God Doesn't Do Anything At All

So we have our non-beliefs in separate ways, what’s your point?

What you claimed is not NON-BELIEF that’s my point, it is an UNEVIDENCED BELIEF. Just as theism is an unevidenced belief.

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AND this :grimacing:.

If evidence arose that a deity of some sort existed, sorry, I couldn’t claim to be a non-believer or atheist. HOWEVER I may not worship such a thing.

You don’t get to shift the burden of proof you dweeb. You are the one who made the assertion “Nothing supernatural exists.” Now either make your case or shut the fuck up and go away with your inane assertions.

So far your only argument is “I have never seen anything supernatural and therefore it does not exist.” A Black Swan Fallacy. No one gives a fuck what you have seen or not seen. Provide evidence for your claim. OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE! Do you have a fucking clue what that is?

Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and just let people think you are a complete idiot than it is to open your mouth and prove it. WE JUST FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR INABILITY TO GRASP SUCH A SIMPLE CONCEPT AS BURDEN OF PROOF. You will probably be irrational and unreasonable for the rest of your life. That’s sad.

Then WHY IN THE FUCK do you keep insisting that you know for sure? Are you so stupid that you do not know what you are saying?

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Are you too QUITE finished?

Can you say O-b-s-e-s-s-i-v-e C-o-m-p-u-l-s-i–v-e ? OR are you just trolling? :pleading_face:

Larry King says there’s nothing after death.

Morgan Freeman says the same.

And Seth MacFarlane seems to agree too.

You keep saying a God can not be disproved yet I have saw no evidence that one exists either.

Edit; I don’t believe in anything my scenes can not pick up. It isn’t physically something which has solid proof, I do not believe in it.

Do you not accept that it exists, or deny that it exists? Huge difference.

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So what? Appeal to authority fallacy

What? Are you being deliberately obtuse?

I’m beginning to get the distinct impression you’re a troll.

I find it hard to be believe anyone who makes it to this forum can possibly be as dim as you seem to be.***

***Disclaimer :Yes, I’m aware that’s an argument from ignorance fallacy, but still-------

Deny more than anything.

Maybe I am being obtuse but I want proof before I believe in a deity.

Then you are not an agnostic, and a strong atheist, and the burden of proof lays with you in proving your claim. Have at it.

And you must prove god does not exist. FYI, absence of evidence is not proof.

Deleted.Unecessarily mean.

And after all these years and the technology we have we still have not proved one exists.

Yes, that is a valid argument for disbelief. But it is not proof there is no god.



Then why do you keep claiming to believe something you admit you have zero evidence for?

You have just contradicted yourself.

A lack of evidence doesn’t disprove something. This is a known logical fallacy called argumentum ad ignorantiam.

It’s a sound reason to disbelieve a claim IMHO, but not a rational basis to deny it, or make a contrary claim.

The fact you disbelieve in a deity is not being challenged, as we are atheists as well. People are challenging your irrational CLAIM that no deity exists because there is no evidence for any deity.

You keep making this claim, and then when challenged to evidence it, move the goal posts back to disbelief, but they are two entirely different positions. Apart from you, I have only seen theists adopt this irrational position.

Simple question, and it is a yes or no answer, no trickery at all.

Do you care whether your reasoning is rational?

YES or NO?


Yes I do care.

I am just very skeptical whether any deity can ever be proved.