Atheists & Pagans Mutual Goal

I know positively that you are rude.

Sooo bent on total logic- lol …
Nah - just respect those with rational beliefs.

…and the word should be “fact” of atheists being a minority.

You just don’t fucking get it do you. Are you that frigging dense? How far are you willing to go to just hang on to those bigoted beliefs of yours? It’s no one’s fault on this site that you are a narrow minded bigot.

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Indeed, it’s around 13% of the world population. That is not evenly distributed. There is clear correlation between education, affluence and atheism . It’s not surprising to me that religiosity is indeed growing. But only*** in poverty stricken areas such as parts of Africa as well as much of Mexico, central and South America.

The Indian sub continent remains a hot bed of religious superstition as far as I know. Don’t know about China or SE Asia as a whole. Japan is pretty secular ,but is a special case, with most of the population nominally a practical mix of Buddhism and Shintoism.

Secularism is growing in more affluent countries , such as Australasia, Canada, UK, Scandinavia and much of Western Europe. Parts of US?

Thought for today;" If you could reason with religious people there wouldn’t be any" (Greg House)

*** I don’t have figures which demonstrate ,so that claim must be taken as simply my opinion.

I have no interest in joining sides in this fight because what you are basically saying is, “Stop believing in that deity that has no evidence of its existence, and start believing in this other deity which also has no evidence of its existence.”
My ‘war cry’ would be more along the lines of, “Stop believing in deities altogether,”


It should not be a “fight” but an exchange of ideas and opinions, backed by rational arguments. The “fighting” is when emotions creep in, and the basic premises are set aside in personal nasty exchanges. Personally, I don’t care who is butt-hurt, just whether the argument holds water.

And as fellow atheists, we just want some explanation or evidence or proof or something valid, rather than just stating “just because”. We are not convinced, convince us instead of pleading we should just accept on someone’s word.


As always you can be relied upon to cut right to the heart of the matter. His protestations might carry some weight if he’d contributed one single word in defence of his theistic belief, or his attacks on other theistic religions were rational and argued with an open mind, rather than from a blinkered closed minded adherence to an opposing superstition.

I’d bet my house at this stage, that he absolutely does not.

Thank you for not being rude and trying to communicate reasonably. The whole missed issue here is - I did not come here to PROVE there is a god. I simply was trying to make “ally’s “ against Christianity (fascism). I have done this even in Christian forums and I’ve not gotten as much rediculous off topic satire. The Christian dogma is the majority right now. If non-Christians don’t ally, the dogma will continue

@Socialdarwin Let us examine this entire thread, hopefully so we understand the dynamics.

That is post #1, and you displayed a lack of understanding on what evolution is. The next few posts were mainly by atheists explaining that evolution is not as you portray. Did you discuss this misunderstanding on evolution or just charge ahead as if you are ignoring the feedback?

You did not, but instead pressed on, not giving feedback to the ones who contributed and then it got ugly.

@Socialdarwin This is an atheist forum, no one here bows to a voice of authority, we need valid reasons. If you conduct yourself as if you are the preacher and we are the flock that will obediently follow, there will be strong push back.

My suggestion is to listen to what others in here are saying and address those arguments. If you just ignore and push on with more weak or statements, things will always get ugly.

Question number one.
Do you understand that in evolution there is no goal, that advancement is not automatic?

Oh ffs, missed fucking issue? I’ve been pointing your dishonest reticence out since you got here. Yes you have no intention of offering anything to support the belief, yet expect to make claims about it endlessly.

Well well, Gullible’s travels. Almost as if they are the opposite of the atheists here, and care more about what’s believed than whether the belief is remotely valid, I’m not going to lie here, that’s underwhelming news.

Dear oh dear…

That claim is as ludicrously stupid now, as it was when you first made it.

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Does this site have a goal at all? Or do you people just like hearing your jaws flap? You’re fine just allowing Abrahamic fascism to continue influence our society? I don’t really understand what this forum is for. Just atheists sitting around patting each other on the back?

Tell us again how atheists are rude, that was pretty funny.

Oh that is an ad hominem fallacy by the way.

That one is called a straw man fallacy. Let me dumb it down for you with a counter example…

“Oh, so you’re fine replacing all the existing pernicious superstitions with an equally pernicious one of your own?”

Ding ding ding ding ding, we have a winner…your want of understanding is not news here, try reading some of the posts in this thread already pointing it out.

If we give you some puppets, maybe you can show us where you’d like to be patted?

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I think “advancement” is not a correct expression to use here. Adaptation is the key. For evolution in a certain direction to happen, there will have to be a selection pressure to favour the individuals that are best adapted.

I would ideally have a secular society. Which means I’m also not a fan of Hinduism or Buddhism or modern Norse paganism or Scientology or whatever to have influence on society. They are all more or less equally ridiculous. Except, perhaps Scientology involves a tad more ridiculousness and dangerousness, and deserves to be ridiculed even more than they do. But ridiculing Scientology is like blowing up unlocked doors with C4 - they are fully capable and willing to ridicule themselves.

Caveat: I only speak for myself.


This is a forum, people gather to exchange opinions and other topics.

I don’t know. Each atheist is an individual with their own personal agenda(s).

Read the banner at the very top.

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Dude, that’s exactly what my goal coming here was! A secular society! I just didn’t use the right word. If we don’t fight, then we deserve to be pushed around by Christians! Right now Alabama is going backwards on freedom of choice (undoing Roe vs Wade). If atheists, agnostics, non-Abrahamic people don’t fight - it’s going back to the dark ages. Next we’ll be praying in school!!!

I agree, but I was attempting to put it in words our pagan friend can grasp. He appears to be under a misunderstanding what evolution is.

Abrahamic Religions have made western people think they are withering little sheep with no chance of deciding their own destiny. Advancement IS the CORRECT word! Natural selection has stopped. SENTENCE REMOVED BY ADMIN BECAUSE OF OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE . As long as the more intelligent minority sits around and plays the scenic, the ignorant majority will determine our destiny! Atheists and agnostics tend to be relatively higher IQ. But if we sit by, the sheep will decide our (and our children s destiny)!!!

Even if you think my grammar or journalism is bad, see my point! Don’t let talking monkeys or sheep determine our future. Don’t sit around and be snobby because you think there’s no proof of Gods! That’s a dead horse. That’s not the productive thing at this point. Action!

You seem to love making these kind of facile deepities. They’re pretty meaningless, and whilst I view all superstitions as equally vapid, I’m not stupid enough to think they’re going anywhere anytime soon, or bigoted enough to think I have the right to take away anyone’s beliefs. Though I do insist they justify claims they make, especially in here.

No it isn’t, and it just shows you don’t understand what evolution is. Adaptation is a far more accurate description. I’m also getting the uneasy feeling that your bigotry is heading towards eugenics and the now discredited distortion of Darwinian evolution that you have paraphrased as your username. I do hope not, as you also seem to lack the most basic understanding of evolution, genetics and Darwinian natural selection.


That’s just simple bigotry, and the IQ of one’s parents guarantees nothing.

Wow, you not only think you’re part of an intelligent minority, you actually just said it on here. Fuck me, I’m not often rendered speechless.

Do they now. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that’s correct, since yet again you are making another bare assertion. How do you know that people of a higher IQ are not just predisposed to academia and a life of learning, which in turn develops critical and objective thinking, that is incongruous with the kind of unevidenced and superstitious beliefs that you yourself hold?

We? You’re doing it again, there is no we, as firstly you’re not an atheist, and secondly as others have explained atheists are not an homogenous demographic.
The full stop in the middle of the sentence, simply makes my teeth itch. It’s a general rule that sentences shouldn’t start with the words and or but.

Who is this addressed to?

What is your point?

That’s just more facile bigotry.

Yet another tedious straw man fallacy. It’s not snobbery to expecting people to justify their beliefs. The word proof is a misnomer, and if you bothered to read and tried to understand the opinions expressed here, then you’d know this.

This alliance you imagine your pagan beliefs can have with atheism, or the vague agenda you’d like it to adopt are just a bizarre fantasy.

If people are espousing bad ideas then I’ll challenge them, regardless of what they believe.

More meaningless rhetoric.

What’s a dead horse exactly?

What is unproductive exactly?

Exactly what action, are you proposing anyone here should take, that you imagine they’re currently not?

No offence, but discourse with you is like herding cats. Beyond the vague notion you’re a theist, I know no more about your beliefs than when you arrive, why the fuck would I ally myself to anyone in anyway under those circumstances. Beyond your virulent, and I must say somewhat bigoted hatred of other theistic religions, I have absolutely no notion of what it is you want, if it’s not debate and discussion?

No, sorry, advancement is not correct. The correct evolutionary terminology to use is to say that an organism is well-adapted to its surroundings and its ecosystem. “Advanced” is only in the eye of the beholder. Where is your evidence showing that natural selection in humans have stopped?

I would argue that it has not. The selection pressure today is different than for 100k years ago. But it does not mean it’s not there. I can only speculate, but we have selection pressures in terms of outward appearance (secondary sex characteristics, which has always been a factor), the ability to be well-adapted to and master current society (living in huge crowds, learn complicated stuff, conform to complex sets of rules, etc.), being fertile for longer (in western societies women get their first children at a later age than before), and so on. So no, natural selection has not stopped. It just happens slower than you can detect within one or ten lifetimes, or even on timescales like recorded history.