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Which I told my candidate as he was door-knocking. He didn’t like being told he was the lesser of two evils. Tough, they need to be reminded.

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Indeed. I didn’t even know it was unwell.

Metaxis? Had to look that up. I think I may once have known it but forgot. Immediately put me in mind of a film “Z” (he lives). Made in 1969. My memory ain’t what it once was.

This gets better - Today’s inbox

Dear Friends,

Some rather EXCITING news, as you may already have seen!

First, yesterday I had the honor of meeting with President Trump at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. More on that below…

Second, starting immediately The Eric Metaxas Show is now a daily TV show! That’s right, television.

It airs every weekday on at 2pm CT. Or at Please watch — and please tell your friends! As you know, YouTube cancelled our show, so we decided to turn our lonely eyes to Mike Lindell, who is a hero.

Please thank him by visiting or and using the code ERIC.

Third, tomorrow I’ll be in Washington, D.C. with Sean Feucht for a National Day of Prayer gathering on the National Mall! When things are this bad we need to pray to the God who holds history in His hands! Please join us. It will air live on Daystar TV if you can’t be there in person.

And yes, I met with the president to record a speech for the occasion. We will air his speech at the event, and I will speak immediately afterward. PLEASE join us in person or by watching Daystar TV at six pm ET tomorrow. The Republic hangs in the balance. We need to see God’s hand move in our nation. So we PRAY. And we do expect God to move. His hand is still on America.

Fourth, if you haven’t join the launch team for my new book, don’t miss this opportunity. You can read the book more than a month before anyone else! As in TODAY.

All these hypocritical fundamentalist Christian supporters of Trump are obviously ignoring Paul in Romans 13:1-2 :

1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

2 Whosoever, therefore, resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

I wonder why God told all those right wing fundamentalist prophets that Trump would definitely win?

To be fair I take it that God, who works in mysterious ways, could even be said to also work through “rigged” elections, his wonders to perform.

Atheismus vivit.

There’s at least one atheist on here that is excited and will be tuning in to listen while hugging his pillow!

Faith comes in all forms.
Cons come in all forms.
Cults come in all forms.
Stupidity is a self-inflicted blind adherence to feeling “you’re right” based on the lowest standard of evidence possible. Gossip.

Wow the bullshit and lies are relentless.

For an adult from the US to claim there isn’t systemic racism in the US is very strange to me. It is almost like they are from a different planet.


I’ve always thought stupidity is genetic, and can’t be changed. However, a limited intellect is often but not always associated with willful ignorance . IMO that’s worse because that’s a matter of choice which can be cured simply by doing some reading.

The kind of choices I mean include denying Evolution and Holocaust denial . There are others I can think of but I don’t feel like picking a fight. It’s Sunday morning and I’ve only had my first demitasse.

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Just wasted 3 minutes on a YouTube video, where that author tried to claim the odds against the emergence of intelligent life is “scientific evidence that an intelligent deity must have done it.”

Has he not heard of evolution I wonder? 3 minutes and 29 seconds in and he asserts the universe must be fine tuned.

“The odds against the formation of the universe are so great the notion it just happened defies common sense.”

I have to be honest, as I am failing to see how adding inexplicable magic by an unevidenced deity from a bronze age superstition decreases those odds?

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You can lead a fool to Douglas Adams but you can’t make them drink from the pool.

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You need to get your info. from un-biased sources, not from Business insider in AUSTRAILA, what the fuck do they know about our country? Try talking to people who think with their heads, not their emotions. Listen to what people like Candace Owens or Officer Tatum, or Sheriff David Clark have to say about what’s happening in our country. We’ve been lied to for years by the fucking media here and around the world. Racism does exist, and it’s fucked up, but America is not a racist country. If you believe otherwise, then why do so many people try to get here legally, and illegally?

There are several possible answers to this. One is that the people relocating actually believe U.S. propaganda. Another is that the U.S. sucks less than their own country. Yet another is the desire for adventure. Or a combination. Or other reasons. What do you think?

I’m not sure what the phrase “racist country” means, but there is clearly systemic racism in the US. The criminal justice system would be a very good example of this.

I agree, fleeing poverty and persecution are strong motivators.

Because they have a chance at a better life, and the opportunity to be successful, you just have to work for it. Nothing in this life is free.

Unless you inherit a vast fortune, as Donald Trump did for example, and as I explained the last time you made this claim.

Ok, so you go for the “sucks less” option, combined with believing U.S. propaganda. However, recent research shows that the success of an individual depends to a high degree on the family background, even in a country like Sweden, a society often viewed as having relatively high social mobility (PDF of paper here). Meaning, what really decides your success or your social mobility is the success of your parents and ancestors several generations back. Which again means that if your parents and other ancestors are poor and uneducated, chances are that you will remain poor and uneducated, independent of your actual desire and ability to work hard. On the other end of the scale, if your parents, grandparents, etc. are/were rich and highly educated, chances are that you will also be rich and highly educated. And mobility from poor and uneducated to rich and educated is slow, and takes several generations. In short, if you’re born poor, you’ll remain poor. If you’re born rich, you’re damn lucky. Since this is an estimator based on population-wide statistics, there will alway be individual exceptions. But on the average, the “american dream” is propaganda.


Probably, but hasn’t bothered to say read some Darwin. Such people usually think evolution is random, which it ain’t. This is exactly the type of willful ignorance I meant in my last post.

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What would need to happen in the USA, for you to consider it a racist country/place/whatever?

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Not even sure what a “racist country” is, it seems a vague descriptor to me. I’d certainly say there is an abundance of evidence that there is systemic racism in the US. The criminal justice system alone demonstrates this to be true.