God Doesn't Do Anything At All

As a matter a fact the universe started without a God’s help.

Do we absolutely know what caused the Big Bang?

Do we know for absolutely sure this is not the only universe?

We do know how old it is if we work backward to the size it would have been a certain number of billions of years ago. If we could somehow go back the whole 13.8 billion years we might have an idea what caused it to expand the way which it did. We might also find out if anything was possibly here before the Big Bang.

We can with the information we do have prove that it didn’t happen in six days suddenly everything was here, and earth would nearly be the center of the universe.

But the problem with that is earth is 4.5 billion years old and the the universe is 13.8 billion years old. The universe existed like over 9 billion years longer than our side of the universe.

Humans have existed on earth what is it, 50 million years or something?

In the beginning god created the heavens and the earth. It reads like humans were first, except there were many creatures here way before we evolved. How does anyone believe what Christians call the good book or holy book, when there’s no accuracy to anything in it? It is true that the universe had a period of rapid expansion as it would take more than 13.8 billion years to reach out like what is it, 35 billion light years in every direction? Or is it more? This universe is huge and did from what some scientists say somehow expanded faster than anything can travel within it. Expanded into where I don’t know. If fact there’s a lot I have no idea about when it comes to this universe and those answers may never come either but the answers are not in the Holy Bible, the Christian bible. That piece of junk pretty much puts us as first and that’s just not true.

In fact I have only bits and pieces of an understanding of it all, and don’t believe it will all be discovered in my lifetime. Could get froze for awhile like Larry King says he wants cryogenically frozen. I don’t understand that one bit but at least we agree there’s probably no god, and nothing after death.

Weird place to leave off, but that’s enough. :wink:

EDIT; All I know for sure is a god didn’t do it.


I might be able to help on that one. We hear on TV that nothing can go faster than light. Well, that is a nice way to say it on TV. A more accurate version of the postulate is: information can not travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum. In almost any situation, the two statements are equivalent. But in this very special case of expansion, no information is being transmitted by the expansion.

  1. Can you prove or even demonstrate that the universe started? Can you demonstrate it started without the help of God?
  2. Why would you assume the big bang had a cause?
  3. Why would you assume this is the only universe? Why would you assume there is another univers?
  4. Size??? I wonder if that is even a relevant issue? Physics breaks down at Planck time. Are you sure anything called “size” would matter at all?
  5. 13.8 billion years ago, you have no evidence at all, and you are still trying to find a cause. Why? Causality breaks down at the quantum level. Causality is relative to our existence in this universe here and now. That’s about all we can actually say.
  6. How do you know there was a “before” the big bang. If time is a product of our universe, how can there be a before?
  7. Christians believe their holy book because they can. Just like you believe the universe had a cause and want to set out looking for it.
  8. The universe had a period of rapid expansion as far as we currently know. That does not mean it is “True.” It means the facts seem to lead us to this conclusion currently.
  9. This universe is huge? By whose standard? In a sea of universes it is but a grain of sand and it is no where near “Huge.”
  10. At least we agree? There is probably no god? I will accept the idea that as far as anyone can tell, there is no good evidence supporting the idea of any god that I have heard of.

Weird place to leave off? Ha ha ha ha … Not for you. Like most of your posts you have simply strung together a lot of assertive nonsense and examined nothing to any depth at all.

RE: EDIT: You know for sure? Then you are ignorant. You can not possibly 'KNOW FOR SURE." Like the rest of your BS, you may assume a God does not exist. You may believe a God does not exist, You may assert a God does not exist and even offer some form of evidence or argument. You can not prove a god does not exist. Lacking absolute proof, you can not know “FOR SURE.”

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As a matter a fact the universe started without a God’s help.

I cannot agree. We do not know what the conditions were before the big bang. There may have been a god, there may not have been a god. You have stated a god was not required to create this universe. Please prove it.

We can with the information we do have prove that it didn’t happen in six days suddenly everything was here,

We cannot assert anything. All we can go on is the best evidence and best inferences and conclusions. We maybe wrong. We have been wrong before. Our best evidence indicates the big bang and the age of the universe. But that is all that is, best guess. Once again, you have made an assertion.

FievelJ, you have taken the position of an anti-theist, claiming a god does not exist. Good luck maintaining that position, which is untenable. IMO a god or gods can not be proven or disproven.

Just because the bible is full of shit and in error in many ways, that does not mean there is a no god. If there is an error in a Spider Man comic, does that indicate New York does not exist? Or just that a comic book is in error.

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More like 200k years, our knowledge of the emergence of early humans is increasing all the time, but it has already killed YECism stone dead.


When will you learn to stop making unfounded and indefensible assertions?


Can you? There’s pretty much no evidence any deity exists.

Well something made it happen, but can either of us prove it was a god? I believe asking the question I asked is like asking (What’s The Meaning Of Life.)

Well we do know the universe is huge.

Some scientists do say that’s how old it is. And yes I would like to find a cause, something happened to cause it.

[quote=“Cognostic, post:3, topic:240”]
How do you know there was a “before” the big bang. If time is a product of our universe, how can there be a before?
[/quote] There’s an after, so there could have been a before.

[quote=“Cognostic, post:3, topic:240”]
Christians believe their holy book because they can. Just like you believe the universe had a cause and want to set out looking for it.
[/quote] True true true.

But I doubt with everything in me a god did it.


It isn’t small either as it would take billions of light years to get to the other side. But in some aspects I guess you could call it small.

Me either.

What is North of the North Pole?

Our personal experiences tell us that time flows like a river, in one way. But the crazy mind-fuck you need to grasp is that if the universe began at the big bang, then time also began at that instant too. Before the big bang, it is possible time did not exist.


  1. Shifting the burden of proof. (Fallacy) I don’t have to prove a damn thing. I am not the one making the claim.; (When are you going to learn this shit? It has been explained to you over and over and over by many people on the site?)

  2. Something made the Big Bang Happen: WTF don’t you understand. Causality is a function of our universe. It breaks down in quantum physics. It breaks down at Planck time. Nothing has to have made anything happen.

  3. “What’s the meaning of life?” What in the fuck makes you think, life has a meaning. It’s like asking what is the meaning of rock. Are you actually as dense as you pretend to be? The meaning of your life is to come onto AR and make inane assertions. You are what you do. You are asking the wrong question. The meaning of life is what you make it out to be. “What is the meaning of your life?” You ascribe meanings to rocks. You ascribe meaning to life. You also ascribe meaning to your life. You do this actively or passively but you do it just the same.

  4. “We know the universe is huge?” You are fucking delusional. We call the universe huge. We have absolutely nothing to compare our universe with to call it “big.” Big compared to what?

  5. “There was an after, so there was a before?” No! Covered in point 2.

  6. “Something happened to cause it.” More narrow minded bullshit. Covered in point 2. (How did you rule out eternal?)

  7. “The universe isn’t small.” It takes billions of light years to cross? At this point in time for us. That says nothing at all about the size of the universe and everything about our ability.

  8. “Me either.” And still you are the one running your mouth and making all the unsubstantiated universe and God claims.

How many times do the people on this site need to demonstrate to you the idiocy of your blind inane assertions?



@TheFlyingPig should read this thread to see that the lack or absence of belief in a deity doesn’t make one rational.

@anon14261619 uses the same logical fallacies @TheFlyingPig uses, and seems to have the same difficulty learning to spot them, and what they mean.

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humanity suffering through history is a good sign that he doesn’t do anything to better this place.


Welcome @Shaikha

Hope to read more from you :smiley:


There is why one question I often pose to theists who claim their god is loving, “why do children have cancer?” Most just ignore that question.



He doesn’t do anything… ?? Who is this “he” you speak of? Wouldn’t it be the same result if there was not a “He” there at all?

This is also a very weak argument against the instance of god. It is covered in Christianity 101. "God is mysterious and you can not know his will. He has a plan. You can not use your values to judge God. Humanity is the cause of its’ own suffering. Satan has intervened in this world and is the master of all disasters, without God you have no protection… etc… etc… etc…

Not a useful position with this line of logic.


So what?

Absence of evidence is indeed evidence of absence .What it is not is proof.

That’s why you get the statement that [so far] every claim about the existence of god(s), positive and negative is unfalsifiable.IE it cannot be proved or disproved.

Russell’s Teapot:

Russell’s teapot is an analogy, formulated by the philosopher Bertrand Russell (1872–1970), to illustrate that the philosophic burden of proof lies upon a person making unfalsifiable claims, rather than shifting the burden of disproof to others.

Russell specifically applied his analogy in the context of religion.[1] He wrote that if he were to assert, without offering proof, that a teapot, too small to be seen by telescopes, orbits the Sun somewhere in space between the Earth and Mars, he could not expect anyone to believe him solely because his assertion could not be proven wrong.

Russell’s teapot is still invoked in discussions concerning the existence of God, and has had influence in various fields and media.

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Can we agree that if

Then a soul would be able to be proved. As it is, there’s 0 evidence that consciousness can exist outside the brain. Therefore I see no reason to believe that it can not be disproven either.

Black Swan - look it up. No evidence is just that - NO EVIDENCE

One cannot claim based on evidence that a soul exists, likewise one cannot claim without evidence that it does not.

The likelihood falls towards the favor of no soul, only because there is nothing in nature that supports this idea - HOWEVER that in itself does not make it false, it just cannot be evidenced as true.



Why not just give up. You are as out of your depth on this site as a new age creationist.

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Well if after I die and I find out that an afterlife does exist, okay. But I can not imagine for the life of me what the fuck I would do for an eternity. Life maybe short but at the same time it is long enough.