Freedom and Covid

I agree they’re fucking Remora fish, I have zero patience with their bullshit.

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I, uh :unamused: live here…so there goes that assumption :crazy_face:

To paraphrase Dr. House, “If you could reason with unvaccinated people, there’d be no unvaccinated people”. It doesn’t help that the pharmaceutical companies are widely despised and distrusted here in the U.S. Since most insurance plans have you paying at least a percentage of many medications we’re well aware of the astronomical prices charged. They bought off politicians so the prices are unregulated. The vaccine is free to everyone though. Also, Purdue Pharma just lost a 10 billion dollar lawsuit over their aggressive and disingenuous marketing of Oxycontin. It’s been largely blamed for the opioid crisis in the U.S. They failed to disclose just how addictive that crap is and when someone can no longer get a prescription they are willing to turn to fentanyl or heroin. Deaths from overdoses have soared. The pharma companies also profit from selling the drugs that help fight addictions. A win, win, for them. Not sure a 10 billion dollar fine will really change anything.

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A total of five people have died in Australia as a result of having the vaccine. (blood clot) I knew that and accepted the odds.

"A 44-year-old Tasmanian man has died from a rare blood clotting disorder after receiving his first dose of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine.

State public health officials said the man, who died last weekend, was a confirmed case of thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS).

“On behalf of the Tasmanian government, and personally, I extend my deepest sympathies to the man’s family, friends and loved ones,” Health Minister Jeremy Rockliff said on Thursday.

The man was vaccinated in a Tasmanian state vaccination clinic.

Tasmanian State Health Commander Kathrine Morgan-Wicks said TTS was a rare but serious condition that affects two in 100,000 Australians who receive a first dose of the AstraZecena vaccine.

Five deaths from TTS have been reported following the administering of 6.1 million AstraZeneca doses. All are linked to people receiving their first dose."

The odds of dying from receiving AstraZeneca Vaccine are one in two million


Well - our redneck Province is doing the “let er’rip” strategy.

Duh :roll_eyes: but now it’s more “official” because there’s been no word from any of the other “officials”.

What are the chances that our Conservaturd duffus (Premier) has really financially prepared for this via our province’s healthcare???

Doesn’t surprise me - I’m still doing as much of the self isolating and such mostly because my best friend’s daughter is under 12.

Oh well - like I’ve said before …my sympathies have dried up for those who purposely are selfish, ignorant and irrational.

BTW the underlying current with the medical staff making decisions between the vaxed and anti-vaxed in a triage situation - hmmmm :thinking: your guess is as good as mine:wink:

Forgive my ignorance, but how do they know those rare blood clots were a result of the vaccine?

That is correlation though, not necessarily causation. In March this year the European Medicine Agency concluded that the Oxford-AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine is not linked to an increased risk of blood clots and is both safe and effective, after their extensive investigation.

“The in-depth analysis of evidence—including laboratory results, clinical reports, autopsies, and clinical trial data—was carried out after a small number of blood clot cases (37) were reported in people who had received the vaccine. This led to 16 EU countries halting their vaccine rollout.”

““The committee has come to a clear scientific conclusion. This is a safe and effective vaccine,” said Emer Cooke, EMA executive director, at a press conference on 18 March. “Its benefits in protecting people from covid-19 with the associated risks of death and hospitalisation outweigh the possible risks. The committee also concluded that the vaccine is not associated with an increase in the overall risk of thromboembolic events or blood clots.””

This was in March of course, and the number of vaccinations used will have increased massively since then.

Parenthetically of course one serious symptom of Covid 19 is that it is known to cause blood clots.

"Sabine Straus, chair of the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC), which conducted the investigation, added that the number of thromboembolic events reported after vaccination was “lower than the expected in the general population” and that there was “no evidence of a quality or batch issue.”

“Moreover, because the vaccine is effective in preventing covid-19 disease, which in itself is a cause of blood clots, it likely reduces the risk of thrombotic events overall,” she said."

They were still monitoring and investigating of course, but is there conclusive evidence that those blood clots were caused by the vaccine?

Here is a link to that article anyway.

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Good question. However, we were told in advance that there is a slight chance of blood clots from the vaccine (I in 2 million).

In such a situation I have no problem in believing our health experts. I think I really should start questioning the claims.

Did a bit of searching. Seems you may be right.

I’m beginning to think this may be a post hoc fallacy. You’re quite right. The claim people have developed blood clots and died after having the AstraZeneca vaccine implies but does not infer causality. I’m not sure what numbers of deaths following the vaccine would be needed to accept the vaccine as the cause . In the meantime, 5 deaths isn’t really all that convincing. It also depends on just how rare is this particular blood clot as a factor in deciding causality.

“Health authorities have noticed a rare pattern of symptoms that some people have experienced following an AstraZeneca vaccination. This collection of symptoms has been called ‘thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome’, or TTS, and involves the formation of a blood clot (also called thrombosis), typically in uncommon places such as veins in the brain or abdomen, together with low levels of platelets in the blood (also called thrombocytopenia).”

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The people screaming the loudest don’t have a reward/risk assessment (IMO) that meets a high level of standard. It always appears they are operating on absolutes and guarantees. Can you guarantee I won’t get Covid if I’m vaccinated? Are there absolutely no side effects? What about long term? HOWEVER… Covid is highly transmissible. Covid has effects. Covid also is still being monitored/studied for its long-term health effects.

I go with less “likely”. I’m less likely to contract, have a side effect, transmit (although the viral load with the Delta virus :grimacing: may not be reduced)… if I’m vaccinated and responsible to others in my surroundings.

What doesn’t kill you mutates and tries again. :smirk:

Oh and then there are the fucktards who don’t believe in the virus at all :crazy_face:

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I was perfectly happy with odds of 2 million to one in my favour. Would have happily gambled a fairly hefty sum with those odds :rofl:

As far as I know, the virus has already mutated into more virulent form, but this has not happened everywhere. The Delta strain began in India. This strain has apparently caused 80% of new cases in the US . Fortunately, the current vaccines are also effective against the Delta strain. Can’t help but wonder how long it will take (if ever) to produce a strain immune to the current vaccines.

I had thought that the anti vaxers were simply ignorant and not very bright. Although I still think that’s probably largely true, I think there may also need to be a certain level of paranoia and /or a strong distrust of authority.

So do I… case in point:

No side effects??? Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It’s not all bad news…

"In the face of the growing prominence of coronavirus variants, such as the ones found in the UK, Brazil and South Africa, a universal vaccine efficient against all strains is the goal.

Around 20 teams across the world are at the early stages of developing vaccines that offer broader protection against a range of coronaviruses, from COVID-19 to Sars.

Before the pandemic, researchers were trying to find a universal vaccine against the flu. Their pre-clinical trials turned out to be promising."


"Delphine Guyon-Gellin is the manager of the ‘universal vaccine’ project at Osivax based in Lyon. She says, “We are targeting a part inside the virus, which is not accessible for the antibodies, so we train the immune system to develop another type of response: a cellular immunity”

The company hopes to start clinical trials for the COVID-19 universal vaccines in a year. For now, trials are on animals. In France, the Public Investment Bank has just granted Osivax 15 million euros in financing and a similar amount has been allocated by the European Commission."

OMFG, people is dumb… :roll_eyes:

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Apart from extreme gut pain and death, probably not.

I’ve read that the ancient Romans once used donkeys to execute some women. That gif gives a pretty graphic explanation of how that might work.

Wtf did you search for to get that image? :rofl:

A two-teir, “second-class” system??? LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: These dipshits didn’t give a fuck when it’s gays being refused a cake, or abortion, or racist hateful speech… it’s their “right” to be first class always and keep the others in second.

Oh - and protest at hospitals :hospital: because others don’t have an equal right to access medical services - in fact, delaying surgeries for the others is OK when Covid is overwhelming our healthcare. :roll_eyes:


When this whole Covid thing started up, one of the first things I addressed and discussed (in this forum too) was that there will be a temporary suspension of some of our rights (just like having to give way to an ambulance or fire truck with red lights flashing). But the important thing is that once this “emergency” has passed, that we make sure that we return to a state where our rights were.

And personally, I don’t see being forced to be vaccinated as a condition of entering a facility or employment is not a biggie.

All of this shit because a small minority refuse to wear masks and get vaccinated. They are affecting everyone else, who just want a return to normalcy. They are prolonging the pandemic, they are enabling the variants, and they are responsible for more deaths.

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Our fucking province is leading Covid! …we have an oversupply of MAGA out here too! Lol :laughing: Make Alberta Great Again

Proposed cut to nurse pay by 3-5% (this type of appreciation, I could personally do without)

Bring in nurses from out of province because the unvaccinated are overwhelming our health care…

Come out of “hidee hole :hole: “ after 4-6 week of NO restrictions (our Premier and Lead Medical Spokesperson [hmmmm, wonder how big the bribe was or how compromising the pictures :thinking:])

…offer $100 to each unvaccinated to get vaccinated (sorry nurses!!! You’re paying for it in more than one way)…

For the love of god get vaccinated (Kenney quote, our Premier)… hahahahaha! Kenney should know if he’s a TRUE christian that the “mark of the beast” is in that there vaccine :syringe:… he should just free up the horse :horse: parasite remover and allow nature to take its course…

A proposed cut ? I hope the nurses go on strike. I would. Because of demand stress if for no other reason nurses pay should be increased by the upper figure at the very least. 10-15 percent would be fairer, imo***.

The common claim that “nursing is a calling , not a job” is invariably made by people who don’t want to pay them a living wage.

Jesus is reported as saying, 2000 years ago : Luke 10:7 “And in the same house remain, eating and drinking such things as they give: for the labourer is worthy of his hire.”

His hire. So obviously women cannot be labourers and/or their work is not as valuable as that of a man.

Of course I’m aware there are many apologists who will explain that quote actually means exactly that. Of course the language will be weasely.

Christians can be such cunts.

***The average salary for a Registered Nurse is AU$63,600 per year (AU$33.20 per hour), which is AU$25,522 (-29%) lower than the national average salary in Australia.
A Registered Nurse (RN) can expect an average starting salary of AU$48,700. The highest salaries can exceed AU$85,000.

Here a registered nurse earns less than the mean national wage of $89,000 pa.