God Doesn't Do Anything At All

Then you are wrong again. You do not define evidence the same way he does. THATS WHY WE HAVE ALL BEEN SAYING “OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE.”

Seriously… does all of this simply go in one ear and out the other?

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Prove it! Or at least quit acting like you know something that you have no means of knowing.


Then show me evidence that any god could exist.

I refuse to believe in a thing which has no evidence.

None of us know for sure, but I ain’t going by faith of an existence of a god which probably does not exist.

You are saying two distinct things.

  1. I do not believe in any gods. (This is reasonable and rational as the lack of evidence can be cited.)

  2. No gods exist. (This is neither reasonable or rational as there is no argument known from which you can draw the conclusion, “therefore no God exists.” You can no more prove that no God exists than you can prove there is not a teapot somewhere in space orbiting the earth.

You are not open to anything. You simply log in and spout bullshit without even knowing what you are saying.

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Quit being Stupid. Not believing in something is NOT THE SAME THING AS ASSERTING SOMETHING DOES NOT EXIST.
I don’t believe in God or Gods…

is not the same thing as…

God or gods do not exist.


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Well until I see some objective evidence, my position stays the same.

I have no problem with dying and ceasing to exist, if that’s what happens when one dies. If there’s a heaven, I am welcome to that too. God does not exist is making a claim which no I can not back up. Nor can I prove there is a god.

Thanks Cog. :wink:

Still a claim, thus the burden of proof is yours, no one has to prove a deity exists to invalidate your claim.

He doesn’t need to, because for the gazillionth time he didn’t claim a deity exists BUT YOU DID CLAIM NO DEITY EXISTS.

Whatever I just refuse to believe in a deity.

Yes I did, and I’ll keep believing that claim even if I have 0 evidence.

Whatever? When did you turn into a 14 year old girl?

You made a claim, Cognostic didn’t, so the burden of proof is entirely yours, whether you grasp that or not, and no amount of hand waving will change this. It’s really simply, disbelieve any deity exists, but stop making claims you cannot evidence, it undermines our objections to theists doing the same.

And I do not accept a “god” until I have been exposed to the proper evidence.

Do you not see the differences in our positions?

Just as theists do, ahem…

Is it sinking in yet?

Yeah well theists believe in a god, I do not.

You believe something with 0 evidence, your own words. That is precisely what theists do…


Maybe so but I refuse to believe in a deity.

That’s irrelevant, you claimed no deity exists, and said you will continue to believe that CLAIM despite having 0 evidence. That is precisely what theists do, believe something with zero evidence.

Not believing something, and believing the opposite are two very different things, though as Cognostic said, it seems doubtful you can learn this simple premise.

So exactly as theists do then.

Yes they believe in a god which can not be proved.

I don’t and do not believe evidence will ever surface for a deity.

Nor disproved, which is a point you seem determined to ignore.

So that’s a claim based on zero evidence, and that is what theists do.