Cats or dogs, which one?

Well, which is it? Are you a cat person like myself, or are you a dog person? I’m asking because we’ve adopted a 10 week old kitten, and it’s made me realize how much I like having a cat in the house.
My last kitty, Molly, died almost 2 years ago, less than a week after my older sister died in Aug. ‘20. That almost pushed me over the edge, losing them both in less than a week.
Growing up, we always had cats as pets, along with our dog Mitzi. We had her for 15 years, but we never added another dog into the family when she was gone.
So I’ve had both for a pet, but I’ve always preferred cats, they’re so much easier to live with. Dogs are just too much maintenance, cats are easy. They always have to have your attention, plus I’d rather clean a litter box a couple of time a day than having to walk your dog, pick up it’s shit with a plastic bag wrapped around your hand, and then have to carry it until you get home and throw it away.
Scooping a litter box is no big deal if you do it often enough. When Molly died, I said I’d never have another one because losing them is so hard, but our kids and their spouses knew better. I need someone/thing to help keep me company because I’m by myself all day while my wife is at work, so they arranged for me to be able to pick out a kitten when one of their friends’ cat had kittens as a fathers day gift.
I picked her out about 5 weeks ago, and we’ve had her for a week now. Her name is Abby Normal(get it?), and she’s a bundle of laughs and energy. She’s a gray tabby, just like Molly was, and seems to have some of the same quirks she did, I love it.
So which do you prefer, and why? Both of my younger sisters have always had dogs for pets since starting their own families, so I see and hear all of the stories about dog ownership, and I definitely prefer cats.
What’s your story?

I have 4 cats and 4 dogs. :two_hearts: them all


Overall, I’m a dog person. We always had a dog of some sort when I was a kid. Currently, we have two dogs (outside mutts), three indoor cats, and one outdoor cat. And I am the primary “zoo keeper”.

Within the past week, however, my wife brought home a stray cat that had been hanging around her work place. A couple of days later, my wife gets a call from a coworker telling her they found a baby kitten in the ceiling while workers were replacing ceiling tiles. There were a couple of others that were already dead. (We had no idea that the cat my wife brought home had recently had a litter.) Just so happens I was planning on taking mommy cat to the vet that day, so I stopped by wife’s work and got the kitten. With mommy and baby reunited, the vet visit went very well. Clean bill of health for both.

Kitten is 2-3 weeks old, so she still has about three weeks before being weaned. Named mommy Freya and the kitten Nyxie. Freya is a tan/brown/orange calico, but with “striped” patterns rather than patches. Nyxie is dark and smokey colors. We have them in our garage at the moment, and they have settled in nicely. We want to keep Freya, but will be trying to find another home for Nyxie.

Even though I typically prefer dogs, it seems cats are often attracted to me. Not sure why they are drawn to me. One thing for sure about our cats, though, is they each have their own distinct personalities and little quirks. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Cats for sure.



Dust bunnies.


My new kitty Abby is laying in my arm and watching me type this right now.


I am more of a dog person but I also love cats. My wife and I have a Doberman Pinscher and a Main Coon cat.

I am more of a cat person. Have been ever since I was a kid and caught a stray cat beneath a makeshift box-trap. I adopted that cat and eventually our country home was surrounded by kitties. Growing up, we had dogs too, but they never interested me as much as cats.

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Captain Cat has instructed me to reply to you lot. He understands that prior to his organising this household in a fit and proper manner suitable for a Royal Feline of the House of Tabby, there was a small rodent of the Canine variety that had stolen the hearts of the food and scritch providors that inhabit the margins of the house.

They are forgiven for this breach of good taste and human righteousness, as aforesaid canine of the Jack Russell variety, was known for its fascination with and protectiveness towards other felines in the area. She had, in fact been known to noisily rescue other inhabitant and closely neighbour cats when challenged by any animal of any size. A friend indeed.

Now I rule in solitary splendour, I have 10 human dwellings under my protection and of course my immediate body servants are my favourites.

I must compliment the writers to this forum, you keep me amused for hours as I sit on male slaves lap reading your ridiculous comments. Many a time I have been soaked by an eructation or spillage of hot or cold beverage after particularly funny comments.

Those christians, they are funny are they not? Bast will sort them out in the underworld. You should tell them that.


Neither. I’m too much of a neatnik to put up with an animal running around the house.

It was the children that broke me of my neat freakness 🫤.

It was either be miserable and make the kids miserable :confounded: to keep a clean spotless house OR

Fuckin’ let it go to shit!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Then Cog came along…


Definitely a cat person. I have photos from the time I don’t remember, having like 3-4 years, where I’m playing with wild cats.

This is our Ziggy, and our last two tattoos wife and I did just a few days ago.


Oh, wow! That cat tattoo with the butterfly is some fantastic ink work! VERY nice! :smiley: Definitely one to wear proudly.

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My new kitty Abby is sitting on my shoulder as I’m typing this. Any where I go, she goes.


My Sheba is like that.

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Im afraid I tend to agree with the late Sir Terry Pratchett…

  • [“If cats looked like frogs we’d realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they really are. Style. That’s what people remember.”]




That cat is plotting the dog’s demise.