Fine-Tuned Earth (Rare Earth hypothesis)

Hello. So, i was browsing quora and i saw one answer with this link. Answer was talking about rare Earth htpothesis, aka no smart aliens.

So, presentation is made by creationist who quotes bible a lot in opening part. She posts link to NASA or any other astronomical organisation with each new point.

So, this is troubling for me as sci-fi fan and atheist.

As sci-fi fan beacuse no aliens= no fun

As atheist beacise fine tuned Earth=god

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You post “these questions” you have and then take off - never to reply…

Silly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. You wouldn’t happen to be a Christian who’s lying about being an atheist…out and aboot “planting seeds” hehehehehe …

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Oh wait … here’s one that you did reply to…

After the whole “this is serious argument” comment, you stopped commenting.

So, so “serious”…

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We should have a new rule on the AR forums. “Don’t be a fucktard.”

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Plate 22 (the one with all the probabilities) is 100% bullshit.


I know what you mean, I find the unevidenced opinions of strangers on the internet very disconcerting.


All that fine tuning has killed 99% of all species that ever lived on Earth.

We’ll be fine-tuned out of existence eventually.

People only talk about fine-tuning where the conditions are right. There is no conversation about fine-tuning on Venus or Mercury.

To calculate the probability of intelligent life, pick a number out of the air. Then multiply it by the number of galaxies, the number of solar systems per galaxy, and the number of rocky planets in each solar system.

So far life has occurred 100% of all planets of which we have direct detailed knowledge.


I’ve already mentioned this before; In Oz.we have one great rule suitable for all occasions; “Don’t be a cunt” Being a fucktard is skating on very thin ice.

Umm, after White’s post, I didn’t bother reading what’s his name’s clip. There was mention of much bible quoting,a warning sign in itself.

This atheist is interested in empirical evidence for the existence of god, any god. Bible quotes may nor be used to prove, well, anything,because it’s myth. IE for the eleventy fifth time on this this forum alone: Believers MADE IT ALL UP.

Hence when a believer says “the bible says; Flungle my dungle over a right threaded kerfunklewurztle” The polite response is " What?" , or if one is miffed “So what?”

I hope the clip below isn’t too subtle for Americans. I apologise to Canadians,who are not allowed to say cunt. (Source; song by the immortal Kevin Bloody Wilson " You Can’t say cunt in Canada)

It true!!! Cunt is pretty much off limits in Canada :canada:. - it’s the one word my boys get glared at if they use it …and don’t (not in front of me) anymore.


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Context: I try to avoid the word, I think it’s ugly. I usually need to be very annoyed indeed. Call a bloke that here and there’s a good chance of getting decked. :blush:

It’s bullshit. Don’t let bullshit keep you up at night.

That kind of crap is not accepted in any way by the scientific community.

If you really want to delve into that question, source respectable documents, not crap created by creationists for creationists.

I guess our knowledge of Mars is not advanced enough? I seem to remember something about water being found on Mars.

NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars

The water is briny.

I suppose the next step is to get Richard Branston to send a manned craft to mars to spend some time doing experiments in situ.

Pretty exciting stuff. Seems to me it may only be a matter of time before we discover that mars has life now, or did in the past.

I’m beginning to think that the 21st century could be as exciting as my time, in the second half of the twentieth.

Of course I’m assuming this century’s crop of companies and other assorted fuckwits will not manage to make our planet uninhabitable for human beings. Seems to me that as each year passes that assumption seems a bit less unlikely.

Imo the extinction of humanity is probably the best thing which could happen to our planet.

I think by the time Branston gets there he’ll need to book a room in the Mars Tesla Hotel. Elon Musk is launching a global satellite-based Internet service and plans to put all the revenues from that into the development of a colony on Mars.

There seems to be substantial amounts of water on Mars and the Moon, and even a little on Mercury.

Yeah, he also said you could order a Tesla with the backseats replaced with Spacex rocket engines (that you could order a flying car).

I wouldn’t bet on his flying cars, batteries, or tube trains, but the satellites have already started to go up. By this time next year you should be able to get unlimited high-speed low-latency access anywhere on Earth for about $80 through an antenna the size of a pizza box. Then Telstra can stop fucking me and go fuck itself.

That provider service is going to make billions.

And alien sightings.

Astronomers have been squawking loudly about the light pollution. I believe they redesigned the satellites to prevent reflection, but there’s not much to be done about ones already up there. Eventually there’ll be thousands of them.

It won’t be low-latency.

I’m extremely skeptical of that claim as well.

That’s the claim they’re making. They’ll be using laser through vacuum between satellites and wireless from satellites to the ground. And the orbits will be very low at around 400km.

Yep. The fact that it came out of Musk’s mouth should be the first clue that it is false.