COVID 3rd Wave. Complacency?

Well, Ontario has been hit bad. And Alberta wants to follow its lead, judging by “the people” :smirk:

After more than a year, I still read the same misinformation and stupid arguments.

My jaw dropped when Ontario turned down help from the Federal Govt but what…a month early publicly begged for help from the US :flushed:

Variants (strains).

More information comes out. Some transmit more “easily” and the vaccine isn’t effective against all (depending on variant and vaccine).

Some politely call this “fatigue”. Fuck fatigue. Seriously?

At the same time… I am not in agreement with Ontario placing “extra powers” to the police :policewoman:t6: The ability to pull you over and ask why you’re out and then “fine” you.

Quite frankly, I live in a society where others put my life at risk. My life can be at risk in many a situation (and has been). If a variant emerges that bypasses the masks and vaccines and hand-washing and is deadly (where the dipshits are now being triaged), well you realize, that this won’t be any of their fault. It’ll be just another sign of the last days or god’s judgement…

Here in New Zealand there seem to be no cases outside of the quarantine hotels, though we learned last week that some of the security guards at those hotels had been dodging regular testing for months.

So the New Zealand and Australian governments have decided to open up a travel “bubble” allowing us to holiday in each other’s countries. However, if there’s an outbreak at your destination, you won’t be able to fly home for months. If there’s a outbreak in your country of origin while you’re in the air, you’ll be quarantined on arrival. And of course, travel insurance won’t cover anything relating to COVID.

But this is the Australia-New Zealand tradition. We’ve done stupid things together since the amphibious landing at Gallipoli in 1915.

Police here have the power to pull you over for speeding and issue an on the spot fine which includes demerit points… This a summary offence. There is no provision for a not guilty plea.

I’m far more worried about pig’s breakfast my government has made in the roll out of the vaccine. They are now talking about next year as the end date.

Fair dinkum that mob couldn’t organise a fart in bean factory

Fuck! This is getting scary in the “So Called” free world. When the police can just pull you over because they want to and begin demanding things from you, it is time to… LOL… Complete that thought and the fucking CIA will be hunting me down here in Korea.

It didn’t take long…

I agree, that is incredibly harsh and brutal. But in the example of speeding, the police do have a reason for stopping you, they believe you are speeding. But this proposed action in Ontario would allow the police to stop you for not good reason.

Here’s an example of what the police in Victoria, Australia got up to during the COVID lockdown last year. The incompetent state government mismanaged the hotel quarantine system, allowing the disease to spread in the community. Then they turned Victoria into a draconian police state.

The only “crime” committed by the woman in this story was posting a message on Facebook. The state government itself caused the deaths of several hundred people through criminal incompetence.

Yes, and they often have a ‘speed gun’, which measures your speed.

It’s common to have red light cameras which simply measure is you run a red light.

Fuckin’ fucktard red-necks - feel like grabbing my shotgun and “Stopping the Spike” the only way my fellow Albertans “understand”. Lol

My middle kid is excited to spend years studying to be a doctor just to have the dipshits shit on him.

Passing around their prayers, and info from the “internet” and believing anything that’s NOT from an official source :roll_eyes:

On Friday (tomorrow) I get my first vaccine :syringe:. Fellow dipshit Albertans - are reluctant to get the second shot, and haven’t been.

Neighbor out for a walk…sees me in yard. Wants to talk. Neighbor has noticed that yes keep your fucking distance bitch. Keeping distance starts her conspiraturd spiel. I interrupt and say “I assume you’re making the best decision for your family based on what you believe?”
“Why YES!”

“So am I.” …

If this thing continues (ohhhh and the opportunity for it to doesn’t appear to be lacking) mutating in a similar fashion AND increases its mortality- uh :unamused: what the fuck am I saying… Bill Gates has his worldwide team of virologists not only tracking but eventually genetically getting specific to remove those with a “stupid” gene (a certain type of stupid).

At least they are correct on one thing. It takes a very special kind of stupid to be in their group.

I was talking to a “casual” friend and she downplays the entire epidemic. And that is one major problem, because those who do suffer this malady do alone in hospital rooms, away from the public eye.

Where I live in Toronto, five deaths were reported yesterday. That means that five people felt their lives slipping away, felt the lack of air, and died a lingering slow death alone in a hospital room.

I guess my “friend” needs to see zombies roaming the streets before she will accept anything.

@David_Killens Thanks for telling me where you live. Now I know where I can ship that supply of dead, stinky fish that I have lying around. LMAO! :rofl: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

You could probably sell it in Norway

Meanwhile in a remote part of the planet, after months of no local c19 infections, a guy turns up in Sydney “shedding significant amounts of the virus” (the official medical officer). This guy has never been overseas, knows no one who ever had the virus, and his work takes him daily to major shopping centres across the city east to west and back again making innumerable person to person contacts and he also loves dining out and has been to more restaurants in the past few weeks than I have in any year.

The worried authorities leap into action, a day (?), after this guy has been discovered and hold a press conference insisting that from 5pm the following day, Friday (!?!) masks are required to be worn once again, indoors and on public transport and the city is now under restrictions for the Mothers Day weekend. This guy and all of the people he likely infected has been out there already for two weeks. No worries mate, she’ll be right, we’ll start wearing the old masks tomorra, don’t you worry about that.

My girl and I regret losing our notoriety as the only couple to wear masks in the local shopping centre. This infected guy has proved the virus is out there, moving about, waiting on the chance for the next mutation. It’s getting around through asymptomatic carriers, but she’ll be jake, right as rain.

I find it incredible that most people mindlessly wait on the word of bureaucrats as to how they should behave in a pandemic. Its government sanctioned stupidity. Viruses identify no such restrictions.

Speeding is only a part of the hazards in Australia. We let complete drongos drive on public roads.
Examples of life on the road Downunder just this past month.
Makes me glad I gave up driving, but I do love watching these things…schadenfreud or something.

I do the research, I make my own decisions. I expect to be wearing a mask and practicing social distancing for at least the next two years. Our governments have screwed everything up as far as vaccinations.

A hundred years ago humanity experienced another pandemic. But it was not politicized as it is now, and everyone followed the scientific advice.

Yeah, me too.

My days of driving long distance for pleasure are behind me. Last time I got tired on my way to Kapunda, which is about 80 km. Got as far as Tanunda, which is 73. Had to have rest and eat a local [German] bakery pasty and cake.

My ex wife and I drove to Perth and back twice. Our car was a 1500cc Pulsar. I loved the experience. I reckon my 1400cc Mazda 2 would shit it in.

Now it’s too much of an effort to even fly that distance. :blush:

When I lived in the Northwest (just above the 26th) I brought a lovely metallic blue Mazda 323 (the one that looks like a ford) . 100KMs on the clock.

The next day I drove to Port Hedland 1100 Kms away. Booked into my local Mazda dealer next day for its 1000Km check and fluid change being a new car and all. Was met by two cops as my car hadn’t been reported to the Importer as sold yet, nor had the rego made its way to central registry.

Now that took a good 3 hours to clear up LOL. The Melbourne Mazda Importer couldn’t believe I had bought the car one day and asked for the 1000k service the next LOL.

Life out back…Mazda

Actually, I think the questionable honor of most smelly fish would go to Swedish surströmming (fermented Baltic herring). There are several videos on YouTube with people trying the delicacy (link goes to search result). Yes, their reactions are real, they are not exaggerating.

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Edited to also add: In the video above, the four blokes do it all wrong. There is a correct way to open the can and eat it, and this swede demonstrates how to do it properly:

@Get_off_my_lawn That is freaking hilarious. I would probably lose worse than my lunch…my entire guts would “literally” be coughed up, with a rancid smell like that.

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