Do Aliens Have A Religion?

I believe that God and space aliens are real. Something made earth. I believe the God the Father Creator is made of nuclear white draft sun material. Revelations chapter 1 verses 13 to 17. And church Christians don’t know this and can’t think. I am a Christian but I am not rightous.

Can you demonstrate that the earth was “made.” If the earth was “created” how in the hell would you know it? According to you there is no difference between things that occur naturally, like the cosmose and all it contains, and those things that are made from the elements of the cosmose by actinge agents.

To what are you comparing “made” things to so that you can distinguish them from non-made things?

I assume you mean “White Dwarf Sun Material” Unless you are inventing your own material.

You do understand that “Revelations” almost didn’t make it into the Bible. It was the most debated of the books. This specific verse is responsible for the old man in the clouds version of God that is among the silliest out there and the version for which no modern apologist argues. It is also a version that does not support your claim of “white sun stuff.”

This is nothing but the New Trend in Christian Apologetics. No one is religious any more. DUH! Empty pew syndrome has raped the countryside where the Christians once held their Sunday services. Abandond Churches are selling on Zillow for under 50K. Religions are dying, and in a last struggling effort to save themselves, Christianity is being turned into a non-denominational amorphous, just follow the teachings of Jesus, systiem of chaos that anyone can fit into. You think you are something special… you are merely following the trend.

“:A new Gallup study finds the percentage of Americans who identify with a specific Protestant denomination has fallen from 50 percent in 2000 to 30 percent in 2016.”

“From 2000 to 2016, nones rose from 10 percent to 20 percent, while nondenominationals almost doubled as well—climbing from 9 percent to 17 percent.”

“Nondenominational Christians are also more diverse than many Protestant Americans.”

Some theologians worry the growth of nondenominationalism is part of a broader shift in American Christianity.

“There is a trend toward what I call ‘generic Christianity’ that is very feeling-centered and pragmatic and somewhat anti-intellectual,” Roger Olson, a theology professor at Baylor University’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary, told Christianity Today.

You are merely protecting yourself and yor silly belief system in wishy-washy essoteric bullshit that is so vague and unrealistic that its the same thing as not mattering at all.

I have no dogmatic bull. And I love destroying atheism. It is fun. Look God the Father Creator is made of nuclear white sun material. King James, Revelations chapter 1 verses 13 to 17. You already heard that Jesus loves you. I came here to destroy atheism for fun. God shot magnetic lighting at the sun trillions times trillions of volts and billions times billions of amps and pulled the material out of it to form earth. It is still hot lava under the earth ok. And the temperature of outer space cooled off the earth’s surface to dirt and rocks. I would love to destroy atheism on national television. My pleasure.

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Superman and Spiderman tied god to a magical flying unicorn and sent him into 9th dimension. Once there all the other gods picked on him for having only created one simple little cosmose. While the other gods were playing with infinate dimensions and mind bending realityies, the retarded god of this universe, who was struggling to stay in control of a single planet, and trying to impress them with, “Look at this! A chicken! I made it.” All he got from the gods in the 9th dimension were looks of pity. So he grabbed a cookie and went to bed. Silly little god thing.

And the Lord said it was goooood :poultry_leg:

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The World’s first and Largest BBQ:
20 Noah built an altar to the Lord; he took one of each kind of ritually clean animal and bird, and burned them whole as a sacrifice on the altar. 21 The odor of the sacrifice pleased the Lord,… and he gobbled them up, bones and all. Then he opened his own Steak House.

Ken wasn’t the first to come up with the idea of an Ark.

To be clear I went with AND not OR

Perhaps a race of sentient beings sophisticated enough to visit us might already have their own (even superior) belief system?

It bemuses me that believers of all kinds tend to assume that non believers would believe as they do **if only they understood. ** Australians have a dulcet and pithy phrase for such arrogant and ignorant assumptions; “what a load of hot cock!”

Perhaps you might like to explain on what evidence such beings would be benign and even interested in communicating with us?

I’ve always had trouble believing any alien race would be interested in such a primitive species as man. Eg We have not learned to stop killing each other, and we remain engrossed in making our planet uninhabitable for ourselves and most other species.

What if Douglas Adams was right?.

Based on your posts, I believe you are a troll.

If there were aliens, and if they were technologically superior or had their own galactic religious observances, and if they were seeking to impose their will against other planetary civilisations of any sort, they might search the universe for lesser forms of intelligent life to dominate, but after all the time taken to achieve this improbable goal, surely they would have learned, just like our own ancient pharaohs, caesars, emperors, bishops and priests over a shorter time span, that it’s easier to dominate a population by taking over their religion and modifying it to their own purposes…its sort of what the C19 virus does…Corey here is likely a member of a secret advance party of alien theological shock troops whose first objective is to remove, destroy, those who are most resistant to the improbabilities to belief in gods and afterlife wish fulfillment…Stand fast comrades, dare to disbelieve!

…its so easy to create any sort of wild fantasy when you aren’t obliged to provide evidence…or you’re a troll…destroy atheism? LMAO…its been around a lot longer and outlasted many religions fallen by the wayside and continues just as resilient against any of the remaining 4,000+ religions that have been vainly trying, long before you got here, to dislodge it.

We are indeed legion and we are sane, reasonable, rational and humane.

Welcome to the forum.

I believe so. However, I have no way of knowing if visiting aliens would share my perception.

Have you seen the Star trek episode (DS Nine?) where a pair of Ferengi land on a pre industrial planet with a replicator?

The clip below is from an episode where Ferengi Land on earth, I think in the1950’s

Couldn’t find that one. The short clip below is fun (it’s in English)

Welcome to Atheist Republic CoreyMDavis

Then your task is very simple. An atheist is defined as one who lacks a belief in a god or gods. All you need to do is prove a god.

Atheism appears to be, but is not tied to cosmology, or evolution, or anything else, just a lack of belief in a god. You could overturn physics with a new theory that replaces Einstein’s theories, debunk evolution, but you would not be any closer to destroying atheism.

How fascinating. As a licensed electrician and one very interested in cosmology, I have never encountered this concept. I am wondering how your “god” “shot” such energy at the sun, because electricity requires a conductor, and a vacuum in itself is not a conductor. Usually the flow of electricity is from a higher potential to a lower potential, and requires that conductor for the electrons to migrate.

Please explain in detail such an interesting process?

And “pull the material out of it” counters the accepted theory on the formation of this sun and planets. Generally speaking, there was this huge cloud of gas, mainly hydrogen and helium. Over aeons gravity pulled that cloud together, and eventually a huge ball was formed in the middle, got hot because of compression, and the nuclear process began. The material for the planets was already orbiting the sun, in the form of protoplanets.

The evidence supports this theory, what proof do you have that this Earth was “pulled out of the sun”?

“Babylon 5” had a alien character called G’Kar who invented a religion and wrote a holy book called the “Book of G’Kar”. He lent the manuscript to a human character, who spilled a cup of coffee on it. The coffee stain was faithfully reproduced in printed editions and became the subject of learned debate by theologians.

Lots of alien religion in that series.

I suggest you begin with “Triplanetary”. The Lensman series is six books, and Triplanetary is the first one.

E E Doc Smith (for me) is an easy read, the words flow well and he takes one on a wonderful journey of the imagination.

Is it fear of witchcraft that prevents Christians from learning to spell?


The “Skylark” series is pretty good, too.

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I noticed that too. We may educate this one on a few aspects of the world, but I refuse to be a grammar teacher.

Are you asserting Douglas Adams was wrong? Isn’t that blasphemy on this site?