands of the state.

@rat_spit Why so polarized? Have you ever considered different levels of rehabilitation? Does every 18 year old black kid who does time for pot possession have to come out of jail a hardened criminal with no future?

No. Surely. I was thinking more about psychopaths and necrophiliacs.

But. Now it’s got me thinking about the psychopathic CEO’s of the world.

A disproportionate percentage of wealthy businesses are run by psychopaths. To put that in perspective - 3 % of the population at any given time are sociopaths. Not everyone of those will go on to murder and desecrate bodies. In fact, I work side by side with a perfectly charming psychopath who merely hates women and is sexually dysfunctional in a very pathological way and it results in extreme misogyny on his part. We get along like peas in a pod.

There is no consequence for evils perpetrated in the name of capitalism. We do not hold the men and women of the world who systematically destroy the environment and create inequity among the masses for their own financial gain accountable for their actions.

The world has yet to create a standard of law that would punish the extremely wealthy and powerful for actions unbeffitting humanity. And it would not appear as though a system of law for that same purpose is or will be in the pipe line anytime soon. Hmm :thinking:

I think Ted’s best achievement was when they lit him up like a Christmas tree. Fucker deserved every spark the state gave him. As the old saying goes " when you ride like lightning, you’ll crash like thunder" and Bundy sure crashed like thunder.

And in other theist news… gotta follow the theocratic laws:

Labelling a “psychopath/sociopath”…I’ll leave to the professionals. BUT narcissism is fairly easy to identify. It is the one quality that is a HUGE red flag :triangular_flag_on_post:
Since narcissism goes hand-in-hand with most of these types of crimes (Bundy for eg.) AND the narcissist loves the mask AND rages at “what is true” - I would prefer and support leaving them to live torn from their self-perpetuated egos cut off from their ability to “feed of people and media”. Perhaps not a full out solitary confinement- but a “grouping” of these likeminded criminals in a “solitary confinement” from society. Media. “Mail” from fans. Etc. Death row, without the death :skull_and_crossbones: and without the “outside” world (TV, Internet…) Just let them talk to each other :smiling_imp:

That is by design. It is why the pot was illegal in the first place.

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Bundy went to heaven - praise be.

Bundy repented of his sins and came to Jesus - Praise God for his abundant mercy. You see, Ted was a victim of pornography and progressed from pullling pud to all kinds of abhorrent activities. If he had only been raised in a good God fearing home, he would never have become a killer. Apparently his mum worked instead of staying at home to raise her child and submitting to her husband as unto God. See what happens when you deviate from God’s righteous plans. Somewhere along the line he became an atheist because of pornography, it is a know fact that all atheists love pornography and masturbate regularly, unlike good Christians, who do good works and have frequent cold showers. Poor, poor Ted, as he points out it was all the fault of Hugh Heffner and his ilk.

Odd… I was a big fan of Playboy centerfolds while growing up. For some strange reason, however, I don’t recall them ever giving me the urge to go kill somebody. Oh, I got “urges” for other things, no doubt. (Typically involved lotion and vigorous hand motions.) But killing was NOT one of those urges.

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@Tin-Man Huh? Not even one sperm?

Hey, I set them free. Whatever happens to them after that is out of my control. Survival of the fittest, you know?

You were lucky. I had to make do with the women’s lingerie section in the Sears catalog.

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Hey, don’t think for an instant I never took the Sears catalog to a private area whenever possible. Pretty sure every young boy around during that time period had his personal favorite model in that book. :joy: Playboys were rare. Few and far between. Sears catalog, on the other hand was ALWAYS nearby. And if browsing the undies section with adults around, just keep a finger placed in the toy section to quickly flip the pages should the adult get too close.

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^^^ Wait, I wasn’t the only one using this technique??

The party really got going when, upon checking the mail one day in freshman year, a Victoria 's Secret seasonal catalog was discovered.

My mother may or may not have received her copy a month late.

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Lol - that made me laugh. I picked up a Victoria Secret catalogue once when the boys were just under 10. It went missing.


At work, people would leave Play Boy magazines under the sink. Some of the pages were water logged…(I don’t think it was water)

Are you drunk again RATTY? Do you actually think you made any sort of sense in the above jibberish? What magical language are we speaking today?

Really? Good and Evil? Is your mind really that fucked up?

As I subscribe to the policy of “Well Being” ala Sam Harris, and a very strict legal system, what you are pointing to is a problem within our justice system. We also have a lot of people who have spent years in prison only to find out later that they were innocent. IMO, Every state should have a death penalty. There should be several options for the convicted to choose from and death should be voluntary for anyone with a life sentence. Prison should be different than rehabilitation facilities. People in prison have been removed from society as undesirables. They can rot in a cot with three squares and a book. Isolation from the world is perfectly okay for these animals. As far as I am concerned they can kill one another in the exercise yard and that will just save us money. We put a fence around Washington DC and just drop the miscreants in by helicopter. Being a part of society is a privilege, if you abuse that privilege you will be removed. It’s very simple. Re-hab is different. This would be for people who have a chance at a normal life. Life skills classes and job training programs. Fail - and you go to prison. Succeed and you do your time and you are let out with an education. Cause problems and you go to prison. Prison is for life unless you choose assisted suicide. Fuck the assholes that can’t get along in the world. Who needs them. It’s not a punishment. I do not believe in punishment. It is a natural consequence of not getting along in society. It is a natural consequence of murder, rape, child molestation, and heinous and repeated property crimes. I am fully in support of treating animals like animals and never letting them see the light of day. I have no empathy. None. And if I ever feel a twinge of empathy, I will choke it down and do what needs to be done. No different than putting an old loved dog, and friend, out of its misery.

Yep… my conservative leanings are showing. Remover the assholes from the gene pool.


In all honesty, I actually have a TOUGHER time with putting down one of my animals. Have had to do it many times over the years, and it is NEVER easy. ALWAYS hurts, even though I know I am relieving their suffering. On the other hand, given a chance to drop a criminal parasite and rid society of a dangerous menace, I would have as much feelings about it as swatting an annoying fly, or flaming a tick I pull off one of my dogs. It’s just that simple.

Damn Tin, you are a heartless piece of shit. I was just teasing. Jesus Loves everyone and everyone has a chance to meet him in the magical Never Never Land. (*sorry I gotta go now, I just blew coffee out my nose and I am pissing my pants.)


Uh, in case you missed it, that crappy ticker the Wizard gave me was an old wind-up model. And the winding key on that thing broke years ago. I never replaced it because it was a pain in the ass having to remember to wind it up every week or so, and I would forget to do it more often than not, anyway. I was actually happy when the winding key may or may not have been broken accidentally.