Do you fear death?

----and you point is? Are you saying this forum has an obligation to meet your expectations? That’s only setting yourself up to be disappointed. My position is that neither this forum generally nor any human beings are obliged to meet your (or my) expectations.

No it isn’t as it turns out. You’ll also probably get along a lot better if you lose the chip on the shoulder

Why not? If you hang around long enough and close your metaphorical mouth you may find your metaphorical ears work a whole lot better
As a broad rule of thumb, threads tend to get derailed when people get bored or irritated. Or perhaps it’s because the folks here are mostly just ordinary people. Some of us like some other members for a range of reasons, from their erudition to their wit to their humanity . Being here is a pleasant past time for many of us.

So far you’ve only managed to come across as an obnoxious drongo. I suspect there may be better things hiding under the bombast. Or not.

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Holy shit. You must be one of those narcissists that can’t tell when you’re talking down to (insulting) others for asking about convention. I also take it you haven’t been in many other forums online and experienced the commonality among them, including naming conventions and reasons for providing structure in forums based on names.

You’re ego matches what I thought. You assume too much and ask too little, and think you’re generous when your pissing on someone for daring to be honest and forthright in your territory.

I came here looking for an honest debate forum and found a chat room labelled “debate” that was not only not debate-focused, but also had a culture based entirely on personal insecurities.

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… you’re free to go back to the perfect others
UNLESS of course you’re banned from them - lol :joy:

No one is forcing you to stay.


That isn’t what he said; at all. Yikes! :scream:

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The irony.

Insult: speak to or treat with disrespect or scornful abuse.

Not all opinions or words deserve respect. Doesn’t make them insulting. I would also argue to be “insulted” is subjective. You offered your opinion of the forum. Fine. Go to a different one if you don’t like it, or it doesn’t meet your expectations for “debate”.

You also appear to freely give your “character assessments” without knowing the person. I can assure you that Smilingbirdfood is not “narcissistic”. A claim for a personality disorder that you are far from qualified to make.

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I give up how many?

If it’s happened, was it helpful?

You seem to be very angry about something, but lashing out at helpful suggestions isn’t going to result in positive discourse. If all you want is to create enmity, and troll posters, I’m sure you’ll find they’ll oblige.

You could try acknowledging it wasn’t a criticism, but an attempt to help someone new to the forum add clarity to their responses.

Don’t be a twat, I’m starting to see you’re just an angry troll. Or are you actually too dimwitted to see that a small phone screen makes editing posts on here a little more challenging than on a large laptop?

Read my fucking response ffs, and pull the stick out of your arse, champ.

As I said, try not to be such a twat, I never insulted you, and it’s now clear you’ve come here simply to troll.

My mistake, it’s now clear you’re simply too stupid and confrontational to bother with. A mistake I’m happy to avoid repeating. I’ll leave you to your trolling of other regulars.

That seems unlikely, as your posts suggests you were made for such an environment. I’ve seldom seen such a blinkered angry egomaniac. You’ve resorted to insulting rants to every poster who’s responded, but yes I’m sure it’s all their fault, not yours.

In fact it’s odd I hadn’t noticed sooner, given the years I’ve spent posting and reading on here. It took your blend of incisive and decisive objectivity to show us all where we’ve been going wrong.

I’ll bet you grimace at your own reflection in the mirror, daring it to say something, so you can show it how much fucking cleverer you are.

What a twat. I don’t believe I’ve ever lost patience with anyone after so few posts, so kudos, that’s an achievement of sorts I suppose.

The real irony was when he made the generic accusation that the forum has “a culture based entirely on personal insecurities.”


Your patience (I’ve noticed) extends to those whom you assess are capable of learning and perhaps haven’t had an opportunity to read from a logical POV.

Thank you, though I have on occasion extended that courtesy to people I’d be genuinely concerned to leave wander the streets unaccompanied.

If this idiot isn’t the angry troll he’s managed to portray here, then he should seek help for his anger management issues.

Dang, that’s a word I had completely forgotten about. I learned it from an aussie sometime in the 1990ies.

@NoGods You know, one of the WORST things that you can do on this forum, is go after one of our members, ESPECIALLY @Cognostic. He will “literally” tear you to shreds. Watch out!!!

@Grinseed I thought that the first rule of Debate Club is that we don’t talk about Debate Club! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Sheldon Sounds like a Trump supporter, who supports the January 6th Insurrection or something.

Not true - you just have to know and back your shit.

@Whitefire13 Oh, I have seen people attack Cog, and boy, can he fight back…hard. @NoGods seems to have a very miserable life, which is why he is so angry. He needs professional help.

My assessment of cog? He is far from miserable or angry.

Mind you, my kids always ask me if I’m angry :angry: (resting bitch face and speaking with a passionate tone using fuck all the time).

NOTE: the “resting bitch face” is a result of thinking “what the fuck is wrong with you” and my brow furrows . Now that I’m older, and wrinkled, it stayed. Thank fucking god I also smiled a lot!

@Whitefire13 I edited my post, as it was in reference to @NoGods, as the angry person, not Cog, who seemed to have mellowed, and even has a decent sense of humor…better than mine, mind you.

NoGods, I am honest enough to admit to being the greatest of smartarses and to having enough conceit to think I am clever with words. Words are how I deal with an antagonistc world. I have made bullies cry. Are you honest enough to admit your opening post was less than an innocent enquiry of where to begin your ‘debate’?

Lets recap.
" Is that what this “debate” forum is for?
Fuck it."

Not exactly brimming with congenial goodwill.
Oddly enough I too have been engaging in forums for about 22 years and its my experience newcomers open with an introduction of sorts and then move to the gist of their comment. I also know it does not take much for people to totally misread the intention of text comments.

My reply was not intended as an insult. You were triggered by my flat attempt at humour. I was triggered by what I took as your surly attitude. I’ve been called much worse than ‘arsehole’ and for much less cause. I accept the most blistering insults as mere words and collect them for further use. Like you I give as I get.

I claim no rights or privledges on the AR forum. Its one of the better ones I have participated in and it boasts a considerable number of very talented and knowledgeable people and I have learned a great deal from them and as a consequence I have got to know some of them pretty well and there is not a single one I do not like.

Drop the antagonism and relax. Ignore me, engage with others. I dont usually post much for lack of time. I lack the aggressiveness to intentionally attack and injure people I know nothing about and this late in life I dont need new enemies. I only came here to debate and argue with theists. I have no quarrel with people who cant beleive in fairytales.


That’s ok.

Easy mistake.