Contemplating the possibility of God

I am a Christian believer and am coming here not to argue but to provide answers to anyone that is truly contemplating the existence of God. I believe that I can provide answers to those big questions. Again…not looking for an argument but a discussion!!!

Does a discussion include debate?

This is a debate forum.

If not, then piss off - trust me, you don’t have answers that we are “unaware” of in your naive mind.

Can you do it without referring to the bible? No one here thinks that’s anything but a man made, contradictory, self serving, collection of myths and distortions of reality,

Can you debate with out relying on faith that something is true when you have no tangible proof? Can you do it without belief in supernatural magic? Can you do it without saying “God works in mysterious ways” when confronted with what he must allow to be happening in the world?

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Lol :joy: already a

dissociative dissidence

Your opinion of what the bible says based upon your relationship with the invisible friend of your choice- DOES NOT get a person closer to “what is true in reality”.

It’s like a mentally ill patient (say schizophrenia) happily relating information and wisdom from one of his hallucinations.

Lol - see … naive mind. You inferred anger. Far from it.

Tired of arrogance? Perhaps… someone saying “discuss without argument” translates into preach without debate (via my experience with your type of theist wanting to answer an already presumed position that we are ignorant of the bible)…

Do you find that is generally a pastime you associate with atheists? Oh, and you’re in a debate forum, so arguments are it’s purpose by definition.

What objective evidence can you demonstrate for any deity?

Well then I look forward to you answering mine, what objective evidence can you demonstrate for any deity?

They’re not mutually exclusive, and since this is a debate forum you should expect debate.

I’ve never heard anything approaching scientifically valid evidence for any deity, so I must say I’m doubly impressed that you alone among all the apologists I’ve ever encountered have it, and just as impressed you’ve kept it quiet until now.

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Here’s a simple question before we head into the big … just list the 10 Commandments. Or do you not believe the Old Testament scriptures as inspired of god?

Lol - you are the arrogant one. I didn’t show up at your church offering to answer YOUR questions without “argument” on the position of non-belief of god.

And my heart is pumping and pliable, doing its job getting blood throughout my body.

Edited to add - hehehehe I could though- bring the “God Delusion” book and quote it. Hmmmm - maybe your mind is “closed” and “hard”…

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You seem naive, and possibly young. I haven’t been on this forum all that long, but it mostly appears to be a seasoned bunch of atheist and you’re out of your league. If you can figure out why you don’t believe in Santa Clause, and why no one waving a book around insisting that it says Santa Clause is real is going to change your mind, then you’ll have a better understanding what you’re up against. If you can also figure out how annoying it would be to have someone repeatedly waving that book at you, then you’ll understand you’re in the wrong place.

Sorry, you’ve come to the wrong place. This a debate forum.

We get many presuppositional apologists. (like you) For some unknown reason, these people feel an urge to share and argue about their personal superstitions. (again like you)

Don’t want a discussion? Ok, fine. I’ll simply state my position:

I am an agnostic atheist. That means I do not believe in gods and a bunch of other immaterial stuff due to a lack of empirical evidence. However, I do not claim to know. In fact I make no claims.

Any claims about god(s) are unfalsifiable. IE cannot so far de demonstrated to be true or false.

My position is god many not be argued into or out of existence. I demand empirical evidence and will accept nothing else.

I suspect such answers may include biblical references, which are not acceptable here .Imo the New Testament is the mythology of Christianity.

I also suspect your answers will include making a bunch of unsupported claims.

You will be treated with a basic respect as a person. However, unsupported claims will be treated with the ridicule and contempt they deserve.

It’s worth pointing out that most of our members are former believers, mostly Christian. Many almost certainly know a lot more about the Bible and the history of Christianity than you.

Your false humility is transparent and annoying.

Oh, I’m sorry, is being called out on false humility insulting? Wasn’t intentional. I was simply making an honest observation. Is that all you took from my post? Now I’m insulted. You’re a mean bean.

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Actually, I’ve said nothing to you that you didn’t say to us.

Seems you agree you were insulting.


Probably not.

Self awareness is not a faculty one usually associates with believers. If it were and they could get around the cognitive dissonance, there would be vastly fewer believers of all kinds.

This has all the makings of a ‘drive thru’ rather than the usual ‘drive by’.

I am left wondering which one of the Christian gods you are referring to, verysimple. Care to give a little testimonial?

BTW My position has always been that if insults bounce off you and have no effect, then there is really no need to complain. Its a useful method of measuring the effect of your views on others.


Lol :joy: Jesus you’re kind - I would have nailed you on this written fuck up!

I don’t know what that means, but I’ll look it up.

No lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I was trying to write cognitive dissonance …

I don’t know what the fuck that other thing is (sounds smart though…)