Challenge to atheist republic

Your site has been selling t shirts of Hindu goddess and making fun of the religion.if you have balls make t shirts of Mohammad cartoons or same disrespecting nude,lesbian t shirts of Islam.

Are YOU buying all the stock???

I’ve been trying to order one!

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Have we? I didn’t know that. Sounds a bit desperate to me. Do I care? No.

I have no need to publicly ridicule any religion. I’m quite happy with the warm glow of knowing most believers are deluded and I’m not. (at least not about gods)

With that as a first post, I’d be a hypocrite to welcome you. I have a feeling we might not get along

Perhaps have ago at responding to an existing thread or making one of your own with some interesting content. :face_with_monocle:

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While this isn’t exactly what you asked for; it seems pretty close.

I have several atheist t-shirts, one that has most religious symbols being tossed in a trash can, including Islam.

Wearing it public has caused me to get into quite a few debates with theists, Muslims included. I have never had any fear, and all my encounters with Muslims (and Christians) have almost always been nothing but civil and respectful.


Are you implying Allah is not a manifestation of Brahma? The unfolding of Shiva? All Hindu goddesses are Muhammad. WTF kind of a Hindu are you? Oh wait… It says you are an atheist… One of those ignorant atheists I presume. One who knows fuck shit about Hinduism but wants to comment on it anyway.

Look dude… Why not simply ask if there are any Muhammad shirts available and if not, when might they be available? Stop being a dweeb.

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Stop preaching.question is the you or other fake atheistards on this site have balls to print Mohammad cartoon or make gay t shirts of Mohammed like you do with hindu deities or not?

Ye try wearing one in public with Mohammed cartoon or showed him naked or something.we will see then

I can buy 5 but I don’t have balls to wear in public.speacilly where Muslim population lives😂

You send me the shirt; I’ll wear it.

Hats off to you man.what coming back to the original question.can the site owners grow balls to sell what I asked for?Or they are just makes selective fun certain religions?

You state you are an atheist, do you have the balls to make a website and do as you suggested AR website owners do?

Why not?

@Timelocker: If you want a Muhammad Shirt why not just take one of the millions of pics of Muhammad available anywhere and pop on down to the local silk screen shop?

Are you even aware that there is nothing mentioned in the Quaran about making an image of Muhammad? NOT A ONE!

In Shia Islam, images of Muhammad are quite common nowadays, even though Shia scholars historically were against such depictions.

Islamic culture if rife with images of Muhammad if you happen to belong to some extremest sect. Else wise, it is a very common form of art that many shop keepers place in their shops and home owners in their homes.

You want a picture of Muhammad, just visit an Islamic country.

You seem extremely proud of your OPPRESSIVE, threatening, CONTROLLING position.

Why don’t YOU wear a Swastiki t-shirt and SS logo and go walking around Isreal - you know, take a stroll…



If you ask nicely - I might draw a pic and post it here. I have a freedom of expression that legally allows me to do that - I stop :stop_sign: at hate and stupidity (my own limit set)

Edited to add. ACTUALLY the whole swastika/Nazi this happened and is evidenced - so there would be good “reason” to arrest your ass for hate … BUT to kill someone over a
Made up - mythical - imaginary - ancient goat herder god idea SUCKS SHIT


True Anecdote.

In the 1950’s thousands of brits (‘Pommies’) came out from England. Many lived in the new satellite city of Elizabeth

There was a bloke my age I knew, age 18. He was 6 feet 4 inches and solid . He had a friend about the same height and build. On a bored Saturday night, he and his mate went into the Elizabeth Town Centre, each wearing a “POMMY BASTARD” T shirt. They only did that the once. :crazy_face:

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Dipshit @Timelocker !!! You are a dipshit!

My question is since this site claims themselves atheist and talk shit about religions and other they actually have balls to make t-shirts and show Mohammad disrespect and makes a shirts insulting Islam or not?If not just say here .Sorry we are scared of Muslims and shit our pants and can’t do that or start selling shirts?Or all of you so called atheists only keyboard fighters?


Why don’t you have the balls to show some shred of integrity, and stop pretending you’re an atheist. Rather than another theist who’s all bent out of shape, because others dare to reject their unevidenced superstition.

Well -
@timelocker could call himself an atheist- he sure is mad at something or a group’s idea :bulb: of an invisible myth … DOESN’T know the difference between hate and disbelief…

Maybe he thinks “atheists” (just a person who disbelieves in god/s) hates “god” or “prophets” or whatever… or that we are carelessly stupid

I have used the Fairy :woman_fairy:t2: GodMother before…

Going to make a t-shirt

Walk around California (or some locals hehehehe) - dodge crazy NewAgers with knives that take me serious

Sounds like a great plan!

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Timelocker will be taking a 1 month break from AR for associating negative traits (cowardice) with female reproductive parts.

If you are serious about wanting AR to sell shirts making fun of Muhammad or whatever: why don’t you design one? You know, contribute some of the work required to do such a thing?