Christian experiencer report

I was raised Christian but became atheist for 15 years after reading gospels while studying science/mythology in college. Then I started believing again and shortly after had the 3 day overcoming/victory experience described in Bible. My heart caught on fire for 3 days (rev 2:28, 2 Peter 1:19) and I saw Jesus with eyes of fire and fell flat on my face after hearing a voice like Ezekiel did (rev 1:14-15). Later I sat in throne next to God (rev 3:21; gen 32:30) and I’ve seen many other supernatural events/beings like shadow people.

Evidence for possibility of God existing besides my experience report and that of many others:

  1. Gödel’s formal proof of God that has been verified on computer

  2. simulation theory

  3. astral projection, near death experiences, and shared death experiences show you’re more than physical body

Hi, magamorningstar.

I don’t believe you.


Uh okay, I don’t know how to convince you I’m not lying

I don’t believe you either. The evidence you have offered is anecdotal and therefor inadmissible.

What objective evidence can you demonstrate for the existence of any deity?



Howdy, Naga. Welcome to the AR. Interesting story you have there. By the way, I have a ginormous invisible blue universe-creating bunny living in my garage. His name is Kyle. You can’t see him or feel him, and he only talks to ME. But if you get to know Kyle and love him and bring him carrots, he will do wonderful favors for you. And for a small fee, I would be happy to be your liason and pass along your requests to Kyle. Sound fair?


Wait, you were in the presence of the Christian god and didn’t ask them why humankind hasn’t been provided with any actual evidence of their existence?

Talk about the mother of all blown opportunities.


@NagaMorningstar Welcome to Atheist republic, I hope you find fun and engaging discussion in here.

Yes, the computer simulation did agree to a god. But as we say in the computer business, garbage in, garbage out. Godel’s argument rests on five axioms, and unless each of them rest on a solid foundation, then the results can be questioned. And those axioms can be questionable.

As far as near death experiences, I suffered one personally in 2010. They lost my vital signs twice on the operating table, and on waking, recalled that I had the most intense dream ever. What did I dream? About battleships, which at that time I was investigating very intensely.

My conclusion is that near death, the brain is stressed, and one “dreams” what is at the forefront of their mind. I was thinking about battleships. And I am sure that if one is intensely focusing on a god and heaven and such, that is what they will dream about too.

Here is the kicker. People from other faiths have also had NDE’s and some religious in nature. But they saw something completely different, as in the case of a Hindu seeing Vishna.

If there was a god then everyone would see that one god.


I disagree about them all seeing one God. There are many gods so it makes sense to see the one they believe in or in their culture or ancestors believed in them.

What you experienced was a dream, it wasn’t an NDE.

Dr Eben Alexander was atheist neurosurgeon that had NDE while brain dead so he theorized external source of consciousness.

You never acknowledged shared death experiences (were healthy people share the NDE of the dying person) or astral projection. There is also commonly seen shadow people. I’ve seen a lot of other stuff too like gnomes (over half of Icelanders believe in them) but what I mentioned is the easiest to accept.

You don’t get to talk to him/them, it is very brief. I didn’t know what was happening and was surprised. Yes in presence of Jesus with eyes of fire (rev 1:14) and the father (rev 3:21) during separate events. I’ve just given my testimony evidence as have many people throughout the ages.

There are people that’s work with demons/genies that grant them favors but you probably wouldn’t believe it. King James (of KJV Bible game) wrote a book on demonology.

My experience matches the Bible and many other people having experienced the same thing which is different from your claim since you’re the only one to see it.

I listed that below my experience report.

Ah…well… yes.


A polytheist, nice. We were due for something different than the standard fare around here.


I was the one who witnessed it personally. You did not, and it is dishonest and insulting for you to label my experiences by your biased standards. You were not there, you did not witness what I experienced.

By every standard I experienced an NDE.

I am a gnome.


Please cite your source for this.

Here is one

He also has book and interviews on youtube

So you have no evidence. Be advised that most Atheist’s standards for evidence are the same as what would pass in a court of law. I’m afraid you’re going to have to try again.

evidence | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute.

Perhaps I missed it, Naga, where in the article did it say he was brain dead?


Your own words have invalidated any argument you may propose for personal experience.

I gave personal testimony on my experience. You said “it wasn’t” in the expectation it would hold up. By setting this precedent, any theist testimony can be dismissed by any atheist by saying “it wasn’t”.

If you propose any personal testimony (astral projection, near death experiences, and shared death experiences) then you must accept my testimony.

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Try this one:

“ neocortex of his brain was completely shut down. He was effectively dead, without a functioning brain”

But he mentions being brain dead in a bunch of his interviews, it is why he came up with that theory and started believing in God (plus his religious NDE). I think he basically compares the brain to a signal receiver so if the brain is damaged the signal isn’t received/processed properly. Compare this with astral projection where your soul leaves your body though it is probably different dimension.

I listed a formal proof…that is beyond mere evidence.

It might help for you to put it in context of simulation theory where anything is possible.