Freedom and Covid

I haven’t engaged in fb Covid discussions but have read the poorly expressed fight for subjective freedom that those who refuse the vaccine and cry for their freedom of travel and services - their jobs are now being limited by.

Ironically, businesses can take their stance legally because those same religious subjective freedom fighters fought hard for it with the case of a homosexual couple being denied a cake. A cake :cake:. “They can buy their cake someplace else”. Well, ironically, those who now take an opposite stance because businesses are now requiring vaccinations “can go someplace else”.

They make distinct arguments for only their personal “freedoms”, yet do not apply those same arguments to smoking, language requirement for jobs, travel visas and a host of other limits set upon “freedoms”.

It was OK for personal business freedom to choose who to service on subjective moral grounds, (religious) but apparently not OK for personal business freedom to choose who to service on medical grounds in light of a 2 year pandemic :mask:.


I had a young adult over at my house recently; who informed me that they weren’t vaccinated, and were not going to wear a mask, that they had the right to say whatever they wanted (in my house), and that they didn’t have to leave when I told them because it was a “free country”. It didn’t turn out well for them. I should have asked them how they were enjoying their “free country”.


Youth seems to breed arrogance and stupidity more often than common sense and courtesy.

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I have pretty good memory. From what I’ve seen, kids of today are no more arrogant and I and not especially stupid. I think ‘gormless’ is more inclusive

It’s said of Aussie men that we don’t grow up until about age 40, if we are ever going to. Me? I’ve never managed to quite get there.

My mum used to say “You can’t put an old head on young shoulders”. The older I become the more I agree with her.




informal British

  • Lacking sense or initiative; foolish.


I’d have paid to see that. I don’t suppose there’s a video? :rofl:

I drug them out of the house; by their hair (I kind of look like an ogre, and sometimes act like one).


How much drugs do you have to give them? And how do you apply it to their hair?

It’s your house, so it’s your rules, they can take it or leave it.

Truly? Risky behavior. Are they related to you?? How old are these Dunderklumpens?


25ish; they are uhh not sure how to put this; additional sexual partners of a younger family member who lives an “alternative lifestyle”. There are a few of them, but only one was involved in the hair pulling/dragging. For lack of a better term, they are basically Qanon’ers.

And I know it sounds harsh but they already knew they weren’t even allowed on the property (we had kicked them out before for bringing an illegally concealed pistol into our house). And I did tell them exactly what was about to happen if they didn’t leave; and they refused.

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Harsh? In the US, possibly, not here. I would have called the police and had them arrested for trespass. .I doubt I would have actually assaulted anyone. That can backfire far too easily

I have never allowed firearms on my property. This is because civilians with firearms scare me. Far too many are just so fucking stoopid As for actually hiding a firearm. Farrrrk! Another cause for calling police.***

Dropkicks/drongos/dills /Dunderklumpens to be sure.

***When I moved into my first house, I found a loaded .22 rifle leaning against a bedroom wall. (there was also what seemed to be a bullet hole in the bedroom window) Called police and they came and got it. (our police are very skilled at taking holes into custody)

I hear their arguments against taking the vaccine everyday. Mostly they’re worried about side effects, but the miniscule amount of people who suffered severe side effects versas the people who greatly, and sincerely regretted not getting vaccinated is huge. I wouldn’t wish covid on anyone, mostly because of the innocent people hurt by their decision, both their loved ones and people they’ve infected. I admit to having lost any sympathy for them personally though. The company I work for is talking about requiring vaccinations and two coworkers were bragging about how they were going to sue if they get fired for refusing to get vaccinated. Good luck with that dumbasses, and also good riddance. The only thing that convinced one worker to get vaccinated was being required to wear a more restrictive mask if not vaccinated. She got vaccinated before they got those masks for all of us, so ha, ha. I wish we’d had them all along.
The hospitals are filling up again here, mostly with the unvaccinated. We’ve locked down again at work. We’re no longer doing housekeeping for residents but they’re keeping us fairly busy delivering meals since they’ve, of course, closed the dining room. I’m really hoping this just last another week, but you never know.


I live in buttfuck nowhere. Takes forever for the appropriate authority to get here.

IF they were in my house - I’d confront. In my yard only - nah…I’d wait for RCMP.

They’re better off in the yard.

As far as QAnon goes, and the dipshit opinion/insider, conspiraturd, fear-porn perps - they are just peddlers of disinformation. A few kernels of corn in the shit for the “appeal”. Fucking stupid regurgitated lies that get some all worked up.

BTW …my pillowguy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: failed his prophet install of the world’s stooopidest Oompah Loompa - which when translated into religitard means they were right and a new date will be set

Ahhhh - deep in red-neck (Alberta style) territory, our Media Medical Person (Henshaw) caved to pressure and politics from the conservaturds. In other words - pervious info was backed by the data…our Province’s move to lift all restrictions (lol) the data is coming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well the numbers (Covid) are climbing AND Trudeau called an early election (Federal)

So… here’s my take. The Conservaturd platform sounds good (raise wages to $16, protect the environment, safeguard through pandemic via testing and vaccines [blah blah blah]

Reality in Alberta - Conservaturds on a Provincial level- cut nurse pay by 3%, privatize as much as possible, sell Rockies to coal miners (get caught, retract, only two contracts slip through), lift all restrictions AND want to remove testing (Covid) in September :smirk: (the orange :tangerine: one’s strategy)…

Mind you the Libtards (Federal) call an early (by 2 years) Federal election :ballot_box:- oops :grimacing: Afghanistan kicks in AND we are just dying for more fucking instability after 2 years Covid - Idiot Trudeau could just deal as is during his term - BUT no, he wants ability to have a majority “in parliament” and skip debate and scrutiny. My bet??? He’s going to get less house seats…

The “arguments” against taking the vaccine (or any approved vaccine) are excuses based on science denial and dumbassery. The potential side effects of vaccines are smaller than the potential after effects of the actual diseases they are protecting you against. They don’t participate in the collective scheme to reduce or eliminate the impact of dangerous diseases. People not taking vaccines(*) are freeloaders on society. They rely on the immunity of others to protect them, while simultaneously and irrationally bitching about vaccines being encouraged.

(*) except those based on actual recognised medical grounds, for example allergies against components in the vaccine.


I have no problem in principle with such people earning a Darwin award. I have a problem with such people endangering others.

Here people not complying with government rules about Covid19 can cop large fines, from $1500. The police are not at all reticent about issuing fines. Parties seem to be a favourite; the owner of the premises will be fined as much as $5000 and every person present a lesser amount. Recently an infected bloke who did not isolate was sent to prison.

Right now the Eastern cities of Sydney and Victoria are not doing well. My city of Adelaide is OK for the present. At present, Sydney has had 18,000 odd new case in the last week. That is very high for Australia. We really thought it was pretty much under control. Containment rather than eradication is my governments goal.

Our next federal election is due on or before May 21 2022. Probably before. Governments often call early elections at a time they consider is to their advantage. I’ll be surprised if our current Liberal (conservative) government is re elected. Seems to be a perception among voters that the incumbent Federal government has made a pig’s breakfast of handling Covid 19. Politics is more much about perception than reality, so the truth is irrelevant. (As Donald Trump so vividly demonstrated)

ME? I had my second shot in July. I had the first one as soon as it was available.

This is my view: Covid10 is very contagious with a relatively low death rate.
Australia is nowhere near achieving herd immunity. Because I’m over 70 with some health problems, if I contract Vovid19, I could die. So I have no sympathy with the fuckwits who refuse to be vaccinated; they put me in potential danger, and that is very NOT OK

The death rate might be whatever it might be, but it is lower now than 1.5 years ago because the doctors have learned how to better deal with the complications. The biggest problem, however, is that the rate of people contracting conditions that are serious enough that they require medical attention at a hospital (i.e. being put on ventilators etc) is so high that it can and will jam the ICUs at hospitals in even countries with the best accessible healthcare. Therefore the disease should (and must) be contained at a low level until people have had their vaccinations.


Very good. Thank you.

And here I thought Canada was relatively sane.

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I’m fond of plugging this old book:

I think the covid pandemic would make a “nice” new chapter.

I’d need to see conclusive objective evidence that any claimed “side effects” were actually caused by the vaccination, as often those opposed to vaccination offer nothing more than post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacies, they don’t seem to understand that correlation is not causation. I am very dubious most of them are in a high risk category from either Covid or the vaccines, but instead are far more likely indulging paranoia and ignorance, and being incredibly selfish.

You have more patience than me then, as I never had any. Try this simple rational question on them, given that we are talking about vaccination on a global scale, what is the percentage increase in the negative “side effects” they claim are being caused by vaccinations? Like the idiots who claimed mobile phones were carcinogenic, but failed to notice that despite billions being sold and used there wasn’t a corresponding increase in cancer rates.

I share your frustration, and it’s worth pointing out that I already lost my job because the pandemic has destroyed the aviation industry, and the factory I worked in won’t be re-opened. Who knows when or even if I can get work again. Without vaccinations this is never going away.