Do you always admit your Atheism?

I really hope she gets help. She is in a very bad spot, that could get even worse rather quickly.

At least you tried to help. Unfortunately, it did not go the well you hoped. Sorry to hear that.

Hopefully, you are feeling better. I really hate what you went through, and it hurts to see it happen to a fellow human. You tried your best, but the best was not good enough, unfortunately. Thankfully, you have now moved on to something better.

What a bitch, there’s no reason to involve the kids and poison that relationship.

Sounds like a waste of space on her way to a Darwin award. I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through this, it’s fucked up.

It was hell especially with her bitch sister involved. Her family didn’t make things better getting involved back then in 2019 when she came home and asked for a divorce. She just has a lot of mental and emotional problems especially with her drug addiction that she needs to get help on. She’s not able to parent because of those issues.

Thing is, she was never on drugs when we got together and had kids. She starting doing it sometime after our divorce was final in 2020.

6 months after the divorce was final, she met a closet drug addict and fell in love with him. She tried meth. Has been hooked ever since. Now that hurt me more than anything. It hurt more than all those times she cheated on me.

Last I heard, she’s in a different state trying to get clean. I live in Missouri, she’s over in Oklahoma now. But I’ve heard that bullshit so many times. She tried to get clean. Then she jumps back on the meth to get her fix. I quit listening to her a long long time ago because all she ever wants is money. I refuse to listen to any words coming from a meth junky. They make no sense at all while they’re on that shit. They talk crazy.

Before I found out she was on it. I just thought she was going nuts or had a mental break down after one of her break ups because she really loved the guy. But not this. I never thought she’d stoop that low.

Her parents are in denial over the whole thing. Her father quit talking to her and refuses to acknowledge her existence until she quits the drugs.

I’m much better. I grew very tired of being alone and depressed. I want to be happy as long as I can while I can. I met this girl back in December of 2020 on Tinder. She liked me. I liked her. So we just met each other and it went from there.

I took a leap of faith on her as you can call it. Not a religious kind of faith. But the kind where you go into it with high hopes. There’s been times I’ve doubted her in the 4 months we’ve been together. But she’s been an amazing woman. She’s done great things that other women failed to do. She’s great with the kids. She’s great at a lot of things.


Was she when you first met?

It appears she enjoys her victimhood and the ability to shirk self-responsibility.

@Whitefire13 No. 11 years ago she wasn’t doing any illegal narcotics when we met. I wont date or go into a relationship with a drug addict.

@MrDawn You don’t know the cause of her doing drugs, all of a sudden, do you? I mean, it could be anything, especially stress - from marriage, her job, health, etc…

Either way, I hope she is getting help.

No. I don’t know when she or why she started. According to the therapist and councilors that I talked to. She basically had a quarter-life crisis which resulted in her having some kind of psychological melt down.

She and I had our issues for 11 years and I took most of the blame. Her parents see now that a lot of it was bullshit and that I’m not 100% being held accountable by them anymore. I don’t know what they mean by that because I don’t know what she told them. They think a lot of the bullshit and drama was her now.

@MrDawn At least they recognized that what happened was not your fault, and I hope they have apologized for their behavior, as well as that of their daughter. If not, then I don’t know what to say.

A lot of it was her exaggerating that I was domestically abusive, controlling, and possessive. I admit that I was somewhat of those things. But that’s because she cheated 2 months after the marriage and lied about it. Which caused me to tighten my grasp over her in our relationship. What I should have done was got an annulment. Which I did not do.

However I had a temper and I felt an immense amount of guilt and I wanted to make things right. However, she used that to her advantage and decided to gas light me. She told me I was crazy and I needed to go see a therapist. So I did and I got on medication. At first my psychologist diagnosed me with intermittent anger explosive disorder and theorized that I might be bi polar. But he wasn’t sure. Then he re diagnosed me with “temporary anger and depression”.

Then later after a fight with my ex wife, who came in and bitched about me to my therapist. After that he recommended marital counseling and he kept that diagnosis that I was just temporary anger/depression. However, he was now adamant about me coming off of the medication because from his perspective I was suffering from an extremely toxic marriage. Then when I talked to him about what she was doing, cheating on me and treating me like shit. He actually recommended that we get divorced and that it wasn’t good for my mental and emotional health. He even took me off the drugs he had me on after the divorce was finalized. He pretty much blamed my entire diagnosis on my ex wife.

I’ve learned after my divorce that any woman who mentions that you might have mental problems or they say that they think you’re crazy is an indirect play at gas lighting and the relationship should end effective immediately. For one, the bitch fucker who is calling you crazy doesn’t have a PHD or a DO in psychology. She can’t make that assumption. That means they’re manipulative. I had one girl do that to me last year. I quit talking to her.

I’ve only had 3 women gas light me in my whole entire life. My ex wife, her bitch sister and this other cunt that lives an hour away from me. Not putting up with that bullshit. I think any commentary towards one’s mental health is a huge insult as I was gas lighted for 6 years in a shit marriage.

@MrDawn Well, you did right by cutting your ex-wife and her family out of your life. Things are hopefully, on the up and up. They took a bad toll on you, that affected you, not only psychologically, but maybe physically as well, in terms of sleep and appetite. But now, you can gladly put that nightmare behind you, and live a life that is much better and fulfilling.

If you don’t mind me asking, are you still getting any therapy or counseling for this?

Every now and then there’s some random councilor that I talk to. I still have anger. But it doesn’t cause me to have explosive anger melt downs where I start throwing around furniture, screaming, and breaking things.

She’s the only woman that has made me go ape shit like that. I didn’t have that big of an anger problem until I got with her. She brought out the worst in me. It’s her fault for pushing me and it’s my fault for giving into my anger. I was a very impulsive 22 year old boy back then.

I’m different and I have a lot more control over it. I’ve gotten into the habit where I don’t give into all of it. A little anger is good depending on what it is.

@MrDawn For me, I get angry when the followers of religion use their religious beliefs, especially involving God, to justify what goes on in the world. That is why non-believers like atheists and agnostics, at least to me, seem to be more logical and rational, as well as more moral.

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Take care my friend, you went through a brutal shit-show. What is important is the future.

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That sounds awfully sexist.

Perhaps you should limit your rants to you ex-wife; and not all women.


I didn’t mean to come off that way. I stand corrected. I meant anyone as well as men who would do that to someone.

Umm, mine does.

But I tell her my crazy is a good kind of crazy.

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@David_Killens And tell me, my dear David, what you mean by “good crazy”. Or should I even ask?

Improv comedy, being funny and silly, resorting to “but I love you” when faced with a tough question.

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@David_Killens I like comedy that is improvised and spontaneous, as opposed to being scripted. It makes comedy a lot more exciting, with its unpredictability. Nice try, trying to escape with “I love you”.