Buddhism - a religion for atheists

“It’s about the journey, not the destination” - rat spit

Last year - right around the time China were diagnosing their first coronavirus cases, I submitted a short book on the Amazon self publishing platform, Kindle Select.

If you’re interested in exploring avenues of meditation which bring relief to such maladies as lower back pain, physical exhaustion, or repressed memories - Buddhist meditation might be right for you.

It has nothing to do with God, and everything to do with maximizing your happiness and well-being. Proper Buddhist meditation is pleasant from the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. It is a journey through higher and higher stages of mental and bodily calm.

“Buddhist Elements” is a book I wrote out of personal research into Buddhism alongside years of self instigated meditative insight. I encourage anyone interested in improving their day to day being through the wisdom of this Secular Philosophy to read this in depth introduction to Buddhist theory and practice.

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We gonna get into another of these Buddhist bullshit rants… ???

Ratty - you little fool… WHY CALL IT “BUDDHIST?” Why not just say meditation might be good for you. People all over the world have been meditating for eons. Yogic meditation, Fakir Meditation, Dervish Meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Focused Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana meditation, Chakra meditation, Qigong meditation, Sound Bath Meditation, Guided Imagery Meditation, and I am sure I have left many out.

Calling it “Buddhist” brings into play all the Buddhist bullshit. The 8 fold path. The four noble truths. Bullshit karma and nirvana. The need for practice. blaa bla bla… none of it useful or necessary,

RATTY: Why would you write a book about Buddhism when you are obviously a novice? The only thing secular about Buddhism are the lies being spread in place of a God.

I’m not a novice. At the age of 26 I transcended body and mind and entered “Nirodha Samapatti” (“the cessation of perception and feeling”).

This is, as you know, the highest attainment along the gradually refined chain of “rupa” jhanas and “arupa” jhanas.

In other words I have seen the highest Buddhist ideal and I have also seen the path towards the highest Buddhist ideal.

I am no novice. Where do you get your information from?

I am following the “jhana” tradition. Of all the meditation traditions you mentioned, you left out “Samatha Meditation” (ie. “Tranquility Meditation”).

I specifically call my meditation “Buddhist” because it follows the jhana tradition. But if you bought the book (nudge nudge wink wink) you would already know that.

Are you familiar with the jhana tradition? It follows on the heals of the noble eightfold path. It is, that is to say, the very definition of original Buddhism (ie. “right concentration”).

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Oh Fuck!! I peed myself! Great to have you back!

Oh Fuck! Some novice split from some other tradition, started a school of his own, and gave it a name to attract the foolish. Not impressed at all… Besides that … I SAID…

Still can’t read I see. The next time you see Gombrich, tell him I said “Hi.”


Okay. So you’re familiar with the attainment and the sheer unlikelyhood that anyone, especially me, could achieve it.

What exactly is the source of your doubt? Do you not believe that it exists? Some other reason? Talk to me. Let’s hash this out. I’ll “impress” you by the end :wink: Let’s have a happy ending together, right?

But… but… but… What about MEEEE??? :disappointed_relieved:

All three of us; Friday night; Vietnamese massage parlour; I know a place; it’s all on me. I mean; well - I’ll pay. It’s all on me isn’t what I meant to say.

:thinking: disappointing. If you knew the eightfold path; you would know “right concentration”; if you knew “right concentration”; you would know “rupa jhana”. Samatha Bhavana is the only type of meditation that matters. It sets the stage for vipasanna.

That being said; I achieved Nirodha Samapatti using vipasanna only (dry insight).

Tell me; what is your doubt? Out of eight billion people in the world, you don’t believe that even one could achieve this state? You’re just jealous, aren’t you?

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Yay! Uh, can I bring my rubber duckie?


Self promotion, mods won’t like it… .

It’s in the “books for Atheists” section?

I’ll stop immediately if that’s the case.

Is that the case, mods?

That answers that. Sorry folks. My bad. I did write a book though. And I did achieve Nirodha Samapatti at the age of 26.

Naturally!!! I’m bringing mine!

Come on @rat_spit! Don’t peddle your wares here.

But they’re really good!!! :sob: And I really need the money. I’m in deep with the Greek Mafia :pensive:

When a rat defaults on a mafia debt; how many of your 4 legs do they break?

Two. Back left and front right. Makes it damn near impossible to get anywhere.

Probability has nothing to do with possibility, natural phenomena includes random events that defy massive odds all the time. The fact we perceive events as highly improbable, doesn’t mean it’s rational to look for explanations outside of natural phenomena when they occur. If indeed that’s where you’re heading.

Please accurately define it and then demonstrate objective evidence for its extant characteristics. If all we have is another argumentum ad ignorantiam fallacy, then that’s where rational discourse ends.

Remember from previous discussions, that implying an inference from mysterious unlikely improbable or inexplicable events is irrational.

Not to decry Buddhist meditation, but Buddhism is entirely superfluous. Meditation techniques can be hugely beneficial, though have practised some for years I am dubious about many of the claims attached, which seem little more than woo woo to me.

It’s not exactly a hidden esoteric truth that breathing techniques accompanied by focusing your mind solely on one thing can help you relax and lower your heart rate and blood pressure, or that this has other benefits.

I am completely unaware of what this is and have no interest (at the moment) if googling - soooo -
What does this mean and do for you - in other words - why should I give a fuck?

I haven’t played Dungeons and Dragons in years, and I can’t remember: did you get any new spells at that level?

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Fair play, that was funny…

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