Before the religions what the people are doing?

What is the difference before and after a religion was created? is there any opinion?

Some form of religious belief goes back at least to the neolithic as far as I know. That means even before humans began cultivating crops. and millennia before written records were kept

Are you suggesting humanity was or would be simply better off without religion? Imo it depends on how religion is removed .When religion is banned or supressed something worse tends to take its place. Usually a personality cult such as that of Mao in China, Stalin in Russia and the pudgy little guy in North Korea.

HOWEVER, when a society becomes affluent, with a good general level of education and little absolute poverty, religion fades away of its own accord. Then it is replaced by say secular humanism or hedonism. This trend can be seen in virtually all post industrial nations.


There was no “before religion.” Perhaps you are referencing a time prior to organized religion. People were engaged in superstition. Dream cultures and animism are common precursors to organized religions. You can see them bleeding into early Jewish and Christian beliefs, *Joseph and his interpretation of dreams for the Pharaoh^ The beliefs in animals with certain kinds of powers. or even animal gods to worship. Spirits dwelling in trees, rivers and forests etc…

When has some form of religious fantasy not existed within the human mind? Shared beliefs were one of the bonding forces that allowed humans to prosper form clans, tribes, communities and evolve.

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Difference to what, what religion, you have to offer some context here.

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Before “they” learn to write “rules”


The people before and after the relegion created are same. Why they need to change their culture?

Again this is all rather facile, you have to offer some context.

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It is funny that you start with this statement, but still came to the same conclusion as the multitude before you that were fooled by the same garbage.


I am running topic to topic and I learned marvelous scientific real information. In fact I discovered scientific information about how religious thoughts are created and the people are directed. I felt myself like a worrior against merchants of religions.

Yes; funny like a clown.


Purely materialistic views of the universe greatly retards human progress. I cannot reveal God to someone who doesn’t seek him.

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That is the life I have to live in. All radical religious people (jewish, christian, muslim and many more unknown ones) . So I am looking very very irresistible ideas that I can tell the general public.

Sounds suspiciously like Unilineal Evolution, and/or perhaps the fallacy of linearity.


I don’t care what you deem fallacious. Reality is eternal, there was always something because a universal complete non reality and then reality is impossible. The universe is strange, God is strange, not fully understood, mysterious but still real.

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OLD Jokes.

One rat to another in a laboratory:

“’ BOY! Have I got this guy conditioned! Every time I push this lever he gives me food!”

Two psychiatrists pass each other in the hall. One says to the other “Good Morning”

The other thinks “I wonder what he meant by that”


Well those are two separate claims, can you demonstrate any objective evidence for them, or for any deity?

Evidence please?


Brilliant, made me laugh aloud.

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I am looking forward to get rid of the religious rulers.

Oh good, yet another unevidenced assertion.

What objective evidence can you demonstrate for anything beyond the “material”?

Like so many religious apologists who come here, you seem to enjoy putting your clapped out wheezy old pony behind your cart.

The material exists as an objective fact, so start by offering some objective evidence for your unevidenced assumption that there is more.

Hahahahahahaha, seriously? You want people to approach your unevidenced assertion for an extant deity with the presupposition it is true.

Come on ffs…


Do you care if your assertions are fallacious?

Sigh, evidence please.

And entirely unevidenced thus far, as all you’ve offered is unevidenced rhetoric.