Goodbye Old Friend

One of my favourite t-shirts bites the dust :sob:

UK Atheist


You’ll find something better and more fun :smiley:

Here’s a new T-shirt design for you:


Oh, don’t worry :slight_smile:

I’m something of a specialist for my t-shirts (atheist, science and geeky), that was just one of my favourites.

I like that one :slight_smile:

UK Atheist

I don’t know if this is intentional or just coincidental, but the figure on the T-shirt seems to allude to an atom with three electron orbitals. And the most obvious fit here among the elements is Lithium, which is an often-used component in psychiatric medication. So, coincident or intentional?


No idea but probably appropriate :slight_smile:

UK Atheist

It looks like it doesn’t fit the model. Maybe it would look better on some buxom beauty…

How do we know the guy in the picture on the shirt is an atheist?




And maybe you could think clearer with a steel-toed size 12 boot in your ass?

I am thinking Perhaps both, and…

I am thinking perhaps should not be capitalized.


perhaps you are right if you are a rule follower

At least you are consistent with your gibberish…I like predictability and you have not disappointed.

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Yeah, it’s kind like of Chaos theory…

No, it is not, although chaos somewhat enters the picture when considering your “thought process”…and I use that term incorrectly.


You are making great progress my friend! Soon you will be in the confessional! :rofl:

Because I say so? My handle says I is (sic) and I have my own website (

I’m a heterosexual male (do you need proof of that too?) so generally I think most things look better on women :slight_smile:

UK Atheist

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My preference for apparel. Watching theists go into a complete satanic panic is always a good chuckle for me. The hammed up acting out in public some do is quite comical. Clutching their chests and acting as if I just struck one of their children. I always start with,

“This shirt isn’t an invite for you to talk to me, but what’s up?”


I saw that and thought of a fun idea for a shirt. Have a map of the USA with the Satanic logo in placed on every state but the one you are in. That should freak them the fuck out. Then just insist you bought the shirt because you liked the color.

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