Do you fear death?

Just so, I was going for brevity of course, but as you say, the dying part is the bit we have every reason to fear.

With the words “Welsh” and “song” in the same sentence, I think of this bloke:

What a coincidence! Whenever I see the words “Welsh” and “song” I think of this other bloke (and his weird mates):

That was brilliant Sheldon. Brought a tear to my eye. Do you do children’s parties?

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One of my favourite Welsh songs that. Cerys Mathews has a different version, not at all bad, but I think a male choir does it justice.

And adjusting for that. I will make arrangements to end my own life comortably and at peace with myself and the world around me. If you are more cognizant of your death and the possibility of impending pain or suffering, why not do something about it? You do have choices. It is “Your Aversion” to thinking about death that has placed you in the situation you are in. Death is as natural an event as moving into a new house, changing jobs, or getting a divorce. Frankly, a good divorce can be a lot more painful and so can the loss of a job.

I don’t have the time to worry about how I am going to die. I am too busy living. I am living because I actually watched all those slow, painful and horrific ways to die when I worked with geriatric patients. Patients who never lived their dreams. Patients who suffered daily because their God wanted them to. Patients who pleaded to be put to death, day after day after day.

The time to fear anything is when you are face to face with it. Until then, it is your own imagination you are afraid of.


Both, there are many ways to die a slow, painful, and very expensive death. I have no fear of what happens to us when we’re dead, it’s lights out. As for the means of dying, I’m very aware of my own health issues and have planned accordingly. As long as I’m physically capable of living a quality life with my family around me to offer help when I need it, I’ll deal with the pain. However, once my quality of life dissipates and it becomes a physical and/or a financial strain on them, I have an idea in the back of my mind about how I would put it all to an end.

Thank you, losing a family member always sucks.

Before Tom Jones, there was Harry Secombe who was also one of the Goons…

Nessun Dorma 1958.

This Is My Song, a hit in 1967, so he was also a contemporary of Tom Jones. Perhaps not entirely fair; Jones is a baritone, Secombe was a tenor.

The forum category in which this chat is taking place is “Debate Room,” and there’s an explicit category for atheist-only chat. I just now noticed there’s no forum for general chat. Sorry for being confused by the forum’s confusing categories and chat taking place in a “debate” category. Debate also tends to arise in places explicitly labelled “Debate Room.” Since you know I didn’t pay anything and you’re being an asshole, do you want any of your insults back?

It looks like more than one person has responded to the original post without any explicit reference… so did I… so?

You quoted me completely out of context.

I reiterate, it is helpful if we have some clue who is being responded to. You seem overly defensive on the issue, but it was meant to be helpful.

I didn’t quote you at all?

Edit. My mistake I did quote you.

How was my quote out of context? Here it is again…

It’s a response to thread title surely? However I do appear to have missed a qualifying sentence from your post, that would clarify matters.

Is there some existence after the death of any earthly animal?

If there is, and it might be bad, then why wouldn’t you have some fear of it?

So within the context of the thread, that was what I was responding to above.

Hope this clarifies things, as I’m posting on my phone, since my laptop keyboard has ceased to be, so to speak.

You seem to have a lot of issues… and ego… and assumptions.

When you say “Your Aversion” (meaning mine) you’re mistaken. I said “our” meaning a common aversion many humans have in general. So what “situation” am I in, exactly?

Death is not as natural as anything you listed. Death is as natural as being born and aging. Everything you listed is voluntary. Dying can be voluntary, but that’s still illegal in a lot of places, unfortunately.

And if you think changing jobs or getting a divorce is anything like a painful death, you’re insulting billions of your ancestors, fellow primates, and me with your conceit. I have faced death half a dozen times in less than half a century, and living through that pain scares the shit out of me. I’ve also suffered from chronic illness (painful ones) for most of my life. I’m sorry I can’t admire your being too busy to consider lives that are worse than yours. I must lack some enzyme in my brain that lets me ignore those things.

He doesn’t have to “take back” sarcasm. Does calling him an asshole qualify in your book as an insult?

That’s OK. You’re use to be self-confused due to some form of thinking inability.


No keep the insults. I’m a particularly generous arsehole. I don’t care to debate the uncompromising use of debate rooms for nothing else but debates, but you came springing out of your corner raging for a fight, insulting everyone for not satisfying how you think a debate site should be used when we merely discussing side issues and couldn’t be arsed to move to the Atheist Hub. It’s like you expected a Palanchuk version of Debate Club, “if it’s your first time at Debate Club you must debate”. Your enthusiasm has been noted. Knock yourself out.

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bullshit :woozy_face:

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How many times have you not explicitly referenced who you’re replying to in this thread? How is it “overly defensive” to reply to someone criticizing my post’s lack of explicit reference when it’s a pretty common post?

So your phone made you take me out of context? After all of your edits to the post I was responding to, and the post I’m currently responding to, you still don’t get how you quoted me out of context.

You only clarified that you like to insult people and don’t know what context is.

Your argument makes no sense in the context of what I posted.

So you’re saying sarcasm can’t be an insult?

And yes, I returned the insult.

So… fuck you and your drunk grammar, and for being an asshole.

All debate forums I’ve participated in online up until now have had rooms/categories (generally) clearly labelled, with rules, for very good reasons.

This forum doesn’t fit the norms for any online forum I’ve experienced over the last 22 years. Hence my questioning. I mentioned that in my first post and then joined in the conversation. I got nothing but insults and shit in return.

Is it a sin here to ask about forum rules or ask why chat is taking place in a forum labeled “Debate?”