Did we get our soul by procreating with Ra (Aliens)

Ra were aliens that had pyramid looking ships. Did that influence humanoids to build replications of their spaceships and call them pyramids?

Well shit! That explains everything! No wonder there are pyramids in civilizations all over the world! They must have built them as landing sights. And if the pyramid people did not need slave labor, they would never have fucked with monkey DNA to create humanoids. Hell, we would still be swinging from the trees. Wait a minute? I am swinging from a tree. I mean, you guys would still be swinging from a tree like me. And then they invented crop circles, began abducting trailer park women to have lizard babies. They also started placing alien probes up people’s butts to control them. People then began putting rolling pins up their own butts to prevent the aliens from taking them over. But you can’t tell this to regular people. They can’t handle the truth. All the happy little families living in their bubble gum existence, watching sitcoms and pretending tomorrow will be just like today. They can’t know the aliens are watching.


I’m ok with all of that, except the obsession with lizard babies…
Now, my mother never lived in a trailer (as far as you know)…
People probably should be concerned about the shape-shifting, as yet to be explained by science, dog-men and cat-pigs widely reported in rural Alabama…(ask Tin, he’s seen some weird shit)
Now, you need to embrace your inner lizard, for as you know, that is who has been running things all along.

Amygdala Shmigdala

Were they? Citations please…

edited: For risk of being swamped by BS.

While in Basking in the sun in Bristol, Bahamas in a Bruce Springsteen T-shirt last year, I met a bisexual man in a Barbra Streisand shirt that looked like a body sock, with a Bachelor of Science degree, who was talking about going back to school and majoring in basic science. There we were under a blue sky watching Banana Splits on a Big Screen when some Boy Scouts approached us from our blind spot. They were selling tickets to see Bob Seiger open for Black Sabbath, backstage, at the big show, that evening at the Beam Splitter Cafe. My first thought was, ‘be smart,’ I would have to be smoking Bath Salts to want to see that combination. Besides, I had a Bible Study to attend. I needed to learn some basic scripture for my posts on AR. I passed. But, the Big Shot Bisexual in a Barbra Streisand body sock with the Bachelor of Science degree, checked his vacation balance sheet and with a big smile forked over the cash. I’ll bet his concert was not as fun as my Bible Study.


Whatever you were ingesting…bravo.


I don’t believe you, please demonstrate some objective evidnece to support your assertion.

Evidence your first premise, then we can deal with the unevidenced claims you’re spinning off that assertion, if and only if you can properly evidence the first premise of course.

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A Random Fun rabbit hole! I would like to see more of these, and so shall dive right in…

Ra made the April '69 cover of Rolling Stone magazine; how’s that for citation, brothers and sisters??

Also consult Serviss’s Edison’s Conquest of Mars .

Facts, y’all.

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A fact is either known or proven to be true. I’m not sure the existence of Ra qualifies as either.

FYI, a magazine story in an of itself doesn’t seem like objective evidence.

Not even remotely, no.

Aliens plus pyramids was a near perfect setup of an abortive thread!

Watching that pass without mention of covers and body socks and 19th Century science fiction can be operose.

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sigh…the “lizard reptilians” are an evolved dinosaur that survived the extinction and got off planet and/or live underground in hollow earth.
The greys are the ones with the reproductive issues and use women for hybrids.

The rolling pin works I’m rural and have never been abducted - chances much much lower now because post-menopausal :smirk:


Uh…looks like someone is overdue for a good B.S…NO, I wasn’t going to say bitch slapping, that might be seen as offensive by some …rather, I think a “bollocks squashing” might be in order, though, perhaps to be followed by a Big Samoan sadist chiropractor…
Edit to have a brain sandwich

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Brother… You have no idea… (thousand yard stareone corner of mouth twitching)…

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Howdy, Sol! (Sun)

Welcome to the AR. Please disregard the rest of these rude, crude, and uncivilized heathens. They’re just itchin’ for a good scrap. Too much coffee and too few tranquilizers these past few days. You know how it can be sometimes… :roll_eyes: Anyway, what brings you here into the Badlands? Hmmm… Discussing aliens, I see… :thinking: Personally, I find it a fascinating topic to discuss under “entertainment” circumstances. Whether or not aliens from other planets are here on Earth is obviously a matter about which we may never be told the full truth. Nevertheless, I admit I do love speculating about such things from time to time. As a “warning”, however, do not expect much of anybody on here to take you seriously about any of it. I suggest just going with the flow and have fun with it. Sadly, we are easily amused around here. And, as usual, I blame Cog.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Good one! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

Poor Cog just as he was pawing the ground and snorting in anticipation of a full on charge at Sol out jumps the matador disguised as Dorothy’s bestie the Tin Man. But Sol I absolutely am with you on this. In fact I’m sure I saw a documentary or was it a movie based on this very premise.

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Ain’t gonna lie… I do find the whole Egyptian history stuff fascinating. My wife is an avid research fiend in that area, and I have learned much from her over the last few years in regards to the Annunaki and Sumerian Scrolls and all that jazz. Fun stuff for “mind candy” discussions (as @Whitefire13 would say).


Been there - Sumerian stuff - and still will dip my toes in.

It is fun mind-candy!

That is tremendous amount of drugs youre on, congrats.

Or perhaps rather an amount of tremendous drugs?

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