Chance to rebut author

This was in my inbox this morning AFTER the event. Obviously not well organized. I figured you guys could have fun with this.

Dear Friends,

last night TONIGHT I have the honor of speaking at [Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church] in Fort Lauderdale, FL at 6:30pm ET. I’ll be talking about my new book [IS ATHEISM DEAD?] for the first time EVER.

The book offers astonishing evidence of God’s existence. I would be thrilled if you would [pre-order a copy of the book]

God bless you!

P.S. I’m looking for a team of people to help spread the word about my NEW book [IS ATHEISM DEAD?

As a member of the launch team you’ll receive…

  • IMMEDIATE (Early!!!) access to read the digital copy of [IS ATHEISM DEAD?]
  • An exclusive private Facebook Community to discuss the topics in the book

All that’s required is…

  • Read the digital copy of the book
  • Write and post a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and other online retailers
  • Share about the book on social media, with your friends, or even start a book club if you’re feeling ambitious

If you want to be a part of the launch team,and start reading. I promise you, you almost won’t believe some of what you discover in this book about the evidence for God. It’s about time we all knew.

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Well Fuck!
Atheisms is dead. It was sure nice knowing all of you. I guss I’ll just have to pull this rolling pin out of my ass and head back to the jungles. But what is going to fill this gap in my life. I feel so empty. Hmmm. How about a peanut butter, mayonnaise and crop circle Jedi knight cow tipping suicide club?

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Oh good, evidence of a god. About time a theist actually provided proof. I will be watching the news. When this evidence is released to the public then it will be headlines all over the world, bigger news than D-day, Apollo 11, 9-11, and all major world news stories rolled into one. I am sure the Nobel people will be preparing their awards, and every news organization are going to be fighting for interviews with the most famous people in the world, the ones who prove a god.

It will truly be earth-shaking, and someone will become a very rich person doing interviews, giving seminars and reaping in the benefits of such a momentous discovery.

A but unusual one has to pay money and buy a book …


@Fleeing_in_Terror Thank you, of course you know I am slightly skeptical.

Can’t you keep it in and do your pondering :thinking:… I keep the stick :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

…well, Jesus fuckin’Christ - I’m already convinced and I haven’t bought it yet. Praise Jah!!!

To me, the most hilarious part of this email is not the plethora of grammatical errors, but the premise that Eric Metaxas thinks he can just snap away Atheism like Thanos.

Have you ever wanted to just hit the backspace on Atheism? Now you can! Just pay $150 plus shipping for a giant book of already said Christian arguments, fallacies guaranteed!

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Take him up on his offer, read the book, and then leave devastating one-star reviews on Amazon and GoodReads.

Now that’s an idea. I’d do it too, if I gave a flying farnarckle about what some semi literate dill had to say about anything. :+1:

It is just a money grab, a book aimed at theists to make them feel all warm and fuzzy.

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Some I’m sure. However, I think it will just embarrass those Christians capable of abstract thought.

The poor level of literacy is appalling as the motive to simply make money is transparent. He’ll probably make a fortune.

Couldn’t help but notice what I’m sure he thought was clever. IE If you want to learn his “astonishing evidence for God’s existence” you have to buy his book.

Eric Metaxas…Christian…affiliated with the Salem Media Group who sponsor Eric’s mates;
Denis Prager of the nonexistent Prager University, who claims to know more about C19 than anyone including Fauci after what God personally told him,

Larry “ex-slave owners deserve reparations” Elder, who is proud to be black,

Sebastian “type in the subject and hear me speak my mind” Gorka of “America First” radio…and

Hugh “Highly Concentrated” Hewitt, extreme right wing commentator too hot for Fox to trot.

Yep if you wanted to spend money on evidence for any god then you couldn’t do better than this little carnival tent of grifters and conmen.
Typically its free to hear their political diatribes but evidence for their god is for sale only.

Well of course. Right after African Americans are paid $trillions in reparation for their ancestors being kidnapped, worked to death for no wages and their entire societies destroyed----Not to mention the ongoing racism which still permeates the US at a systemic level.

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Elder is so extreme, he denies any “systemic racism” exists in the US. He is vehemently opposed to nearly every popular social issue it seems incredible he is the front line contender in the recall elections for Governor of California against Gavin Newsome in a few days time.
Check him out in Wikipedia. He makes an interesting subject for study. I get the idea he is pathologically overcompensating for the colour of his skin. There is a lot of unresolved rage in this man.
Best of luck California.

The book is selling like hot cakes in Taliban Texas and Meddling Missouri. How could it not??? God and white, straight supremacists???

BTW - it’s a claim I can’t back. It’s a statement. A statement I say!!! (A little trick courtesy of @mr.macabre:rage:)

AND the Constitution was written by men for men. Amy better not get too “literal” - she’ll find herself with all the other women folk (back to where they belong). ‘Da Proud boys oath to male chauvinism didn’t cut the mustard in Canada :canada: (they’re disbanded)

First 30 seconds. Lol. “Get that…would you Diedre?”

What proof do you have of systemic racism in this country? Everyone who is born here has the opportunity to do something with their life, but you have to work to get it. Name one right that I have in this country that every other citizen doesn’t because of the color of their skin?

Larry Elder will be a hell of a lot better Governor of the state of Ca. than that waste of space clown who only got elected because he’s related to that cunt Nancy Pelosi.
If I seem a little bitter it’s because I grew up in SO. CAL. and moved out of that shithole state. It’s now the world’s biggest tent city/public sewer because of all of the homeless. When I was a kid, we never locked our front door, now my wife and I can’t believe how they’ve fucked up that state every time we visit family and friends. Something has to change.

“Every sperm is sacred”.

We’ve been over this before and I’ve shown you some evidence. You’ve obviously forgotten or are simply not willing to accept a basic feature of American life. It has existed in the US for over 240 years.

I Googled “Systemic Racism In the US”. Below links to just a few. I have nothing further to say to you on this matter.

Those damn Democrats eh? It seems they must have ruined things everywhere, even in my home state of NSW where, when I was growing up you could leave your front door wide open and the car with the keys in the ignition and it was all pretty damn safe…I don’t know how your Dems shifted all that to the frequent home invasions we have now, but it must have been them right? and nothing and no one else?
But you know it appears to me that there must be many more malignant sources for the problems in western society these days. The conservatives in this country, among their other sins, hound the meagre estates of dead pensioners for paltry amounts of money and let overseas businesses keep millions of taxpayer dollars in relief payments intended to cover losses due to Covid when instead they made record profits.
I don’t apologise for my bitterness, politics, left and right are full of bullshit artists, its a personal matter of picking the lesser bastard. The trick is not letting your bitterness blind you to the bullshit of the either side.
Anyway returning to the OP topic, no, atheism isnt dead and will outlive Metaxas.

Just so.

In the last 30 years I have voted for the least offensive bunch of venal incompetents on offer. So far that has always been the Australian Labor Party, although It’s been close in the last few elections. I do not vote for the same party in both houses. This is because it is my experience that no political party [that I’ve seen] can be trusted with a majority in both Upper and Lower Houses.

In was not being facetious when I wrote that Aussies tend to have a healthy contempt for politicians. I’ve found that politicians are just like ordinary people. Generally speaking, like very ordinary people.

ADDENDUM IMO : The hallmark of politics is mediocrity. Except for the odd brilliant leader, politics does not attract the best and the brightest. Those people are in the private sector making several times as much. Top politicians tend to make a lot more money after they’ve left politics. (unless of course they’re complete idiots)

The best and brightest may often be found in the many unelected positions of power. Such people will often later use that experience as a cachet into the private sector.