Can you actually sell your soul to the devil?

Can you actually sell your soul to “satan” or his lesser demons?Is satan and god even real?

I suppose if you believe you have an invisible, unevidenced “soul” (imaginary) to sell to an invisible, unevidenced devil :smiling_imp: )imaginary)… then perhaps you could. You are most likely doing this invisible exchange for invisible, unevidenced access to abilty or something you want (and thus will, in reality, pursue).

What do you believe?

And why?


Here’s a hint: This is an atheist forum. That means most of us do not believe in god(s) due to a lack of empirical evidence…

Speaking for myself only; I do not believe in god(s) , the supernatural, heaven, hell, the devil, the soul, angels, demons ,mediums, fortune tellers of all kinds (including biblical prophecy) mountain trolls, dragons or fairies at the bottom of my garden. All for the same reason; lack of empirical evidence.

IF you believe in any of those things you have the burden of proof.

Rather than your question, I for one am more interested in what you think and why


General observation: Do we have another Fievel, a troll, or simply a poorly informed atheist not accustomed to abstract thought?

That seems to assume:

  1. The devil is real.
  2. Souls are real.
  3. Supernatural creatures participate in the economy.

I have little reason to believe in anything supernatural, therefore I do not believe in any devil.

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  1. What are you calling a “Soul.” You would have to demonstrate that you had one prior to being able to sell it. Are you aware of the fact that the OT defines ‘soul’ as nothing more than ‘life.’ Can you sell your ‘life’ to the Devil? It’s the late Jews and Christians that began attaching all the magical eternal mumbo jumbo to the idea of an everlasting soul along with eternal damnation and torture. None of these things are original Biblical constructs. (Christianity invented the disease, convinced people they had it, and then manufactured the cure.) A time honored business technique that has worked for thousands of years.

  2. The Devil: Another Christian invention. Invent the boogie man, convince people to be afraid, and then give them the only protection. Seriously, is there no end to Christian stupidity?


Lol … welcome again!

I tried real hard to sell my soul. Nobody showed up. :sunglasses:

Where’d you try? Ebay won’t let you sell it there. Maybe you could try facebook marketplace or Craigslist.
Ebay is open to selling jesus toast or virgin mary grilled cheese. I think the latter one went for a tidy sum, so start grilling :slight_smile: I wouldn’t dream of telling you to cheat by getting out the butter knife and doing a little scraping. That would be blasphemy.


I agree, I don’t believe in souls, though if anyone wants mine I’m open to offers?


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Sheldon…see? Lots of ways to make $$$$

Imagination :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hey :wave: wanna start a religion? We’ll be set for life!

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We’ll call it

“Logic for the Lord”

Ant9n LaVey, founder of The Church of Satan, said that souls are a Dime a dozen nowadays.

Yes, you can get to the point where you feel desperate.

Bullshit, please demonstrate some objective evidence for a soul.

Indeed one can. I’ve been there. Neither the cause nor the treatment had anything to do with god or other superstitions.

I’ve never understood the whole Faustian bargain thing. Why on earth would a person want to sell his soul for a short term gain, when he would be giving up an eternity with god?

Suicide is far more understandable to me. In our society a person who commits suicide is considered to be irrational, not thinking straight. IE not responsible.
IF there was an infinitely forgiving and compassionate god, surely he would forgive the suicide?

??? So desperate you deal with imaginary buyers for something so un-demonstrably valuable … time for a 911 call.

In 2010 I had an operation that went sideways. Three days later I had to undergo emergency surgery. As I was wheeled into the operating room, I knew my odds were questionable, I may not wake up. I did not plea to an imaginary god or try to make a deal with the devil.

Being eyeball to eyeball to death is the ultimate level of desperation, but I did not attempt to make any deal.

I don’t believe so. Selling your soul to the devil presupposes his existence. I have never heard of an atheist being possessed by demons and requiring an exorcism, for similar reasons.
Once you free your mind from the superstitions of religious belief, you remove the hold such fears have upon you. Incidentally, you also free yourself from fear of death, because once you understand that both heaven and hell are manmade ideas, death is simply the end of life. There is nothing to fear because there is nothing left with which to feel fear.

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