Do you look like an atheist, part 2

I’m adding to my original post on this subject because the topic of “blasphemy” seems to come up on this forum regularly.I’ve already stated several times that I’ve been a metalhead for over 40 years, and I definitely look the part. I have a t-shirt collection that might be as many as 250+ shirts, dating back to 1980.
I’ve worn one every day for probably the past 35 years, and I’m heavily tattooed. I started getting tattooed over 20 years ago, and I can honestly say that every one of them is probably offensive to someone somewhere. My wife hates them, but she understands that it’s something I’ve needed to do. She even puts lotion on my back piece twice a week for me.

What I’m trying to ask is this, am I the only person on this site this is a walking display of contempt and dislike of organized religion?
I’m going to try and post a photo of my most recent tattoo, I’ve never done this before. Hopefully it works, and if it does, I can post photos of the rest of my collection later if anyone is interested in seeing them. Damn, I think it actually worked, that is my ugly ass staring back at me. Any comments on the subject?


I have 2 pentagram tattoos. But that’s it. It made my mother think I was into the Occult and I do regret having them done over 13 years ago.

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Damn, Mr.Mac… Somebody did a fantastic job with that skull on your sternum. Very nice work from what I can tell. And I imagine that one hurt like a motherfucker. I have a large Phoenix design on the left side of my chest. A small part of it is slightly crossing onto my sternum. I do believe there may still be deep finger impressions on the metal rails I was gripping on the chair he had me in. Talk about an endorphin rush, though! WOW!

I do have many tattoos in many places. And while each one has its own unique story attached to it, none of them could be considered “blasphemous”. Although, I’ve actually toyed with the idea now and then of getting something along those lines. Now you have me thinking about it again. :joy:

Find the right artist, and they can do amazing things with cover-ups nowadays.

Since the topic seems to be tattoos at the moment, here is the one depicting my namesake. It’s on my left thigh. I’ve had it for a very long time, so it is a bit faded. Might have it touched up one day. Haven’t decided yet.

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I’m saying you hold a contest and let everyone guess what is on your back. I would like to see you add some color. You seem to have an affinity for black and white with shades of gray. You also don’t cover massive portions of skin with each tattoo. So, keeping with the Satanic pentagram theme, “God is a Lie,” (nice touch), I’m guessing you have something like …this on your back.

Caption in the ring (Ave Domine Sapientiae) I can’t get it in there with the sofware I have.

Tattooing has come a long way since you got that one . “Touch it up?” A good artist might be able to perform a miracle.

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You are absolutely correct. You should see the one on the outside of my right calf. Got it only a few years ago, looooong after the ol’ Tin Man ink. Looks like a dang museum painting. Might try to get a pic of it and post it.

I have no clue, but as for me, I am very conservative in my outward appearance. I have used pretty much the same style of clothes (t-shirt, jeans or cargo trousers, neutral colours) ever since I could decide for myself. Being fiercely introvert, I have always wanted to blend into the crowd (when I have no choice but to be in a crowd). When I was a kid, I wanted the room to seem more empty with me in it than without me. Today, I care less about that, but I still have a strong tendency to avoid situations conducive to strangers contacting me and vice versa (unless I have to, or I choose to let it happen). However, this all means neutral clothing, a neutral haircut, and no tattoos.

I dont like tattoos and I don’t understand how they can do anything for your hatred of religion.
I think you are advertising your body covered with rubbish.

My father served in the navy in WW2 and one night with his friends on a drunk shore leave they all got this huge anchor on their forearms. He considered this a mistake and constantly hammered the message not to get any tattoos.

Damn, I think it actually worked, that is my ugly ass staring back at me. quote


Probably because of past descriptions :woman_shrugging:t2:. But still…

Exactly when did you picture him in your head and Exactly what were you doing?


I think you look like a satanist. I’d be surprised if that isn’t the usual interpretation. Most christians seem to think atheist and satanist are the same thing, so I guess you’ve achieved your goal. I personally want to be mistaken for a satanist even less than I want to be mistaken for a christian since nothing good is connected with it.

Your kidding, right?
most card-carrying satanists do not worship Satan or any other form of the devil – they are actually atheists.

"The Satanic Temple](Answers to the most common questions about The Satanic Temple - TST), which formed in recent years to fight a perceived intrusion of Christian values on American politics, says, “we do not promote a belief in a personal Satan. To embrace the name Satan is to embrace rational inquiry removed from supernaturalism and archaic tradition-based superstitions.”

“Satanists feel that we should proudly admire this most precious human capacity without the need to use mythological figures as distancing intermediaries.”

I think Satanists aren’t what you think they are. The Satanic bible is the bible of 'Do." The Christian bible is the bible of “Don’t do.” Think of a Satanist as their own god. They are on a journey to have control over their own lives and of the world around them. Not through prayer or mysticism or magic but through action. Top 5 Facts About Satanism - YouTube

I’m not calling it all good, I won’t even belong to an Atheist Church as I do not believe my lack of belif in a god is any kind of 'World View" and I don’t need some dipshit head atheist, like our previous poster (Andy) trying to tell me how to think, what to believe and how to behave. I shun all religions, even the atheistic ones like Satanism.,

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They don’t do anything at all. Me getting tattoos really didn’t raise my self esteem or make me happier or make me feel at all special. It’s no different than taking a sharpie and drawing things on your body. You get nothing out of it. Maybe for some people. I tried out the experience, it didn’t make me feel any different. I went to see a tattoo removal specialist and she said she couldn’t remove it all because of the blue ink and that it would scar over. So I asked my family and they said not to bother and that it was all good. They didn’t give a shit anymore.

lol that’s what my girlfriend said. I had a hard time believing her. She said a lot of Atheists just say Satanist to piss off Christians.

…(chuckle)… Apparently, you’ve never read the Satanic Bible. Believe me, they DO NOT worship Satan or any other entities. I actually know a couple of card-carrying Satanists. Good people (in their own strange ways). Like Cog said, though, sure there are those out there calling themselves Satanists who get all caught up in “worshipping Satan” and all that crap. But I’m willing to bet those individuals/groups aren’t members of the actual Satanic Temple (or whatever it’s called).

Yes, saying “Satanist” to somebody certainly does draw out some negative reactions. Of course, saying “Atheist” causes pretty much the same reactions from those who are ignorant to both. Also, like Cog said, I’ve heard that that the Satanists who follow the Satanic Bible use the term in direct opposition of Christianity mostly for the purpose of annoying the piss out of the Christians. :joy:

Again, cover-up. I know some artists who are phenomenal with that stuff. Just something to consider.

Tattoos seem to be a fad, and when the pendulum swings the other way, tattoo removal is going to be a growth industry.

Every tattoo that I’ve gotten in the past 20+ years was designed and then inked onto me by the same artist. Needless to say, we’ve become friends and we know each other’s families.
I got very lucky when I went to him for my first one, he’s very talented and a really nice guy. We’ve watched each other getting older in the past twenty years and 4 different locations.
Every time I told or showed Brandon what I wanted to do for each tattoo, he’s nailed the design the first time, every time.
Getting tattooed is painful, it hurts, some areas are a lot worse than others, but it’s never been so bad that I haven’t been able to sit still and deal with it. I have a back piece that Brandon did on me that took 2 1/2 years and about 40 hours to complete. The worst pain was probably on my lower back off to the sides of my spine, that fucking hurt.