Finding Hitler’s Soul

Does Hitler burn in hell for his sins?

If not, is there justice for Hitler’s sins?

If so, what?

Apart from “original” what exactly are Herr Hitler’s “sins”?

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We may want Hitler to fry in Hell eternally . . . but I want a cure for cancer. I want to see a fix for global warming.

Wanting something doesn’t make it true. The Universe isn’t obligated to follow our whims.

Among other things, Herr Adolphee orchestrated the gassing and cremation of millions of Jews, Poles, Gypsies, Jehovas Witnesses, and the mentally insane (etcetera etcetera) in his pursuit of Aryan Purity in Europe).

I call his orchestrating of the Holocaust a “sin”. You can call it what you like of course. Some kind of “wrong doing” - we might say.

Does he suffer in Hell for that?

If not, was there ever any justice for those actions on his part?

If so, what were they?

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Well. Look. I want Hitler to be chained to a rock, picked apart by Albatross, only to wake up with his body in complete order the next day, so that the entire ordeal continues for a very long, long time.

I do not necessarily think that Hell is an appropriate place for any soul. When I think of it, I think of nothing so utterly frightful.

The question is one of justice. Was there ever any justice for Hitler’s actions? Or does he RIP like the rest of us?

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And how are those “sins”? Herr Schickelgruber seemed to be following YHWH’s instructions on dealing with enemy tribes and apostates pretty much to the spirit of YHWH’s demonstrated actions and instructions. And I cant find any reference to those acts you mention in the MItzvot…or even elucidated in leviticus…in fact Herr Schickelgruber seems to be following his almighty’s instructions regarding homosexuals to the very letter.

That I consider the Catholic Hitler’s views and acts heinous and inhuman, and almost unimaginable , they cannot be regarded as “sins”.

So what would have been “justice” for his actions?

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He was headed there until the Mormons saved hiis ass. Baptism for the dead is a bitch. Just when you thought you were headed for a nice place with the rest of your friends, some fucking mormon comes along and yanks you out of your nice cozy zone and into the fucking clouds.

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Sins? This is a fictional concept to me sorry, and I see no evidence there is posthumous justice for what we perceive as evil deeds performed while alive.

What’s more the appalling notion of vicarious redemption that Christianity tries to peddle, could hypothetically mean Hitler and Himmler et al are relaxing in an eternity of bliss, while Gandhi is suffering the torments of hell.


Well wrong doing is subjective of course, but the word sin is defined as having a supernatural component. I understand you may be using it purely as a metaphor here, but given where we are, some clarification might help avoid any confusion.

An appalling and in my opinion evil undertaking, though I see no sin as it is a concept I don’t believe exists.

1, I don’t believe in hell, so I am dubious.
2. He died a broken man cowering in the fetid air of the Hitler bunker, knowing the Bolsheviks had destroyed his armies and were sacking Berlin. That’ll have to do.
3. Well see 2, his dystopian dreams were in ruins, and he himself forced to commit suicide. The defeat of Nazism will have to do.

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Justice is a human construct and an abstraction that has the same reality as an ideal gas, a perfect black body, and ideal mathematical point, or a temperature of absolute zero.

We are–right now–destroying the planet with global warming and rendering a huge number of animals and plants extinct. We are screwing over our descendants in a very awful manner because they won’t have resources, clean air, and so on. They will be doomed to poverty, a short life, wars over diminished resources, and no privacy because of our short-sightedness.

They may feel about us like we feel about the Nazis.

Should someone hold us to account?

Sin is a bullshit concept.
Hitler: 20,946,000 Victims:
Nazi Germany
1933 To 1945*

The Catholic Church had killed so many people in so many different ways that the numbers are uncountable. And they are still killing today, 43 people a day is the estimate. Catholics, the killer church.

Protestantism isn’t much better. We can start with the American indigenous population. and work our way back in time. Savage buchery in the name of Jesus.

Praise the LORD.


What soul? He’s in a cemetery somewhere pushing up daisies.


@rat_spit Do you believe in a “soul”?

Not picking a fight, just wondering and what your definition of a 'soul" is.

In the interests of fair play, I do not.


I don’t see how YHWH has exclusivity rights over sins and punishment, but if you prefer not to use the word “sin” I’ve already explained that I’m simply using it as a placeholder for “bad things”.

Justice for Schikelgrüber? I mean, if we absolutely hold to the idea that those who die RIP, we have to “hope” I suppose that justice comes in this life time. Which brings me to Sheldon’s remarks.

“Will have to do” - aptly put. I don’t think there is much of a lesson to learn from WW2. Senseless killing on an industrial scale the world had never seen before. Millions of people implicated in the back and fourth slaughter of each other for over five years. The holocaust. The two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Unimaginable pain and torment and loss of life. And in the end. Dust to dust. Ashes to ashes. One man, dead in a bunker. His dog, shot in the head. His bride, poisoned with cyanide. Of course we have lessons about fascism, the atomic weaponization of the world and such. But the take away from that period of time is quite grim.

In a perfect world we would all be self-accountable. That’s obviously not the case. It is however the only way the injustices preventing the betterment of society would fade away. If accountability was worth more than money, we’d have a better world.

I think it’s a flawed concept. If there is one, I certainly have no knowledge of it. So, what good does a soul do me. The best case scenario is that the soul is “attached” to me and I go with it wherever it happens to go. Just spit balling here. I don’t honestly have any reason to believe in it.

I do see a sort of indestructible aspect to the mind. The sort of abstraction where this empty space in our brain is sort of the “stuff” of consciousness. If anything consciousness is very light. About as light as space. It wouldn’t surprise me if we all experience consciousness the same way. Much like we perceive through the same “kind of” faculties. It’s the most basic thing about us - this empty, light, invisible stuff called “mind”. I don’t see how that can be destroyed. Or how I can be sifted away from that.

Lol :laughing: I didn’t know the mormons could baptize the dead! Joseph Smith … crazy ass mutherfucker.


You should then start out with the words “bad things” BUT then again it doesn’t carry the imaginative impact of the word “sin” (some creepy crawly thingy that wormed its way into us by one bite of fruit).

Does Joshua get the same treatment as Hitler? Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: - nah… genocide by a book claiming to be god’s gets a pass.

Genocide has been with humankind since our beginnings (and comes in various forms with various motives).

Justice. What an imaginative concept.

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I was surprised to “learn” that souls exist, and that somehow Hitler’s is missing.

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Damn. You beat me to it.

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Not sure i agree, how about the fact that totalitarianism of all stripes leads to appalling human rights abuses, that’s a pretty important lesson.

Not sure that’s entirely true either, except maybe the industrial part.

Yet every time the human brain ceases to function, that consciousness associated with it disappears forever, and we know that damaging the brain also impairs it. We don’t have any objective evidence of consciousness existing without a functioning human brain.


A bold assertion, given that we don’t know what consciousness is.

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Consciousness (the noun) is pretty well defined, and can be described in relation to real world objects.

From Oxford Languages

The state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.
The awareness or perception of something by a person.
The fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.

Additionally, it has been verified that a damaged brain can have it’s consciousness altered. Therefore consciousness is a brain function.

Drugs can alter one’s consciousness. And those drugs and where and how they interact inside the brain has been mapped and verified.