Do Aliens Have A Religion?

You make a good point, touché. Giving up a few possible job candidates for the representation of minorities in the workforce seems a fair compromise.

The major problem with news and entertainment is that too often, the two are mixed together. For some reason, people can’t watch basic news, it has to be “infotainment”. It grinds my gears as much as people who say they can’t drink water because it has no flavor.

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Don’t forget the fourth scrooge, the communist alien party

When Reagan disabled the fairness doctrine of the United States Federal Communications Commission (which required news services to be honest, equitable, and balanced), we now see more opinion segments on “news” channels than actual reporting of events. From Tucker of Fox to Lemon on CNN, all they are doing is spouting their personal opinions.

Someone tunes in at 8:00 PM on Fox News Or Lemon in CNN, they assume they are viewing news. But all they are exposing themselves to is one person’s opinion.

I was the odd woman out who made it to the higher levels in Finance.

Now, there weren’t many woman (none I can recall) that were even branch managers. LOL. A man, without experience, would apply and BOOM - he was “fast tracked” into the Branch Manager position. Women who worked the same hours, worked there longer, achieved some growth - ie. Loans Managers, etc. - weren’t even considered for the “Fast Track”.

We always had a dick in the corner office.

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oh of course, “Them”, all of them. Wouldn’t hire another one. Got forced to do it over my objections. Could have had my cousins son in law. Could have trained him up. Instead got one of “them” with some certificate, useless. Made me and the real team feel uncomfortable, and they couldn’t even do their job. Kept wanting training and asking questions. Wrote them up every chance I got. Yeh kept all the paperwork as I just knew they would sue me for discrimination or harassment. I mean its what “they” do as they cant do their jobs.

Nah mate wouldn’t hire another on of “them” or “them” and “them”…oh please…And if I get forced to, well there’s ways and means ya know?

Conversation with every fucking bigot ever.

Ever heard of NIGYYSOB? Its a form of management " Now I got you, you Son of a Bitch"

Yeah, we have the same kinds of dills here. Probably just a coincidence that many of our opinionated talking head ignoramuses have what I would call only a limited education (no further than high school) and are often not very bright. Makes sense I guess, very much a matter of like-attracts-like. The best recent example of this I can think of is Trump supporters***.

***I don’t automatically include Trump’s elected supporters. Common traits include morally bankrupt opportunists. Also fearful dropkicks terrified of losing their elected position and the status and power they enjoy, such as it is.

LOL… We are only discussing the ones that are unqualified that end up being hired to save a government contract. This is a specific population and a specific situation that is not uncommon to anyone who has ever run a government subsidised business. We are discussing a specific problem and not a 'Race of People." And when that happens, you are damn lucky to keep them. They are not the sort that hang around entry level jobs for long. They get their licenses and move on to bigger and better thinngs. There can only be so many chiefs in any organization.

A government subsidised business? Thats a bit of an oxymoron isn’t it? Nice to see “They”

Dear oh dear.

That’s what non-profits and social service agencies are. That also includes companies like Boeing, Intel, General Motors, your local police department, and the city you live in if it is incorporated. All government subsidised agencies work under these restrictions.

Alive and well in Oz.

Currently we still have significant government subsidies for solar power systems.

While I was working for Social Security via Centrelink,
a sliding scale of subsidies were paid to private job seeking companies.

One of the last jobs I hade was running The self Employment Venture Scheme 'in my region. A one time payment of $5000 was payable to people starting small business. I had to evaluate the applications. During the months I did that job I recommended none of the applications.

EG: “Have you done a business plan? No?” Then referred for [free] help from an appropriate agency. None returned with a plan.

My favourite was a bloke who wanted to supply Yabbies ( delicious fresh water crustaceans) to local restaurants. Great Idea . I just had to ask “Where will you get your yabbies” Answer ; " There is a creek which flows to the rear my house"***

***In 1989, I was in Western Australia on holiday. Came across a Marin farm on the Southwest Coast from memory. (same kind of creature) It had I think six large ponds, all protected from birds by netting. I asked the bloke how much it cost to set up and the lead time. Two Million Dollars over 5 years.

That was my point, but I think your next paragraph refers to the US only. I was taking issue with your stance and liberal sprinkling of the word “They” used to define a nebulous homogeneous group that exists only in your imagination

In the capitalist world there is no “government subsidized business” as I said that ceases to become a business by definition. It becomes a Government Supported Industry, an NGO (like your police, social workers etc.) or a charity or in civilised countries, a Nationalised Asset. .

Unless of course it is a business that solely exists by taking a percentage of government grants by undergoing the tedious and mind numbing business of applying for available monies and living off commissions on successful applications.

Currently we still have significant government subsidies for solar power systems.

Technically paid to the homeowner, but in practice to the individual supplier. So the businesses benefit from homeowner incentives to invest in solar. A technical point but one that is valid.

"Yes… “They” … may have been used too liberally. Not my intention. The issue is government “protective” policies that end up doing exactly what they (those protective policies) are trying to prevent.

IMO the subsidy is a rort and the industry is poorly regulated.

About 5 years ago, I had a 5KW system installed,18 panels. After the government subsidy (paid to the installer, not to me) cost to me was $3000.

Although I had a look online before using that company, I missed some shit. Such as they had been done by the ACCC for false advertising.

Anyway, the system worked splendidly for over 4 years. My electricity bills dropped by 30% annually.

Then the inverter broke. The most expensive single component. In keeping with SA consumer legislation, I tried to contact the vendor. They are in receivership . Managed to contact the makers of the inverter. No probs, they sent me a new one. Had a to pay a local company $120 to install it, for literally 15 minutes work . I was lucky; full cost of a new inverter was $1200

BUT having said all that, I do have pinko side: IMO amenities such as power, water, sewerage, and tele communications should be owned by we the people and run by government. Imo natural resources, such as oil, gas and minerals such as iron, copper, gold and diamonds belong to the nation and should be exploited under licence, with high taxes. No government has a right to sell or effectively sell such resources.

I worked for the federal government for most of my working life. I also have along memory. Over a lifetime I have become increasingly irritated by claims that government organisations are necessarily incompetent and inefficient. An exception seems to be the shower which Centrelink has become since I retired.

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